Piper left the house to talk with her sister about the whole magical thing.

Leo looked up at the towards the heavens praying the elders could still here him, an elder appeared and Leo tackled him to the ground.

"Look, you have no right to take her away. I have decided that, I do not want my powers back, I resign as a white lighter. If you don't give me my daughter back, I will raise hell for you and any of your kind."

The elder sighed. "Leo, you cant raise her as a magical child with two mortals for parents."

"Fine, I will get her powers bound, I still have my connections"

"Leo, you don't know what this will do to the grand design. We need her to help fight off the world of evil, you have a very blessed child."

Leo sighed, "Well, how can I get her back?"

"If you promise that, when she old enough you will let come to magic school, so she can taught how to her use her magic, and she will remain magical unless she decides not to her on her own ."

"Fine, but I don't want my powers back. I want to be able to grow old with my wife."

The elder shook Leo's hand making the deal official, and his wings were permanently clipped

Leo kissed her on the head and just held her close and picked his phone and called Piper.

"Hello" she said through her tears.

"Melinda is back and is safe and sound. I will bring her over to your sisters so they can spend some time with her"

Piper cried tears of cry. "I will see you soon, and pick up a Pizza on the way here"

Leo nodded. "Okay, I love you'

"I love you too"

Well, that is the end of this story. I hope everyone enjoyed it and thanks for all my wonderful reviews.