I had to grow up fast, when I was nine my father died in a car accident, my mother told me to be strong for my little sister and brother, I was the man in the house now. When I was sixteen mother died from cancer, my brother was nine and my sister was three, she had told me that she would fight as long as she could but I had to help to take care of my little family. I never cried so my brother and sister could see me, I never told anyone that I just want too be a child, only place I could be a child was at school.

Now I'm soon eighteen and I'm still the one that takes care of the family, I have never asked someone for help, I have never let anyone see when I'm tired and I'm never weak in front of my siblings.

It was Friday night and I had just tugged Dot in when Wakko came running in, jumping up and down in front of Dot's bed, I gave him an annoyed look and he stood still

"Yakko, it's a man outside who wants to talk to you,"

I sighed, who could it be at this hour? Everyone I knew would at least have called. I walked to the door and stopped when I saw a man in a black suit, I felt a sinking feeling in my chest

"Yakko Warner?"

I nodded, still a little confused

"I'm Phil Peterson from the child services; we have talked on the phone. Can I come in?"

I was shocked, child services? That could only mean bad news.

I stepped out of his way and saw Wakko and Dot standing in the doorway, sighting I turned to Mr. Peterson,

"Excuse me for a second; I have to get these two in bed,"

Dot hold my hand and I had to grip Wakko's hand and drag him with me to Dot's room

"I'm not sleepy!" he whined and I rolled my eye and sighed, why did he always say that when he was about to fall asleep standing? I sat down one knee and smiled to him

"Wakko, this is something we grown ups have to take care of,"

Wakko looked at me with big teary eyes and threw his arms around me and refusing to let go

"He has come to take us away from you, I don't want to move! I want to stay here!"

Dot looked at me, her eyes too big and teary, and said with a voice that could brake your heart,

"Don't you love us anymore," How do I explain to them that it isn't me who decides, But the boss of the idiot in the living room.

I smiled and assured her that I loved them both plenty, before I walked out of her room to get Wakko to bed, he refused as always.

When I finally got them to bed I walked into the living room, showing him to the couch,

"Would you like something? Coffee, Tea?" A knife in your neck?

He looked up and shock his head before picking up his papers from his suitcase, he started to look trough the papers while I looked awkwardly around the room.

"No thank you, lets just be done with this case,"

I looked at him as I sat down on the a chair, fear was rising inside me, I inhaled and looked at my hands, before I spoke

"Just tell me, can I keep my family or... or not,"

He sighed and gave me the papers, I read them and he started talking, his voice sounding like it hurt him more than me

"After looking at your young age we have decided that you can't give this children what they need,"