A/N: Okay okay. To everyone's great delight (I'm sure) this will be the last chapter besides the epoligue. This is (I am hoping) going to be
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Didn't Know What I Had
Part 7: When it's over...

WildWing stroaked the hair off NoseDive's face. He was stable, but only just. His white feathers were sticky with sweat, and his breathing was
labored. Tanya said the blast had just missed all his vital organs, though by all means it should have hit one at least. She was baffled and
frustrated by it. Thankful, but still hating that she couldn't say how it happened. WildWing hadn't left Dive's side, always doing something to let
his little brother know he was there. It was obvious things were going on in Dive's head. Things he didn't want to say, or know. And WildWing wasn't
about to let him face this alone. He never had before, wasn't about to now. Dive started to toss and turn, his breathing becoming raspy.
"Tanya! Come quick!" Tanya turned in her seat, looking at the struggling Dive. She ran over and looked at Dive's vital signs.
"If we don't calm him down fast he'll be back in critical condition." One thing came to WildWing's mind. One thing that always calmed Dive down. Without
thought of what Tanya would think WildWing did the only thing he could.
"I'll walk in the rain by your side. I'll cling to the warmth of your tiny hand. I'll do anything, to help you understand. I love you more then anybody can.
And the wind will whisper your name to me. Little birds will sing along in time. The trees will bow down, as you walk by. Morning bells will chime." Tanya
looked at WildWing, shocked. He didn't say anything, didn't even look at her. He just brushed the blonde hair off Dive's now calm face. After a few minutes Wing
whispered a small explination to Tanya, still not taking his eyes off Dive.
"Our last foster mom before the invasion sang that to him. It always calmed him down. She even sang it to him during the invasion, to keep him quiet. It worked
to." Tanya didn't say anything, she just looked at the two brothers. She was rather amazed by WildWing's singing voice. It wasn't the best, but better then most Duck's
she'd heard.
"I'd appreciate it if you told no one what I can do Tanya."
"Oh sure. No problem."
"Thanks." WildWing looked at his brother's face again, willing the eyes to open from the pale face. Slowly WildWing removed the mask from his face. It was one of the
rare times Tanya got to see his face, and when she got a good look she gasped. Silver tears were streaming of his face, gently rolling off the end of his beak.
'I shouldn't really be suprised.' Tanya thought to herself. 'They're so close. Closer then any other pair of siblings I've met. But I've never seen WildWing cry like that before...'
"I can't lose him Tawn." WildWing whispered, gently stroaking Dive's hand. "I've lost to many people close to me. If I lose Dive I don't know what I'll do." Once again Tanya
decided the best thing she could do was remain silent. WildWing sighed, and dabbed the sweat off Dive's forehead.
"But I guess if it's his time, I can't stop it." Fresh tears slid down his face. Embarressed beyond belief, Tanya gingerly slid her arm over WildWing's shoulders and patted him
gently. WildWing slid his hand over her's, feeling the sympathy she was giving.
"Hey. I'm out for a few days and I'm already being replaced by Tawn?" Both ducks opened thier eyes to see NoseDive proped up on his elbows.
"NOSEDIVE!" WildWing scooped his little brother into a gentle hug. "I'm sorry Dive. I'm sorry."
"For what?"
"For anything I've ever done to you."
"You've done nothing wrong WildWing. Besides not buy me new comic books..."
"Oh you!" WildWing gave his brother a noogy, and he laughed. Tanya smiled at the happy reunion, then went to tell the guys NoseDive was awake and fine.