Mental Mishap

Ino and Naruto have never gotten along well. Naruto has crossed the line, and Ino is plotting revenge. What will happen when the consequences aren't what she expected? NaruIno body swap. Naruto X Ino. Maybe other characters also. Rated M for later lemons.

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Author's Note: Just thought I'd try my hand at writing some fanfics. This is my first but I've got loads of ideas so don't be surprised if you see more of my stuff floating around soon. Hope you all like it.

Naruto was awakened by the harsh sound of his alarm clock. "Another great day in Konoha, and another chance to win over Sakura," he thought. The pink haired ninja had been on his mind lately, mostly because he had just arrived from training with that pervert Jiraiya, but also because of Sakura's newly developed figure and maturity. No longer was she the annoying little girl obsessed with Sasuke. She still loved him, sure, but she had recently taken a more realistic approach to their relationship and was working on bettering herself as a kunoichi.

Throughout his training with Jiraiya, Naruto had been concocting a master plan to win over Sakura. Although it consisted only of asking her out directly, he was sure that this new straightforward approach would come across better than his other half baked schemes had in the past. She had commented several times on how much more mature he was acting and he would use it to his advantage.

Leaving his house, he began bounding over buildings absentmindedly, looking for Sakura. Suddenly a flash of pink caught his attention and he nearly ran into a clothesline strung across a rooftop. Peering over the edge of the building he discovered that it was indeed Sakura, but, unfortunately, she had Ino with her. Naruto and Ino had never gotten along well. She was always part of the crowd jeering at him when he was a child, if not the actual aggressor herself. She had unrealistic expectations of everything and everyone in life, well, except for her precious Sasuke of course. Naruto had never understood how someone could betray their village and still be coveted as much as he was by the two girls below.

Leaping from the building, Naruto was determined not to let Ino's presence affect his plan. He would just have to get her away from Sakura for a moment, and, because of her dislike for him, he didn't think it would be too hard. Naruto was only a few feet from them, but, because of their conversation and his heightened ninja skill, he went unnoticed. Ino was busy debriefing Sakura on the latest dieting and fitness techniques. "Typical Ino," thought Naruto. Still, he couldn't deny that whatever she had been doing was working. Ino's figure had filled out nicely from her original, girlish physique. Her body was curvier than it had been, and Naruto noticed her catching the discrete stares of many passing men on the street. Ino, being a ninja, was aware of this, but she seemed to enjoy it rather than snapping at every guy who stared at her ass. And what an ass it was. Naruto found himself staring as her hips swayed gently from side to side in an acutely feminine walk. He may like Sakura, but even he couldn't keep his eyes off of her. Her blond hair, which had been cut in a fight with Sakura the last time he had seen her, had grown to just past her shoulders, and she still kept the trademark bangs which, at times, drifted slightly over her left eye. This did not hinder her beauty in any way but instead served to accentuate the mysterious and flirtatious looks she practiced on the unfortunate boys of the village.

Seeing them walk into a vegetarian restaurant, Naruto hesitated a moment. He hated vegetables almost as much as he loved ramen. It was just a sacrifice he was going to have to make. Entering the restaurant, Naruto noticed Sakura and Ino sitting at a booth. He strolled over nonchalantly and, putting on his trademark grin, launched his plan.

"Woh…Sakura and Ino! I haven't seen you two in forever! I didn't know you ate here. Mind if I join you?" Before either girl could object, he simply plopped down right next to Sakura, who looked less than thrilled. "Naruto, what are you doing in a vegetarian restaurant? Don't you usually eat ramen or something?" Ino, wearing the same expression as Sakura, asked. "I normally wouldn't but Jiraiya has me on this crazy diet to make me stronger." Naruto said. This, of course, was an outright lie. Jiraiya ate far worse than he, or anyone he had ever met for that matter, did.

Reluctantly accepting his presence, the girls resumed their conversation. Naruto immediately tuned them out and began his usual habit of daydreaming. His eyes drifted over the unappetizing menu, over the table, and finally landed on Ino. She had always been tall, at one point several inches above Naruto, and had grown some in his absence. However, Naruto's own growth spurt had been substantial and he found himself just above her eye level. While her outward personality remained much the same as it had been when he left, Naruto thought he could see a new depth to her character, however subtle, which revealed itself in her eyes. Her eyes…Naruto found himself thinking that he could get lost in those azure pools and…WHAM "Earth to Naruto, come back from dream land. I was talking you know." Ino said. Naruto hadn't realized he had been spacing out, and right into Ino's eyes no less. He just hoped she didn't get the wrong idea. If she did, she showed no signs of it as she continued to talk on about something or another. By this point in the one sided conversation, Naruto was way beyond caring about whatever she was saying.

Finally, annoyed at the endless stream of dieting comments pouring from Ino's mouth, Naruto interjected, "Jeez Ino…if you just worked out a little maybe you wouldn't have to starve yourself to keep from getting fat." He instantly regretted the comment, because not only was Ino now glaring daggers at him, but Sakura was obviously angry also. He sighed mentally at the trouble that boredom, combined with his hyperactive mind, always seemed to bring him. Without a word, Ino stood up and stormed out of the building. Sakura, however, stayed. She looked right at him and said, "Naruto I really thought you had grown up over your time with Jiraiya, but obviously I was wrong. I don't know why I ever believed you could change." Then she followed Ino, leaving Naruto contemplating his latest screw up.

Naruto left the restaurant and began his long walk home, relegating himself to the streets rather than the rooftops in his dejected mood. He had been so sure that today was the day he could win over Sakura. Suddenly he heard someone call his name. Turning around, he saw Ino and groaned inwardly at the verbal abuse that was surely headed his way. "I just wanted you to know you're right. I am weak. No matter how much I train on my own, I never seem to get any stronger." Ino said, shifting her feet and looking meek. This caught Naruto completely off guard. The Ino he knew would have at least thrown a few insults his way, if not a little physical violence too. Now she was standing before him looking helpless. Opening his mouth to reassure her, he stopped when she held up a hand. "Naruto I can see that you have become a lot stronger by training with Jiraiya. Would you…umm…help me train some time?"

Normally Naruto would have blanched at the prospect of training with Ino. However, with her making herself so vulnerable and coming to him he couldn't say no. Reluctantly he agreed. "When would you like to train Ino? I normally wake up at about 5:30 and stay out all day." He asked. "Oh…well I was hoping that we could start tonight actually." She said, glancing up to see his reaction. Well, I guess that is alright. I'll meet you on the training grounds in 30 minutes then.

Walking back towards his house to get his training gear, Naruto couldn't help feeling confused. Rather than thinking too hard about it, Naruto simply decided it might be a good way to get back on Sakura's good side and picked up his pace as the sun set slowly over the skyline of Konoha.

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