Alright, I just can't let this go. haha. A fan requested I write a small one shot of Luke and this 'mystery girl from Chicago'. I absolutely adore Luke's character so how could I refuse? Here it is. I also thought about it and I will do one shots for every kid and possibly Bella and Edward. Sort of as a "look how happy we are." Sorta deal. If this gets a good response, I'll do it. If not, we'll leave it at Luke.

Oh and some info on the triplets lays in this one shot.

You guys are coercing me into writing a sequel dangit! lol. But I love you all and this is for you. :D


Same year as Epilogue

Luke: 17

Chelsea: 17

Clara: 16

Triplets: Just turned 10

Bella: 42

"Mom I'm leaving!" I yelled from the living room. Mom came out from the kitchen and smiled.

"Alright sweetie. Have a good day. Are all your siblings in the car?" I nodded.

"Last head count I got five." Mom smiled.

"Alright, I'll see you after school. Don't forget you don't have to pick up the triplets because Anthony has swim." Mom reminded me. I nodded.

"Alright, I'll see you mom." I kissed her cheek before dashing outside to my Volvo. Growing up, I had loved my father's car so much; he decided to get me one when I had turned 16. He himself had retired his old car and now drove a much more updated version of it. I slid into the driver's seat and glanced at Clara. She was fixing her makeup in the visor mirror. I checked the triplets to make sure they all had their seatbelts on before pulling out of the garage and starting towards school. Clara reached for the radio and flicked it on. Classical music filled the car and the Rose-Marie and Anthony groaned.

"Can't we listen to something cooler?" Anthony pleaded. I frowned at him.

"What are you talking about? This is classical music. It's classic. What's cooler than that?" Anthony glared at me.

"Something you can dance to that other people have heard about." He said folding his arms over his chest. I smirked.

"Who hasn't heard of Debussy?" They both sent me a glare and Christopher chuckled quietly. He was the quiet, reserved one of the three. He reminded me a lot of my mom. He had a natural aptitude for cooking and enjoyed reading and music. Anthony was the opposite. He couldn't tell you the difference between ham and turkey and enjoyed sports, mainly swimming. He vowed that one day he would be going to the Olympics for swimming. Who was I to stop him?

Rose-Marie was a sort of blend and mixture of the boys, yet her own person. She was confident and charismatic, though exceptionally brilliant. She seemed to be the perfect blend of our parents.

"I have a test in Jameson's class." Clara said bitterly. I glanced at my sister and laughed.

"You always have tests in Jameson's class." She nodded.

"That's because he is Satan and wants me to fail." She growled. I laughed and pulled up to the triplet's school. They all climbed out and waved as Clara and I drove off.

I pulled into the parking lot and groaned. Clara smirked and glanced at me. "Looks like your fan club is waiting with muffins today." She said looking out the window at the crowd of girls who all started giggling and adjusting their clothes as they saw my car pull up. I groaned. I hated all the attention they gave me. I didn't want to be the heartthrob. I wanted to be left alone. "I keep telling you, tell them you are gay. It'll get them off your back." Clara said smiling. I shook my head.

"And send the guys running after me? I don't think so." Clara laughed and grabbed her bag.

"Want me to fend them off with my bag while you make a run for it?" I pretended to consider her offer and she laughed.

"I'll be fine. I'll see you at lunch." She nodded and stepped out of the car. I took a deep breath and did the same.

"Luke!" I grimaced. So it began.

I pulled my bag over my shoulder and started toward class, trying desperately to fend off all the unwelcome fans. I honestly couldn't understand what they were so worked up over. I was just a guy.

"Luke! I was wondering if you could help me. See I'm failing Spanish miserably and I was wondering if you could tutor me." A blond girl asked, literally throwing herself at me. I flinched away from her.

"I take French." I said frowning. She frowned in confusion and I made my break.

I was moving so quickly away from all my admirers I didn't see where I was going and ran into a body, hard. I looked down, surprised and my breath was sucked out of me. It was her. Chelsea. The girl from Chicago I had been crushing on since she moved here.

I bent down and to help pick up the books she had spilled. "I'm so sorry. Are you alright?" I asked helping her up. She looked at me and nodded slowly, her dazzling turquoise eyes glittering in the faint sunlight. She stood up and brushed off her jeans. "Are you sure you're alright?" she nodded.

"I'm fine, thanks." Her sweet voice was smooth and soft.

"What class are you heading to?" I asked, partially stunned by her very being. She blushed softly and smiled.

"English." I nodded and gripped her books tighter.

"Can I walk you to class?" I asked. She looked up at me surprised then smiled radiantly.

"I'd like that." She said softly. I smiled.

"I'm Luke Cullen." I said holding my hand out to her. She took it and I felt electricity pulse through me at her touch.

"Chelsea Silverman." I smiled. I had been trying for months to pluck up the courage to talk to her and now, I was finally doing just that. Excitement and nervousness swept through me as I realized I was finally talking to her.

We walked through the halls, talking the whole way. I had never heard her talk so much and now that I knew how sweet and addicting her voice was, I never wanted her to stop.

We got to her class and she glanced at me, biting her full lower lip. "What?" I asked, concerned. She sighed, glancing around.

"I'm getting glares from every single girl we pass." She said softly. I looked around and saw that every single girl in the vicinity was glaring down Chelsea. I shook my head and turned back to her.

"Ignore them. That's what I do." She looked up at me and smiled.

"So Mr. Cullen, will you be here to walk me to my next class?" she asked with a small smirk. I smiled.

"Of course. I'll even carry your books again." She looked down and blushed, taking her books from my hands.

"Thanks for that." She mumbled softly.

"It's not a problem." She smiled hesitantly at me.

"I'm still trying to figure out why." I stared at her a moment frowning before it clicked.

"Why I'm talking to you?" I asked frowning. She nodded.

"Talking, flirting, being a complete gentlemen. Why waste your time on me?" I smiled softly.

"First off, I was raised to always be a gentleman." She rolled her eyes with a small smile. "And as for the rest of your question, I'm not wasting my time. In fact, I've been trying to gather the courage to talk to you for months." She frowned.

"Why?" I smiled and brushed my fingers across her cheek, something I had seen my father do to my mom countless times. I never understood that urge until now.

"You're the only one I've met worth talking to." She smiled radiantly.

"See you after class?" She asked. I nodded and smiled.

"Of course." She slipped into her class and I smiled. I felt like my dreams had come true and I floated all the way to my class on cloud nine.

I'm not going to lie, writing this little snippet has got me wanting to write a sequel. : / however! I think I will be writing my own personal story with the kids as my characters. I shall see. anyway, if I get a good response on this then I'll post more one shots from the other kids. if not, this is it. :D

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