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Rated T for mild swearing.

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She balanced precariously on a smooth, round railing, her pristine white gown fluttered majestically behind her. She ran across the railing and jumped off the edge childishly, performing a little twirl for her young daughter in front of her. The young child clapped enthusiastically, giggling as her mother pulled the child into her bosom. They strode in to the large mansion gaily, hoping to return to a good meal.

"What?! How dare you!"

"What's it to you? All you ever do is lounge around the house! At least I did something constructive!"

"Constructive? Constructive!? How is wiping out an entire city constructive?"

"Don't you just love the sight of blood?"

Seething with rage, the angelic woman lunged at her husband, broadsword in hand. The plump millionaire did the same, his sword a direct opposite of his wife's. The clash of metal reverberated throughout the large abode, and a tiny tot, barely seven, clutched her pet cat close to her for comfort. She watched with trepidation apparent on her little face as her parents battled it out, the occasional drop of blood splashing relentlessly on her small body.

She had not understood it at first, why her mother was not fighting back anymore. She shuffled unsteadily, her wine-coloured hair shifting as she moved. At last, she saw, and she screamed.

She screamed and she ran, jolting her cat from its contented purring. Nothing should be happy, nothing should be purring… It just simply was not done. She cried painfully, the tears stinging her eyes even as she shut the door behind her and attempted to control her tears. Such a thing never happened in a little family like theirs.

She looked at a metal 'doll' propped against the wall for comfort. It did no help, for these 'dolls' were the cause of the fight in the first place. And now…

Her mother was dead.


A young British waved to her departing friend, wishing him luck on his latest mission. As soon as he was out of sight, she dropped her hand and stared at the reflective surface of the water. A great shadow of evil grinned, but it was not mocking nor sinister, no, it was in satisfaction. The girl sneered at the ghostly reflection and whipped around defiantly, climbing up the stairs towards the elevators, cropped white locks bouncing gently with each step.

Her name… is Ellen Walker.

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