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Full Summary: Have you ever wondered what happens when an anime charachter has to go to the potty? They never really have anything in the anime's that show they actually use the bathroom. Here's my thought's on that! My first Drabble!


This is just for fun. This fic is not serious


Bathroom Humor

By: Izayoi Tashio 18

Chapter 1 : A Falling In With Fluffy!


This was rediculous. Kagome had brought him to her era. It smelled horrid. It was noisy. And furthermore it was overrun with humans. He had nearly attacked the teli-vis-ion thingy when she had turned it on. Not even 5 minutes later the phone had rang, and he had unceremoniously attempted to attack it as well. The toaster had a lovely set of claw marks on the side. The microwave was cut completely in two. He punctured 4 neat little holes in the tire to her mothers car. Saying it had growled at him, when Mama had turned it on. Buyo was nowhere to be found, after being snarled at. Sota, well he had actually pissed his pants when Sesshomaru grabbed him by his throat.

Kagome's alarm clock. Now that was classic. Waking him up from a peacefull slumber it had met it's match. Courtesy of gra-vi-dy, as Sesshomaru had read from her dictionary. Trying to be funny for a moment, her expression had irked him. She was pissed, and he was curiously scared. She had kicked him out, back to the feudal era for him. Although two days later she had felt bad and gone back for him. This resulted in a broken desk lamp and chair. Kagome had a sneeking suspicion that he was a part of the underwear gnome brigade. The first day he had been back her favorite pair of her lacy, blue, boy cut panties had mysteriously gone missing.

But this, this was embarrasing. Here he was Lord Sesshomaru Taiyoukai of The Western Lands. He had needed to use the bathroom. Kagome had explained it to him. He hadn't understood, but he told her she would be fine. All he needed to do was crap. He had been holding it for about 20 minutes now and he couldn't hold it anymore.

So here he was The Lord Sesshomaru. The great Taiyoukai himself. And he needed hepl from said Miko because he had fell in the porcelain bowl


Ha ha ha ha... I couldn't help myself!

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Inspired by my mothers question.

"Hey Iz, do they ever go to the bathroom?"