We do not own any of the rights to the Digimon franchise. This story is mostly for fun and to pass the time between classes.

CH. 1Introductions

The morning sun had not quiet risen yet. There was a cool breeze blowing as the sun's rays began to shine through the trees. The trees were already starting to show the first signs of autumn approaching, as their leaves were now turning from bright green to faded shades of orange. Deep sapphire blue glinted in the distance; the lake had prompted the given name of the nearby high school, Lakeview High. Two figures walked out from a well-hidden place. Both wore glasses, jeans, and t-shirts, but there the similarities ended. The taller one was male, with black hair and a cautious expression on his face; the shorter, female, had mid-length light brown hair and more of a nervous expression than one of caution. They were looking behind them for something that could not be seen. The path was well hidden amongst the foliage of the trees. The two had finally reached their destination at the end of the path. They stood before their impressive school. The faint sound of other students and faculty could be heard as the two approached the school.

"Think they'll stay put in the forest? This is kind of the first time we left them alone at the lake." said female figure.

"They should be. We can't bring them here with us. I don't think that the human world is ready for the whole, 'there's another world beyond our world' concept" answered the male figure.

"I guess it'll have to do for now until we can think of something better. I've got to head to class already Albert." said the female figure adjusting her back pack over her shoulder.

"Ok, I've got band class first thing every morning so I have to get there and set up my instrument before the band director gets there. He's got a bit of a temper if we're even one second late. See you at lunch, Winona?" said Albert, checking for her answer before waving his hand goodbye. He began to walk towards a building separate from the school's main building.

"Yup, see you then." replied Winona, heading for the main building of the campus.

Cody slouched into his chair at the back of the class room as he heard his teacher lecture the class on the circulatory system. The whole premise of this class was to train and introduce students to the medical field. He scanned over the room to see if anybody was actually listening to his teacher speaking. It wasn't too hard to see which people in the class could actually understand what was going on and which students were totally lost in the lecture. Two students, Albert and Michelle, were noticed highly above the rest. Cody had learned who the two were this year but never actually talked to either of them. Albert had been nicknamed the class doctor on first day of school and Michelle was probably the fastest medic in the class.

Cody didn't really know why he had chosen to be in this class. If the long and boring lecture didn't put you to sleep, the trips to the hospital to train in performing actual medical procedures would. Cody considered himself as a jock more than anything else, not a geek who could understand the different medicines and their purposes. This was made obvious by his attire; he wore the school's baseball shirt with a pair of jeans. His curly black hair and facial hair made him look a bit older than what he actually was.

"Ok then, everybody understand the lecture? We will be having a test on the heart and all its parts at the end of the week." said the teacher turning to face the students. There were several moans from the class upon hearing the news of a test. The bell rang in a loud, obnoxious tone and the students began to pack up their things.

"Well, I'll see you all tomorrow for class" said their teacher as she left the room. The other students were doing the same. As Cody began to gather his things and place them in his back pack, he noticed something at the bottom of his bag. It was a strange looking handheld device that was colored white with red grips. He still didn't know how he had gotten the thing. One minute he's just typing on his computer, and the next minute this thing shoots out from the screen into his hand, along with an odd-looking, speaking, creature climbing out of the screen.

Cody held the device in his hand as he began to throw his backpack over his shoulder. As he left the classroom, someone ran right into him, causing him to drop the odd looking device.

"I'm so sorry man. I wasn't looking at where I was going" said a male voice as he heard the other scrambling to pick up several papers.

"It's alright man. Your name's Albert right?" asked Cody, bending down and helping Albert pick up the papers.

"Huh, a jock actually knows my name. I should be honored," laughed Albert as he placed a few of the papers in his backpack.

"Naw man, I know who you are. You're the one whose gonna give me a job with you when you become a doctor right?" smiled Cody handing the last of the papers to Albert.

"Let's see if we can survive this class first" laughed Albert as Cody picked up his device. Or so he thought it was, until he realized that the device was no longer red but solid white. He looked over at Albert, who held his red-and-white device in his hands. Albert curiously looked over the device before looking up a Cody.

"It this yours?" Albert questioned, holding out the object.

"Yeah, is this one yours?" replied Cody, doing the same as Albert. The two of them switched devices.

"Let me guess you're typing on a computer when suddenly…" started Cody…

"…an object comes flying out of the screen into your hand, followed by some odd talking creature saying that it has been searching for you." finished Albert.

Albert glanced down at his watch and was startled by the time.

"I wish I could talk more but I have to get to class. Me and a few other people who have gotten these things are going to meet after school at around 5:30 or so by the band hall. Meet us there and we can hammer the situation out." said Albert, heading for the door. He took off before Cody could even reply to what Albert had said. He looked over the device one more time before putting the object back into his back pack.

"I wonder if Albert and his group know about TJ?" muttered Cody to himself as he continued to his lunch period.