a/n: Okay, well a little insight on this story. It's rated M for a few reasons, it will eventually have strong sexual content, it contains self mutalation, abuse, and many other dark themes like that. Since I can only pick from two different genres, here are all of that genres A Work Of Art can fall into: Romance, Tragedy, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship, Angst, and Drama. If anything of the sort bothers you, than this story is not for you.


Isabella Swan just moves from her mother's house in Arizona to her father's house in a small town in Washington. It's her first day at a new school, and so far it seems like it's just going to be another dull school year, until she meets Edward Cullen, a beautiful, mysterious boy with troubled eyes. Edward is seen as a pretty face, nothing more, but Bella can see his pain through his eyes. It's obvious that the boy needs help, can Bella break down Edward's shield of defense that he as up and get him to let her into his life and help him? All-Human

Enjoy the read:


A new school, so boring. Just the start of another long, dull school year. Or so I thought. Classes were normal, the kids were normal. I went through the day without thinking. The few kids that actually cared enough to approach me, I didn't happen to care much for. One of them were completely full of themselves, Jessica. She loved to talk, which was fine, but I didn't like hearing about HER and how PERFECT she thought she was.

It was lunch when I saw him. He strolled in, his long sleeve shirt covering most of his hands, his jeans hanging low over a pair of black sneakers and his hair a brown disheveled mess on his head. Our eyes met, and I flinched. His expression was one of pure sadness and hurt, topped with anger and hostility. His green eyes locked on mine in a harsh glance before he turned away, looking back at the floor.

"Who is that?" I cut Jessica off during her sentence, I wasn't really interested anyway.

"That's Edward Cullen, beautiful, isn't he?" I nodded slightly, beautiful, but hurting. I frowned slightly, turning back to my lunch. The period went by slowly and I shot a glance over my shoulder at the mysterious boy who was sitting not two tables away. Two girls and two boys now accompanied him, each of them beautiful in their own way, but he was the one I thought was the best looking.

They all ate and chatted while he just sat their, staring at his tray of untouched food with an aggravated frown on his face. I just stared, watching as he just got up and threw out his food, not bothering to eat any of it. The bell rang and he grabbed his books, heading out the north entrance and heading right down the hallway. I followed, ignoring Jessica as she blabbered on about some party this weekend.

My class was in the same direction and I looked over the crowed halls for him, hoping to catch him before he left. I found my class and frowned slightly, he was gone. I glanced around once more, making sure I didn't miss him before opening the door to my Biology room. Much like every other bio room, it was full of microscopes and other tools. The kids were already mostly seated and chatting animatedly with their lab partners. Being the new kid, I just walked past them all, looking for the first open seat.

The only opened seat was in the back, next to a strange boy. A certain boy that I couldn't wait to sit next to. I took a deep breathe and headed for the seat. His head was resting on his elbow as he sketched a drawing in his notebook. I peered over his shoulder. His paper was covered with a drawing of a dragon, it was beautiful.

"That's a wonderful drawing." His body jerked slightly as his pencil fell to the floor. He reached for it fast, grabbing it and flinching back, away from me.

"Thanks." He scooted over, making more room for me. He closed his sketch book and hid it under all his other books, hiding his face in his hands.

"I'm Bella." I felt the need to talk to this boy, I wanted to understand him. He glanced at me from behind his fingers, his face shy as could be.

"Edward..." I gave him my biggest smile and nodded.

"So I have heard." He nodded slightly and I peered at the covered sketch book under the rest of his books.

"Can I look at the rest of your drawings?" I always loved to draw, I wasn't any good at it, but he had some major skills. He pulled the book out and handed it to me. I flipped through the pages, each filled with a plan pencil sketch that was beautiful in its own way.

"They are amazing, where did you learn to do that?" His eyes were locked with mine, his shyness seeming less and less as he smiled slightly, pushing the book back under everything.

"I picked it up from my mom, she was really good at art." The bell rang and everyone got quieter as the teacher explained the lab and started handing out bunsen burneres. Edward handed me a pair of goggles and he put on his own pair. I filled the test tube and handed it to him and he held it over the flame.

"Mr. Cullen, roll up your sleeves, that is unsafe with your sleeves being so long." He tensed slightly, but handed me the pongs holding the test tube. I watched as he rolled up his sleeves hesitantly. I saw why than, deep red marks lined his wrists, some faded and some new. I gasped slightly and his panicked eyes met mine.

"Please don't tell anyone, please." His breathing became more frantic and his pallor turned pure white. I rushed to reassure him.

"I won't, please don't worry." He shut his eyes tightly, fixing his sleeves so they covered the cuts. What had driven him to do something like that? I eyed him curiously, I wanted to know, but now wasn't the time. We finished the lab in silence, only talking when absolutely needed. Finally the bell rang, signaling the end of the day. Edward gathered his things quickly and darted for the door.

I followed him as he ran out the nearest door to the outside, jogging across the campus to the wood trails not far from the school. I followed him, knowing I shouldn't, but feeling like I had to. He didn't run far, stopping at the first bench and sitting, his head back into his hands. He was like a magnet, I couldn't turn away and leave like I knew I should.

"Edward..." He looked up, shocked at first, his expression hardening when he saw me.

"Please just leave." I stepped closer and he looked away.

"Why..?" That was all I could say, I couldn't do any better. Much to my surprise, he smiled slightly.

"Why should you care?"

"Because what your doing to yourself is not good, and I want to know why you do it." He glared at me, his eyes searching mine.

"Because I can, I need to."

"You don't." He chuckled without humor, rolling his eyes.

"Oh please, don't tell me you understand, because you don't, you don't know a damn thing." He got up off the bench and stomped off down the path. I followed again, trailing after him.

"Just listen to me, im not going to try to force you to stop, but I want to help." He stopped suddenly, spinning to face me.

"You can't help, no one can."

"Try me." He glared at me again, though his gaze was less hard.

"You don't even know me."

"I can learn." I shrugged, stepping closer to him and standing at his side. He growled slightly, nodding reluctantly.

"Fine." I giggled at his expression.

"So we are friends?" He sighed deeply and nodded. The first friend I actually liked.