Author's Note

First let me say thanks to all my readers and reviewers. I didn't know that I'd have a lot of people like this story so much. I cannot say how happy I am to finish my first story on this site and at 108 chapters to boot. This is one thing I'm going to miss after all the work I put into it. One question I've been getting a lot is if I'm gonna do a sequel to this story and to that I must say the answer lies with you. I have come up with a few ideas for one but I'd like to hear what you all have to say about it or what suggestions you have for it. You can PM me or leave your suggestions in a review, I really don't mind which one you chose. I did have to change one thing back in the first chapters to make a possible sequel because I didn't want the first Digidestined team to be too old for a possible sequel. Keep in mind I still have another Digimon story to work on along with a Pokémon story. I might even add another story but if you all really want to see a sequel to Digimon Heroes let me know. So thanks again to all my reviews especially those who left me constant reviews and critiques. Hope to hear from you all in the future.