Didn't know what I had

By: Prince Tyler Briefs

Summery: Wildwing and NoseDive have a fight that gets both rilled up and wishing things they shouldn't. But
when Dragaunus gets his hands on Nosedive, to what lengths will WildWing go to save him and is it to late to
ask for his brothers forgivness? (I love questions! They give me some ideas to work with ^_^)

Disclaimer: I don't own mighty ducks. If I did I'd at least be desent enough to put it on at a time that kids
in my time zone could watch it.

A/N: Please don't kill me okay? This is my first attempt at Mighty Ducks Fan Fiction. I've written lots of DBZ, some digimon, and a Rugrats
(so if you like those fics then go ahead and read them ;) *hinthint*). I haven't seen this show for a while but I've read a bunch of the other
fics and so I remember the characters and thier personalities. Also NoseDive is my fav and I have a nasty habit of picking on my fav characters.
So anywayz on with the fic...

Didn't Know What I Had
Part 1: The fight

"Dive. Talk to me. Please?" WildWing called through the shut and locked door.
"No! I don't wanna' talk! Ow!" He heard a thump against the door, and guessed it was whatever Dive had tripped on.
"I can help you Dive."
"No you can't. Know why? Because there's nothing wrong with me!" Wing didn't believe that for even an instant. Latly
Nosedive had seemed jumpy and skitish, avoiding Wildwing at all costs. Something was the matter with his baby brother
and he was determine to find out what.
"Don't you Dive me Mr. High and Mighty! Mr. Don't do this and don't do that!" The words stung, only making Wing madder.
"It's my orders that has saved your butt many times!"
"Yeah well whose suppossed to save yours!" He heard his brother give a sharp gasp. That was it, that was what had been
causing NoseDive to act that way. In the last battle WildWing had almost gotten killed by pushing NoseDive out of the path
of a blast. He still hand a bandage on his shoulder from it, and it was that gasp that clued him into the fear. The fear
of losing his brother, and the fear of admitting he was scared. Without hesitating Wing did something he swore he would never
do. He picked the lock on Dive's door and opened it. In the time it took to get the lock open Dive had fallen asleep. His feathers
where stained with tears, as well as his pillow. Wing shook his head and sat on the edge of his brothers bed.
"It's not fair that I'm dragging you through this Dive. You're just a kid. You should have a home, with a family. Someone who
can really look after you and protect you. Someone who has time to just be with you. You've never had much of a childhood
Dive. First the camps, then the minds, now here. I'll make it up to you Dive, somehow. I swear to you I will. But for now just know
that I'm always going to be there for you." WildWing tucked the blankets tighter around him. "Sometimes I swear you're the only
reason I get up in the morning. Wanting to give you what you deserve is sometimes the only reason I bother to stay alive. I'll look
out for you baby brother, and I promise nothing will ever hurt you."
A few miles away a large red lizard was watching what was going on through a tiny screen his faithful servant Chameleon had
managed to swipe on his last visit in the form of a coachroach (believe me it was interesting.)
"Unforunatly WildWing it is a promise you will not be able to keep. I have plans for your little brother. Big plans that would frighten
you to death if you knew what they where." The dragon chuckled.
"What are you going to do boss."
"Kiddnap him, tourcher him, and kill him infront of his brothers eyes."
"Oh." The little green lizard immagened the look of horror on Wildwings face and laughed cruelly. "Sweet revenge 'eh boss."
"Oh so sweet." Dragaunus laughed mercilessly.
"Hows the kid?" Duke asked as WildWing walked into Tanya's lab.
"Well I don't blame him. I thought we'd lost you during that last battle. Of course his world is rattled."
"What was I suppossed to do Mal? Let him get hit?"
"He would have prefurred it that way." WildWing glared angerily in her direction.
"Are you suggesting my little brother is suicidle?"
"No! I'm saying he'd rather be dead then see you that way! It's not my fault you took it like that!"
"Clear your mind of all contentions and give in to all you good karma." The three other ducks stared at Grin strangely before cracking
"Guess you're right big guy. I'm gonna' go check on Dive again."
"You only left him 2 minutes ago." Tanya complained.
"Yeah well alot can happen in two minutes." Wing didn't know how right he was, because when he reached Dive's room the window was
open and Dive was gone. A note lay on his bed.
"Gone to get a taco. Be back soon. Don't worry yourself to death while I'm gone. Love-Dive"
"DIVE!" Wildwing yelled out the window, even though he knew it would be to late to catch him. Angerily he stormed back to the others.