Inspiration: Run by Snow Patrol.


Light Up.

The colourful, unusual plants of the Digital World were now shrouded in greys and blacks of the night. The large, full moon peeked out from the clouds, casting a silvery light and sending millions of sparkles across the dark water of the lake that kept them from moving any further. Taichi suggested that they took this opportunity to rest, for tomorrow they were to figure out a way to cross it. Apparently it was supposed to get them somewhere, but Mimi had no idea what. It wasn't like they knew this place by heart, or why they were even here in the beginning.

"Mimi, it's late. You should be sleeping." The odd plant-like thing called out to her in the darkness. Palmon, that was its name. She remembered now.

"Don't worry Palmon, it just takes me a long time to fall asleep, that's all. You need your rest too." She whispered back. She heard the Digimon rustle in the grass, probably getting herself comfortable. Silence rang throughout the forest once again, save for the distant crackling of a campfire in the distance and the soft rumbling of everyone sleeping. Mimi wondered whose turn it was to keep watch.

As if somebody read her mind, a strange humming noise cut clear through the air. It was sharp and distinct, yet soft enough to prevent anyone from waking - besides, she didn't think anything would be able to penetrate Taichi's horrendous snoring. She recognized the sound, though, and a small bout of warmth rose to her cheeks.

A harmonica.

Concluding that she probably wasn't going to get any sleep tonight, she rose to a squatting position and pulled her hat over her head, her eyes narrowing towards the fire. As she expected, he was sitting with his back against a thick tree trunk, his gloves tossed to the side and his eyes closed. The shiny little instrument was cupped in his thin hands, sliding back and forth against his mouth. Gabumon was curled up by his thigh, his furry back rising and falling with deep sleep.

Mimi wondered how it would feel to have those hands around her, comforting her, reassuring her. She imagined him as protective over her as he was over his brother, constantly berating her whenever she did something illogical, or praising her whenever she accomplished something extraordinary. She wondered how hard it was to make him smile. Was his hair as hard and spiky as it appeared to be? Was he really as cool and tough as he wanted everyone to think? She wanted to know so much about him, yet at the same time she knew it was impossible. Nobody dared to even try to open him, to read him. He wouldn't let anybody near him, except his brother. She tried talking to the little boy about him, but not even he knew as much as she hoped. Their parents were separated and this was the first time Takeru actually got to spend time with him in years. She wondered how hard it would be if her parents ever got divorced.

The music stopped, and for a second her heart did too. He pressed the back of his hand against his mouth to supress a yawn, then reached down to pocket his harmonica. Just as he was about to pull his gloves on, he turned his head towards her. His eyes found hers, and she froze completely. The looked even bluer in the moonlight.

"Mimi." His voice was calm, smooth and deep. And emotionless. He jerked his head a little, wordlessly inviting her over. She scrambled onto her feet and stumbled over to him, stopping to sit down on the ground. His eyes were glazed over the fire, the flames reflecting in his blue irises. He had never really talked to her before, but somehow being in his presence was...comforting. Like she knew things were going to be okay again if she just stayed by his side.

"Weird place we stumbled into, huh?" He said softly, and she nodded, her lips tight and thin. He brushed a few spiky bangs out of his eyes and scratched the back of his head, "Never thought this would happen to me. This kinda stuff only happens in movies, or TV shows or whatever."

Every word he spoke brought a shock coursing up and down her spine. Her fingertips felt numb for some reason, and her mind was racing. Her tongue felt paralyzed, unable to move, unable to speak. Was there something smart or impressive that she could say to him? She didn't want him to know she was just a spoiled brat who wanted out of this weird place, but for some reason she felt that he already knew.

"I don't like it." She managed to say, but her voice sounded shaky, unsure, "There are so many things out here, I feel like we always have to look over our shoulders every once in awhile. Like we're never safe."

"I hear you," He said, and gave her a smirk that caused a warming sensation to rise in her chest, "but by the looks of it I don't think we're gonna find a way out anytime soon. Looks like we have to endure it for awhile."

He sounded so smart for someone so young. She felt her uneasiness melting away with every passing minute she was with him. And they haven't even had a full fledged conversation yet.

"I know you're afraid," He said softly. She hugged her knees to her chest and stared into the fire, "but it's alright. I think it's okay to be afraid, especially when you've been dropped on an entirely new world with no knowledge of it whatsoever. It's okay to be scared of what you don't know."

The moon seemed to have risen a little higher now; the forest didn't look as dark as it used to. The lake was shimmering, its ripples giving off uneven sparkles. It looked like a large sheet of black and white glass, a monochrome mosaic. She raised her head to look at him. He was staring back at her, his eyes not as distant and stoic as they were supposed to be. They looked warmer to her, maybe even vulnerable. She was sensing something in him that no one else could, and probably never will, but she didn't know what it was.

"I don't know how long we're gonna be out here, whether it be days, weeks, months, or maybe even years, but at least we're out here together. We may be lost, but it feels a lot better to be lost with someone else instead of trying to find your way on your own." He smiled for her, and the warmth she felt inside threatened to consume her, "So don't be afraid to be afraid, Mimi. Just know that I'm afraid too, with you."

His eyes were so blue. How long would it be before she never gets to see them again? Whenever that was, it didn't matter for now. He was here, and he was by her side. They were afraid of this new world together, with people they hardly knew, and with creatures they were just beginning to understand. She was lost, but at the same time she couldn't help but feel at ease with where she was just now. She was simply content just sitting there by the fire, with his smile embracing her and his blue, blue eyes comforting her, telling her that everything was going to be okay.

"Play your harmonica again, Yamato," She said quietly before yawning, "I think I'm ready to sleep now."

He nodded and plucked his harmonica out of his pocket, held it to his slightly parted lips, and resumed playing. The soft humming resonated through the trees, ruffling through every leaf, quivering every stone. It filled her, completed her, and instilled a soothing calmness within. She felt tired now, and her eyelids were threatening to droop.

He paused for a minute, "You don't have to move. Sleep where you are, I'm not going anywhere."

She pulled her hat off and rested her head on the soft grass, yawning once again and finally letting her eyelids close all the way. She fell into a quick, deep sleep, knowing that he was going to keep his word.