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The pair had now lived together for one year. Rosette had moved into Chrono's apartment because it was almost new made and because he needed some furniture anyway. He hadn't changed a bit though, still the goofy, flirtatious guy from when they first met. He still could drive the young blonde insane.

Most of Chrono's old furniture had been thrown out and replaced by Rosette's more new. There had been a few discussions about some of it, but it almost always ended with what the blonde wanted.

Sometimes he just had to snake his arms around her and nuzzle her neck, before she gave up and made it like he wanted. She hated it when he did that. He always smirked and said "I just show my darling how much I love her and how much I disagree with her decoration ideas" then he tried to kiss her, but was mostly cut off by a slap on his arm "You are so hopeless" she sighed.

Right now though she was in a hurry, again. She was late for work in the café. Chrono had wanted to snuggle a little, but Rosette knew that if she didn't come in time, she would get fired.

She took some slices of bread and ran out the door. Chrono just lay back down onto the couch, where he soon drifted off into sleep.

Rosette hated it when Chrono did that "That damn dolt, he is so hopeless" she murmured under her breath.

Luckily she didn't live too far away from her working place. She was soon there and hurried into the little café. There weren't many customers there yet, only an elderly lady in the corner drinking her coffee.

"Phew, seems I got here in time" she sighed and walked behind the counter. Her boss stepped out from his office and saw her standing there "Rosette Christopher" he called, making her turn around immediately to face him "Uhm… yes sir?" she asked nervously.

He looked at the watch, then back down at her "Do you know how late it is?" he asked "Uhm… it's nine?" she asked back. An angermark popped out on his temple "Yes… it's nine… and do you know what?"

"Uhm… no?" she shrunk back slightly.

"YOU'RE DAMN LATE AGAIN…" he yelled loudly, making the female customer drop her cup in shock "DON'T YOU HAVE A WATCH OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT? IT'S ALWAYS LIKE THAT, EVERY SINGLE DAY"

"I'm sorry" she squeaked and covered behind a tray "It won't happen again sir"

"No, it won't… cause you're FIRED" his face was all red of anger now "Find somewhere else where you're allowed to come too late…" then he spun on his heel and wanted to walk back into his office, but was cut off by the young blonde "Please sir… I promise it won't happen again, please give me another chance" she pleaded

"No, this was your second chance, even your third… goodbye Rosette" then he walked into the little office and slammed the door, leaving the blonde alone and unhappy.

She sniffled as she trudged the way back home "How can he be so mean? How am I gonna earn money for the household now?" she mumbled sadly "He can't just fire me like that" she reached the apartment door and opened it.

Chrono heard the door and got up from the couch "Home so soon love?" he asked and pulled her into his arms "Hey, what's wrong?" he noticed her sad look and lift her chin with his index finger "Tell me"

"I got fired… my boss threw me out" she told him "How are we gonna pay everything now?"

"How could he fire you?" he asked and kissed her forehead lovingly.

"I came too late again" she whispered "and… THAT IS ALL YOUR DAMN FAULT YOU JERK" she cried and slapped him almost a hundred times

"Owowowowow Owowowowow… hey I didn't mean that love…" he yelped and grabbed her wrists, effectively making her stop hitting him. He pulled her into a sweet kiss "Want me to talk with that boss of yours? Maybe I can make him change his mind" he asked

"No, you would only make it all worse" she grumbled and tried to pull free "Grrr… didn't I tell you to stop that?"

The young man smirked, turning his cheek towards her "Payment" he just said, his smirk widening even more, when he saw her eyes narrow "I still don't know how I actually could fall in love with you" she grumbled and leaned in to kiss his cheek.

"That was better" he said and let go of her "That wasn't so hard now was it?"

Suddenly the phone started ringing and Rosette walked over to pick it up "Hello?" "Hello Rosette" she heard Aion say in the other end "Oh hey Aion, how are you?" she asked smiling.

Chrono had moved over behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist, resting his head on her shoulder to listen what was said.

"I'm much better thank you" Aion answered, the smile audible in his voice "Was it possible for me to come for a visit this evening? My oven broke down and… I'm actually quite hungry"

"Sure you can, I'll make Chrono get the groceries" Rosette replied with a smirk to the man behind her "Hey" he pouted

"I can bring a little too if you want, I still have some in the fridge"

"No, Chrono would loooove to go shopping for me" Rosette said

"Really? Is it the same Chrono I know you're talking about?" Aion asked with fake horror in his voice "Or have you turned him into a mindless zombie?"

"No, I just have to be a little cuddly and he'll eat out of my hands" she grinned, feeling Chrono blow into her ear as punishment. She laughed at that "He can be so childish sometimes though" she added, making him blow into her ear again, harder this time.

Aion laughed "You don't have to tell me that, I have known him since we were small"

"Anyway, you're welcome to visit us this evening Aion, when will you be here?"

"About six I think" the white haired man replied smiling "I still need to get some medicine from the drug store"

"Okay, then we'll be seeing you then" She smiled "See ya Aion"

"Bye Rosette" Aion said, before hanging up.

Chrono pouted and didn't let go when she moved towards the kitchen "Chroonooo… come on, I need to find out what you have to buy" she said.

"No, you were mean to me" he pouted "I need to get over that first"

She rolled her eyes and dragged him with her into the kitchen "You'll go buy groceries?" she asked him sweetly "I'll cook then"

"You have to be a little more cuddly love" he smirked "Then I'll maybe eat out of your hands"

"Come on Chrono… please" she eyed him with a pair of watery puppy dog eyes, her bottom lip sticking out.

Chrono watched her for a while with a smirk, before leaning in and kissing her "Well… seems you won again love" he whispered and moved his arms away from around her.

"I knew it would work" she smiled triumphantly, before preparing the grocery list.

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