DISCLAIMER!! Scion is owned by White Wolf.

I had to find some poems for class. Thankfully the teacher said we can write them as well. So I checked with my GM of writing this poem for Horus is all right and got the clear.

In my GM's setting, all the gods and goddesses live under one roof now as they wage war of the free titans. The Scions (the player party) aid their divine parents. In this poem, it is from Horus's point of view to his little sister, a Scion of Isis named Kanika.

Little No More

I stare at her in shock.

My little sister,

A child that I helped Mother raise,

Claiming not to be what I think.

Yet, I still see the toddler

That witnessed death with her own eyes.

I can still hear her panicked screams.

I can still feel her grip on my flesh.

Her tears still burn

As I fight to keep her by my side.

I vowed to protect you, Sis.

Now, you question.


Why are you claiming to be something else?

You always run to me

In times of distress.

Now, I'm hearing that

You take matters into

Your own hands.

I care about you.

I don't want to lose you.

Unable to face you now,

I retreat to find the answer.

I stay in my dorm,


Seeing you at mealtime brings

A theory I refuse to believe in.

That you aren't that little girl anymore.