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Okay, the long awaited chapter 33!


We sat on his fluffy couch for countless minutes, comfortable just sitting together. Esme returned from her shower, smiling when her beautiful, loving eyes met mine. Edward didn't stir when she sat down; reaching for the remote to lower the volume on the television. "Did he fall back asleep?" She whispered, her eyes glued to her peaceful son. "I think so, he got a little to excited." A soft smiled played on her lips as she reached to gently brush some hair from Edward's relaxed forehead.

When I first met Edward, the condition he was in led me to instantly believe that his mother didn't care about him. To be honest, I hated her before I even met her because I thought she was one of the sources of his pain. I never took the time to think that maybe she was only a source and couldn't help him, because she hadn't learned how to help herself yet. Edward's breathing evened out even more; his body nothing but dead weight.

"I guess you are stuck here now," Esme chuckled quietly. "I don't mind, as long as he's here and we are together." Edward's body jerked slightly and Esme pulled a small blanket off the back of the couch; drapping it over Edward's body and my lap. I felt terrible for having hostile feelings towards Esme. It was obvious that she had a deep love for her son; I could see it in her eyes. Every breathe she took, she took for her children. She was much different than Renee. My mother was carefree, out going, hyper, and fun loving. Esme was careful, considerate, loving, and quiet. She knew in her heart that her son was in a horrible state right now and I could only imagine the pain that caused her.

Edward groaned slightly in his sleep; his eyes twitching under their lids as his limbs twitched. I wondered what he was dreaming about? Was it a nightmare? I rubbed soothing circles on his back to quiet him and he soon stilled again; resting peacefully. "You know Bella, you act more like his mother than his girlfriend sometimes. You're very mature." I looked up at Esme who smiled sweetly back at me; I returned the smile with my own genuine one. "I'm here to be whatever he needs me to be. I'm okay with looking after him, when you love someone, you take care of them when they need you," I stated simply before looking down at Edward again.

"You really do love him, don't you?" I didn't have to think about the answer, "Yes, I do. If I didn't I would have been long gone, if I was ever here at all." A comfortable silence fell over the room for a moment while Esme considered her answer to that. I didn't have to be worried about telling her this, I knew for a fact it was obvious and that she already knew. "You are going to make one hell of a mother one day Bella, let me tell you." I bit my lip to keep from laughing to loud and waking Edward. "You think so? I fear for my kids, I might drive them insane." It was her turn to laugh now and we chuckled quietly for a moment.

"I think both you and them will be just fine. You have natural motherly instincts; it's uncommon for a girl so young to be so mature. I have to say, I am impressed." My cheeks got hot and I didn't dare look up at her nor did I say anything; I didn't know how to respond to something like that. "I'm just glad Edward found you. I knew in my heart there was someone out there for him." The love and pride she spoke his name with was profound and heart warming. She was proud of him and everything that he was, he was dealing with everything the best way he knew how.

"Thank you, Esme. I love Edward. I know I left him for a few days, but-" She waved her hand to cut me off, "No Bella, you had ever right to leave for sometime to yourself. No one can spend all day and night with someone every week and not need a break, it's normal." I sighed, nodding my head, "Okay, but I know I left him, but I would never leave him for good. I really do care for him." She patted the back of my hand gently, they were small and warm; I never noticed that before. She was a very delicate looking woman.

"I know dear, believe me, I know. I can tell by the way you look at him, the way you talk to him, the way you talk about him, even the way you interact with him that you love him. It's adorable." I smiled at her, my cheeks reddening again much to my embarrassment. I blushed so easily, and when I blush it just makes me more embarrassed and it gets worse. It was my least favorite quality about myself; it gave me away when I was trying not to let anyone know they got to me.

"Good, I just don't want anyone thinking I don't love him because I left." Before she could answer, we heard voices on the front steps and a key go into the knob. "Emmet, for the last time, shut up about it." Jasper stamped in first, followed by Emmet who had a big grin on his face. "Jasper, just admit it already." Jasper grumbled something over his shoulder and flashed an unhappy smile at me and his mother. "Boys, keep it down will you?" Esme whispered just loud enough to get there attention than gesturing to the still sleeping Edward in my lap.

"Bella's back!" Emmet whispered as he winked at me, "I knew you couldn't stay away for long." I rolled my eyes and he followed Jasper down to their room, picking up their current argument along the way. Alice and Rosalie came through the door than. Alice was smiling, as always, and Rosalie was pouting, as always. "Hey Alice, hey Rosalie," Esme greeted her daughters. "Way to ditch us at the end of the day there Bella," Alice rolled her eyes and Rosalie actually smiled at me. "Sorry about that, I couldn't take it anymore. I was going crazy." Alice grinned at me and Rosalie headed it off towards her room; taking off her jacket as she went.

"Wow, he's actually sleeping, quietly." Alice sat down on the recliner chair on the other side of the room, putting her feet up on the coffee table and pulling her knees up to her chin. "If I had to listen to him for one more night, I was moving out." I knew she meant it as a joke, but it sent a stabbing pain up into my chest at the thought of him crying the whole night. I swallowed the pain and forced out a chuckle. "Well, than I guess I got here just in time."

"He waited for you and waited for you, and when you are finally here, he falls asleep? Some host he is." Alice got up and headed towards the kitchen and Esme followed her, leaving me alone with Edward again. I felt terrible for leaving him, for leaving all of them. I wasn't only important to Edward, I was a part of there family and I shouldn't have just left them all. I would have to find some way to make up for it and I would if it was the last thing I did.


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