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15 minutes later I hung up, calming myself forcing a smile, this was nothing, we had survived when mum and dad died, this was not going to be a problem.

I returned, band aids in hand, smiling when I saw Dot talking to Buster, jumping up and down, and he smiled while giving me a look that screamed 'how do I turn her off?'

"Guys, I brought kites, let's get them air born," Dot squealed and Wakko came running. I smiled and handed one to each of them "Hey, Buster, want to help?"

Buster smiled and joined me, with the two of us my little brother and sister soon had the kites up in the air. I relaxed and went back to the table, watching them closely, as Buster and Babs joined me.

"Wow, I did not know you could smile," Babs commented after a while, I looked at her, I guess I was smiling

"Sorry, I did not know I was not allowed to," she grinned at my answer but Buster was looking at me with concerned eyes

"So, what's up?" when all he got was a confused look he sighed "Dude, I've known you for years, you are not the type to just call in sick because you don't feel like working today,"

"I can change," I looked away and he frowned, he hated when I avoided questions, he grabbed a pack of cigarettes, and it was my turn to frown "You told me you quit,"

Babs sighed, hitting her boyfriend in the arm as he light one "He did, for one week," she answered and I grabbed the cancer stick, putting it out on the grass

"Ok, he don't need to, but no smoking where they," I pointed at Wakko and Dot "Can see you, they look up to you," he glared at me and I glared back.

"Sooo, that movie is on the television tonight, maybe we could watch it at your place?" Babs looked at me and the subject changed, we talked about nothing and everything, ate the food I had packed and had a good time, at three we went home.

At home I started with the dinner, the kids watched tv. As I cooked I started to plan how to tell them that they would move Wednesday, this was tough, I could not just tell them that we were never going to see each other again. I was brought out of my thoughts by a crash, turned off the stove and ran to the living room, Dot was crying and Wakko was picking up the remains of a vase

"Yakko, I didn't mean too, I tripped," I looked at him and sighed, telling him to get the vacuum cleaner and started to pick up the broken peaces. It was an accident, and I could not yell at him.

That night I sent them to bed, I had not been able to tell them, and turned on the television. Starting on my homework I heard a knock on my door and went to open, stopping a little when Buster was standing there with a casserole

"My mom made me take it with me, she also said that you guys are going to eat dinner with us tomorrow," I took the casserole from him and went to the kitchen, placing it in the fridge

"Where's Babs?" he pointed at the door, mumbling something about talking in the phone. I nodded and went back to my homework "Make yourself at home,"

he smiled and jumped into the couch.