Notes from the author:

I've approached a few issues in this fiction that hopefully didn't overwhelm the storytelling experience as a whole, but hopefully did make an impression upon you about the injustices of our world.

Some of you may have noticed my references to the prison at Guantanamo Bay, a facility run by the United States government where high profile (usually foreign) prisoners are incarcerated on foreign soil to avoid the United States laws about prisoner treatment and rights. These references are not mistakes. Several months ago, Amnesty International toured the United States, Canada, and the UK with a mock-up of a Gitmo prison cell. This, along with pressure on the United States government by groups like them and by individuals from many nations have convinced our next president, Mr. Barack Obama, to transfer the prisoners from Gitmo to prisons on United States soil and to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay. If this happens, this will be an amazing victory for human rights and for the will of the people forcing changes in government and policy. There is, however, rumor that Gitmo is not the only prison on foreign soil operated by the United States government. Other nations operate prisons in the same fashion to avoid their own laws. If you are aware of prisons such as these, write to the government operating them and demand they be closed; all people have rights, whether they be criminals or the law-abiding, rich or poor, man or woman, on domestic or foreign soil, black, brown, white, red, or whatever other colour you can apply to a nationality. Governments and militaries will not simply choose to observe these human rights. It is up to people like us to defend them by word and pen and vote.

Another major issue I approached is the health of the natural ecology in all parts of the earth. There can be no argument to this: humans affect the health of the world. I could rant for hours on green living, renewable power, recycling, conservation, and protecting that which is endangered, and it will do you no good until you decide what you truly believe as an individual and if that belief is worth spreading to others. Is it a human right to destroy what is around us in order to work towards our happiness? Are humans the most important creature on the planet? Do we have more of a right to be here than the ant or the anemone, the vulture or the violet? What gives us the right to play god with our earth, and even if we have the ability, should we exercise it? Before you can effectively change the world, you must know the answer to these questions beyond all doubt. You must be able to convince others of these things, for the actions of one are meaningless in this world.

Fight hard. Protect those who cannot protect themselves.

-- Super Lizard

PS-- Quit bowing at me, it's just fanfiction. ;)