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It was Saturday.

Naruto was sleeping in, when suddenly his cell phone rang.

"Hello…?" he answered drowsily.

"Naruto!" a female voice called.

"Hi, Sakura chan," he answered.

Sakura was his best friend since 1st grade.

"Naruto, you said you needed some cash, right?" she said, in a cheerful voice.

"Yeah…?" Naruto answered, knowing the voice a little too well.

"Well, there's this café I'm working at, and I need to get off today… Can you take my place?" she asked.

Ugh, he should have seen this coming.

"No, Heck no!!" he shouted. It was Saturday, dammit. Naruto needed his sleep.

"If you don't, I'll rip your spine out and sell it on eBay. C'mon, please?"

Defeated, Naruto sighed. "-Sigh- Fine…"

"Thanks, Naruto! You gotta be there by 2:00 p.m, ok?"

"Yeah, yeah," said Naruto, and hung up.

He looked at his clock. 1:15 p.m…

He sighed, and got dressed.


Right now, he was looking out the cafe window, waiting for a customer.

Soon, a strange couple entered. Strange, because the guy looked really annoyed while the girl chatted happily beside him.

"I'm not here because I want to." He answered a question Naruto didn't hear.

The girl blushed, and looked down. She was pretty too.

'What a bastard.' Naruto thought.

He went over to get their order, and saw the couple more closely.

The guy had raven hair, onyx eyes, almost translucent skin… very good looking, he admitted. The girl was somebody he recognized, for she was from his class. And his eyes fluttered back to the guy…

"Are you going to take our order?" the girl said, slightly irritated.

The raven rolled his eyes, and Naruto swore he heard 'dobe…'

"Y-yes," He stuttered, embarrassed. "What would you like?"

"I'll take the strawberry sundae," Answered the girl.

"Ok… and you, sir?"

Naruto looked his way, but the raven merely 'hmph'ed.

"Um, excuse me?" Naruto asked, confused.

"Nothing, dobe," he said.

Naruto blushed, mad, and clenched his teeth from saying something back.

He was the customer… clam down. Calm…

"I said nothing, idiot," he said again, making Naruto even madder.

"Fine, bastard," he spat, and turned away.

When Naruto was mad, he did things with out thinking. And right now, he was very mad.

So, a not-so-wonderful plan started to form in his mind. He was holding the sundae in his hand. Awesome.

He walked over to the table. The raven looked very bored.

"Here's your sundae!" he said, and dumped it right on the guys face.

He heard the girl gasp 'Sasuke kun!'

The raven's face turned from shock, to disbelief, then to anger.

"Ha ha ha, take that, you bastard!" Naruto bursted into laughter. He stopped, when he saw the brunette. The raven was glaring at him with eyes that could kill.

"Crap," Naruto whispered.

This could only end badly. So, in order to save his life, Naruto ran out of the café, and didn't stop running until he was in front of his friend Shikamaru's house.


"So, you dumped the sundae on the guys head?" Shikamaru asked.

"Yeah, it was hilarious. You had to he see his face!" Naruto busted into laughter.

"Ugh, you're so troublesome… hey wait, what was the guys name?" Shikamaru asked.

"Huh? Um…" he wondered, and remembered the girls gasp. "Sasuke?"

Shikamaru's eyes went wide.

"Sasuke? Sasuke Uchia?!"

"Er, I don't know his last name…" Naruto said.

"The guy with black hair, and really white skin?"

"Yeah, how'd you know?"

"Idiot! He's the best fighter and the most popular guy at school! He's filthy rich too!

He can get away with anything! Damn, Naruto! You're dead!"

Naruto couldn't believe he's ears. Sasuke… now he remembered!

Oh crap. He was dead.

"Oh god… what am I suppose to do, Shikamaru?" Naruto whined.

"How troublesome…" was all he said."


Sunday passed too quickly to Naruto's liking.

He was really worried about going to school. He actually considered dropping out of high school, but his guardian, Iruka, would probably kill him. So, on Monday, he dragged himself unwillingly to school.

Naruto was an hour early to school. Surely no one would be at school that early.

All he had to do was sit in his class, and he won't meet Sasuke.

He didn't have any classes with him for his information.


Sasuke was an early riser. He woke up early, and because he didn't really have anything better to do, he went to school early. So, he was walking down the hall, remembering Saturday, and cussing colorfully at the memory. That was when he saw someone down the hall. He was blond, with an impossibly blue eye. The boy looked up, surprised to see anyone… and his face froze in horror. He looked a few shades paler. And, before Sasuke could react, the boy turned, and ran full speed down the hall.

Sasuke smirked.

'So, he was in my school.'


Naruto was outside the school, panting.

'Why was Sasuke so early to school?' he wondered.

But that wasn't the problem. Now, Sasuke knew that Naruto went to his school.

Naruto would just have to avoid him.

It could be that hard, right?

Worng. He couldn't possibly be more wrong.

Whenever Naruto turned a corner, walked down a hall, he saw Sasuke. Naruto would run the other way, taking a longer route. This resulted in being late to all his class.

Sasuke seemed to be everywhere Naruto went… It was too much for a coincidence.

"Maybe he's tracking you down?" Shikamaru suggested.

"What? Ah, oh no…"Naruto trailed off.

School was over with a few more of the run-for-your-life scenes.

"Okay, Sasuke is probably trying to get you, but is this really necessary?" Shikamaru asked.

"Well yeah, I'm too young to die yet." Naruto answered.

Right now, they were climbing over the school wall to get out.

"Alright, go over first, and tell me if the coast is clear!" Naruto called cheerfully.

"Geez, what a pain" Shikamaru sighed and climbed over.



"Um, Shikamaru? Is everything clear?" Naruto asked.

There was no answer.

Well, looks like its fine, then.

So he climed over and…Naruto did see someone down there, but he had already jumped off. He fell on the person, knocking him out, and their lips crushed together.

He managed to get up, and looked at the person… and saw Sasuke.


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