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Alas, let us not wait a moment longer and get down to catching G!

"I'm sorry, but I'm not allowed to release them. They're suspects in a case I'm trying to solve, you see," murmured Inspector Galmar as he fished out a large key ring, a dozen silver and brass-coloured keys dangling on it.

The four others gathered nodded in understanding and waited patiently for the Inspector to unlock the metal gates. Slowly, he pushed against the now unlocked gates, and they groaned loudly in protest, metal hinges cranking and rumbling away. They strode into the large prison-like area, turning their heads left and right in curiosity to see what were behind those glass-paneled cells. It took a moment for the mass amount of horrible suits and distressed faces to sink in, but when it did, it was quite the shock.

"Erk!?" gagged a disgruntled Kanda, eyes twitching in disbelief.

"Eh!?" cried a shocked Ellen, jumping back slightly at the hideous outfit the men behind bars were wearing.

Lined on both sides of the path were large cells, each containing several dozen people. The top half of these cells were covered with strong, tampered glass, which the suspects were all pressing their faces and hands onto now, trying desperately to get out. The bottom half were vertical metal bars which other suspects clung on tightly to, hands reaching out to grab the coats of the passing exorcists.

"They should be somewhere in here… You'll just have to find them," sighed the Inspector in a very 'I-can't-take-this-anymore' kind of tone.

Noise frowned at this staring at the impossibly large number of people wearing the G-suit, wailing and moaning for help.

"Who are they exactly, Inspector?" Marie voiced, trying his best not to sound too incredulous. Galmar gave him a look that all-to-clearly said 'What do you think?'

"What is this, Halloween!?" Kanda half-yelled as he looked around in a frenzy. Ellen maintained her innocently, clueless-ly, cute face and asked, "What the bloody 'ell's going on here?"

Marie was taken back by what Galmar had implied. Ellen too, could not believe it, "So you've caught him? And it's more than one person?"

"NO! WE'RE NOT G!! PLEASE, YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE US..!!" and other such desperate exclamations followed. They reached out through the bars and grabbed hold of the Inspector's legs, begging with tears to be let out. The Inspector however, firmly stood his ground; trying to dislodge them while denying their innocence. They claimed that G was no ordinary man, frenetically trying to get the Inspector to believe them. Instead, the inspector adopted a faraway look, swanky flowers floating around in the background, "Hmm? I have absolutely no idea what you're all going on about."

Meanwhile the three exorcists and one half-willing tag-along stood deadpanned a few steps back, ignored and confused. Until they heard… "Exorcists? Are those exorcists? YAY! YOU'VE COME TO SAVE US!! ALLELUIA!"

"What the fuck are you doing here!?" barked Kanda, ferociously kicking the glass panel, sending spider webs cracks across the barrier. Didi and his group of finders (the suspects) backed away in fright from Kanda's wrath, yelling out hasty apologies and huddling against one another. They then related all the incidents preceding the current event, from being informed by Komui about G to investigating and then getting locked up in funny suits. Nevertheless, none of the exorcists believed a word from their mouths. All of a sudden, a large burly man with strangely long eyelashes and ridiculously large, lipstick-coated lips appeared out of nowhere and settled himself on a few finders, using them as a chair and armrests.

"This is Miss Bonnaire, she's the boss around here and was admitted six months ago as a suspect. We believe that the phenomenon of G is caused by innocence…What? I may look this way but what I say is true!" cried an indignant Didi. After Kanda and Ellen were done with skeptically staring at Didi, they turned their gaze on MISS Bonnaire, unable to believe that the masculine figure before them was indeed a woman. She began, "The Mysterious Thief G is no human; the 'G' stands for 'GHOST'. So far, we know three things about G; He wears this crazy costume, sends out an announcement before every crime and…

"He has no body." What she said struck Ellen, making her almost stagger backwards in shock.

"That's nonsense! You think that that kind of talk can get you out of here, Bonnaire? Well you've got another thing coming on!" spat out the Inspector, still struggling with the large army of G's clinging mercilessly onto him.

The woman carried on, ignoring the Inspector's words, "That's why he has to use other's bodies to commit his crimes. And that's also why a new G keeps on appearing despite how many of us the Inspector locks up."

Inspector Galmar distinctly felt a vein pop somewhere, and he decided that enough was enough, "Are you done here? 'Cause I'm going to have to ask you to leave!" he commanded, jabbing his thumb at the direction of the door.

"NOOOOOOO! Don't leave us, you can't leave! Let us out!" the poor trapped souls cried, reaching out to grab onto Ellen and keeping her where she was, rendering her unable to escape. Somehow, she felt really molested…

And Kanda's trusty Mugen hovered near their throats not long after. Ooh, so possessive…(A/N: Sound like someone familiar? –winks-)

Once she was free from their clutches, she asked Marie, "Well, what do you think?"

"I'm not detecting any lies from their heartbeats," he replied, sounding somewhat content.

Kanda 'Che'd and spoke, "Whether he's a thief or a ghost, it'll be all over once we've gotten the innocence anyway." Who cares about these guys?

"What are you going on about!? This is my case…"

"Inspector! I-It's a… another… announcement… from G!" heaved a weary-looking officer, in his hands, a large card that was made into the shape of the letter G.

Before the national treasure known as the Regent, I shall make my appearance.

Signed, Phantom Thief G! Mwa!

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