Chapter 30. Last and final chapter of this story ^^

It was the night before the big day. Chrono was deep asleep, with a little smile on his lips. Rosette lay there next to him watching him. It was hard to believe that they would get married tomorrow. Hard to believe that Chrono had actually asked her.

She reached out a hand to run through his bangs. He gave a little grunt and buried his face slightly into his pillow. She chuckled.

She retreated her hand again, not wanting him to wake up. She knew they would both have to get up very early the next day.

Instead she smiled softly at him and sighed. Tomorrow she would be Mrs. Rosette Christopher Oni. It didn't sound good, but she didn't care. He would finally be hers and Satella would be totally destroyed. A smirk spread out across her face "Ha, I won" She whispered.

Chrono suddenly stirred "Wha-?" he muttered tiredly.

Rosette smiled "Nothing, go back to sleep" She replied and snuggled closer to him. He gave a short but inaudible reply, and then was back in deep sleep. She listened to how his breath became slow and even again.

When the alarm clock rang the next morning, it was Chrono who woke Rosette up. When he was sure she was awake, he told her he'd be at Aion's place. Rosette smiled "And Anna and a few others will be here and help me" She replied.

Her heart was beating a little faster. She knew the big day had come.

Chrono smiled "See you later then love" He grinned, then hurried out the door. He came back a little later to give her a kiss on her cheek "Don't get cold feet now okay?" he teased. Rosette chuckled "You too" she teased back "Or else I'd hunt you down like a wolf"

Chrono pecked her forehead "We wouldn't want that now would we? I'll see you later" then he was out the door.

Rosette smiled after him.

About fifteen minutes later, the girls came. They helped Rosette into her dress and told her how pretty she looked. Anna looked almost envious "You lucky thing... I would love to have married a man like yours" she said with a pout.

Another girl, one of Anna's friends said "Oh I'm sure you'll find one just as gorgeous"

Margarita was fumbling with the hem of the dress "Now don't move dear" she told the blonde. Rosette nodded and stood completely still.

When they were done with the dress, the hair was to be made.

Rosette sat down, carefully to not crumple the fabric of the dress. Rosette got more and more nervous as time passed by "Oh gosh I never thought that that time of my life would come..." she mumbled "I really hope he still loves me afterwards"

Anna smiled "You're being silly Rosette, of course he'll still love you" she told her "If he wouldn't, he would've never have asked you"

The blonde nodded "You're right, I'm just being silly... can someone please give me a little drink? I need it... and I need it now"

Anna glared "No drink for you now" she scolded "We can't have you going to church totally drunk"

Rosette pouted "Fine... who're you by the way?"

Anna's friend blinked "Oh uh... my name is Claire" she replied "Nice to meet you"

"Nice" Rosette replied back shortly. A few minutes of silence engulfed the women, until Rosette's stomach started to grumble "I wanna have something to eat!"

Finally, after a long time of preparing, the young blonde was ready. Well... ready on the outside, but almost a total wreck on the inside "I hope I'll not do something completely stupid like tripping up the aisle or something, like in those TV-shows..."

Anna rolled her eyes "Keep thinking like that and you probably will" she sighed.

Margarita smiled "Come along now dear" she called "It's time for you"

Anna was wearing a white dress as well; it was plain, but still pretty. Joshua would be the ring bearer. Aion would be the best man and Anna the maid of honor. Margarita's son had been asked to lead the bride up the aisle and he had felt honoured.

Rosette was afraid that her legs would refuse to work when she was about to walk up towards the Priest and Chrono. Oh no... "What if I arrive and he isn't there? What if he's got cold feet nonetheless and I'm left alone like in that stupid movie?"

Anna narrowed her eyes annoyed "Quit it Rosette!" she snapped. She helped the blonde into the car and sat down next to her.

The drive to the church felt long for Rosette. Too long. She was more nervous in the car, and it got worse when the church was finally in sight. There were many cars outside the church. Did they even know that many?

Rosette inhaled the fresh air when she was helped out of the car. Margarita went over to her son, who was waiting in front of the church. He smiled at the bride and complimented her looks. Rosette just nodded, not hearing most of what he told her.

Margarita then went into the church to her seat.

"I-Is Chrono here?" Rosette hissed. Margarita's son chuckled "Yes, dear, he'll be waiting for you when you enter"

"Okay..." she sighed, both relieved and even more nervous.

They entered the church and Rosette didn't really know how long she waited before the music started to play. She had the feeling she wasn't really there when Margarita's son began leading her up the aisle. Chrono still stood so far away, but he looked breathtaking.

"I can't believe this is actually happening..." she breathed. Only the man next to her heard it and chuckled "I felt just the same way when I got married" he whispered back.

Chrono was smiling warmly at her. She noticed he was shivering, but ignored it, since she guessed she was too.

Aion stood next to his brother. He poked an elbow into Chrono's ribs with a grin. Chrono blushed a deep red, she noticed with amusement.

Finally she reached her destination. Joshua stood proudly not far away, holding the rings. He had a smile on his face, which would make the sun seem dull in comparison. Anna had a handkerchief up in front of her nose. She had proud tears running down her cheeks.

Rosette rolled her eyes at her.

Chrono held out his hand and took hers "You look wonderful" he whispered softly.

Margarita's sun found his seat and sat down. The organ stopped playing and the Priest started talking.

Rosette heard him talk, but didn't hear what he was saying. Her thoughts were everywhere and nowhere. Mostly by Chrono, but also on how their future would be. She knew Satella was envious like never before. She had been in doubt if she should really invite her for the wedding, but to be really evil, she did it anyway.

Suddenly it all went quiet. Chrono squeezed her hand "You have to answer" he whispered.

They were already that far? She jumped and then said "I-I do"

Chrono smiled. The Priest turned his attention to Chrono.

Rosette was baffled, they were already that far? Wauw... that went fast.

She heard Chrono repeat her answer and a feeling of happiness suddenly washed over her. There was no way back now. They had finally made it.

The next she heard made her heart beat even faster than it had earlier "I now announce (not right word right?) you, husband and wife. You may kiss the bride"

The kiss that followed was the sweetest she had ever been given. She was warm all way through and the nervousness was washed away.

She smiled up at Chrono when he pulled back "I really never thought this day would come for me" she whispered. Chrono chuckled "Neither did I love"

She pulled him into a tight hug.

The next thing she knew they were in a black fancy car. Aion had gotten it for them. He had a new girl now and she was very nice.

At the wedding party later on, he and the new girl stood in a very tight embrace a little in the corner. Rizelle was her name.

Rosette chuckled at the scene "We have another wedding in sight" she whispered to her new husband, which made him laugh.

When they had to cut the cake, Rosette got an evil idea when Chrono held out a plate for her. She had seen that so often in TV and it looked so fun. She took the plate with a sweet smile "You're so sweet" she told him. Chrono smiled back at her, but before he could block it, his entire face was full of cake.

Rosette laughed loudly at the sight "Oh love, I couldn't resist"

Chrono stared at her blankly for a few minutes, before an evil smirk spread out over his face. He grabbed both her wrists in one hand and pulled her closer "So that was your revenge was it?" he asked. The people around them were watching them amused.

With his other hand, Chrono grabbed another piece of cake and smothered it into the blonde's face. She screamed "AHRG CHRONO!"

"Payback" he sing-songed in reply, before he pulled her into a kiss.

The others around them cheered and laughed. After the cake, they decided to open some of the gifts. They hadn't wanted to do that because there were unusually many. Rosette had no idea that so many people knew them.

When she opened the present from Elder, she had the urge to kill that old perv. Chrono chuckled nervously and let the present disappear to a dark lonely place, far away from everything else... in the garbage can.

Everything else was very nice.

And so, the party continued. They had fun, they danced, played some very silly games that they actually hadn't planned, but were forced to do because the guests said so, and so on.

After all that, the couple stood close to each other in a hug. Both had content smiles on their faces "Liked it?" Chrono asked softly. Rosette looked up at him "The best day ever" she replied and buried her face in his shoulder.

Joshua hurried over to them when he saw them "Can I dance with the bride too please? I didn't get the chance to yet" he asked with a big grin. The couple chuckled. Rosette mock curtsied "It would be an honour for me to dance with you young Mister Joshua" she said and took his hand.

Chrono sighed and leaned against the wall.

"Enjoying the sight of your new family?" he suddenly heard a familiar voice ask. Chrono turned his head towards Aion "Yup" he replied "I never thought I'd get this far"

Aion rolled his eyes "Of course not" he looked around "By the way, is Satella around?"

Chrono let his eyes scan the crowd "There she is, at the punch bowl"

"I bet she feels pretty down now"

"Rosette and I weren't sure if we should have invited her..." Chrono admitted.

Aion shrugged "It would have been bad had you decided not to invite her too"

Chrono nodded "You're right"

Rosette was laughing when she came back to Chrono, Joshua was holding her hand "Joshua is a great dancer" she smiled, making Joshua blush "I'm not that good" he said.

Chrono chuckled "Then can I dance with you now?" he asked with a bow. Rosette looked down at Joshua "May I give my next dance to my husband?"

Joshua grinned "Of course you may big sister" he replied with a little bow. Rosette pecked her little brother's cheek "Thank you hun"

Chrono smirked and nudged Joshua's shoulder. A young girl about the boy's age stood watching him. It was Margarita's granddaughter.

Joshua blushed and looked up at Chrono. The man nodded "She's waiting for you to ask her for a dance buddy" he whispered "Go take the chance"

Joshua pulled himself together and walked stiffly over to her "Dance?" he asked, making the girl giggle "Okay" she replied and reached out her hand for him. He took it and gave a thumbs up to Chrono. Chrono winked back to the boy with a grin.

"You're going to turn him into a charmer" the blonde told Chrono

The purple head chuckled "Is that so bad? I am one too"

She leaned up to peck his lips "And do I know it" she replied "But that's you... I wouldn't have said yes if you had changed"

Chrono rest his forehead against hers "I won't change if you don't"

The blonde closed her eyes "I won't"

The evening passed by in a comfortable pace. Rosette's nervousness was completely gone and had been replaced by pure happiness. When they finally were allowed to leave the party, they went home. Home only to prepare for their Honeymoon.

Rosette leaned up to kiss her husband's lips "I love you" she whispered.

Chrono smiled and repeated it warmly. They were finally wed.

The night was all theirs. Nothing more was said.

Soon Joshua would join their happiness and they would be a real family. The blonde boy loved his new parents more than anything else.

And now that they were married; his hopes for either a little brother or sister increased a lot. At least, that is what he had always dreamed of.

The End

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