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Chapter 1:

Have you ever asked yourself how young demons and devils are educated? Which life they live? To which school they go? Well, Pandemonium High, better known as Hell High, was a special High school for all demonical teenagers. It was placed only half an hour away from New York. There it was more rural and the students had more place to discover their supernatural abilities. Anyways, from the outside the school looked like every other school. There were six modern buildings and one very big gym. But it was bordered by a middle-high wall. The main building was the closest building to the irony front gate. In its basement were the auditorium and the cafeteria. In its other floor were the infirmary and the teacher's offices. On both sides of the main building were the dorms, on the right the girls dorm, the boys dorm on the left. Together with two other smaller buildings for the classrooms the dorms and the main building formed a circle with a court in the middle. In it were some trees and some benches. Behind the buildings was a huge gym and next to it a second court, this time a court for doing sport. Connected to the gym and the court was a green forest and not far away was a lake. The lake was the most hated thing in the whole school. The poor pupils always had to run around it and that was really annoying.

Some cars, motorbikes and buses stopped in front of the gate and a lot of young people streamed in. The summer vacations had just ended and a new school year began. While entering the gate, everyone got a letter in which was a letter (AN: No way! In an envelope is a letter!! That can't be true!! XDDD) and the keys for the new bedrooms.

Let's turn our attention to group of young devils who were all about 17 years old. They were just walking towards the gate. Packed with luggage and happily chatting they entered the well-known school. It was a group of six people, two girls and four boys. One girl was obviously hyper or had drunken too much coffee and jumped around them all.

"Sheeda! Stop it! You're making me nervous!" One of the boys who was called Genai hissed at her.

"Nya!! But I'm so excited!! Aren't you, too? We're now rank 2!" Sheeda cheered again and switched into her demon form as soon as entered the school. Now her cat-tail moved quickly without stopping.

"Yeah! Rank 2!" One of the two twins cheered. He had waist-long dark purple hair and his name was Chrono. His brother on the other hand had long hair as well, but his was white and he wore glasses.

"Now we're finally in the second floor of our dorm!" Aion cheered with the others and gave his girlfriend Rizelle a little kiss on the cheek. The dark haired girl giggled and smiled at him.

The last in the group was a really tall boy named Vide. He didn't say much, but he smiled. A new year had begun and they were rank 2 now.

The school system was different here. Because of the long life span the demonical school took longer. Plus it was subdivided into four ranks; rank 1 was the lowest and rank 4 the highest. One rank took 10 years. That means that you are rank 1 in the first ten years, rank two in the next ten years and so on. All in all the school took 40 years, nothing for a devil. Students of different ranks had their own floor in the dorms. So was the first floor for the youngest. Nobody really wanted to live there. All other people had to go past there to come to their own bedrooms. Because of this it was almost always loud down there. The ones in the fourth floor were luckier. Up there it was quiet and you weren't interrupted so often.

Anyways, before young devils were allowed to enter the school, they went to other schools. At first pre-school, elementary school, Junior High and High school, college and university – exactly the same schools humans go to. After that 'human education' the demonical Junior High began. In there they had to learn various stuff about the basics of fighting and defending. Plus they had to learn all languages. And then I write all, I mean all. Well, it would really be crap if someone in… let's say Timbuktu called a demon and he didn't understand him. So the main parts of Junior High were the languages from all over the world. It took 15 years.

All in all the time young demons spent in school was about 80 years, plus or minus some years (This is the whole time with pre-school and all the other 'human' stuff, too)

Well, and Hell High was the last school for them all. An announcement was made by the secretary and all students stopped doing what ever they were doing. That meant chatting, shouting, screaming, fighting in demonical form etc., etc….. Everybody was asked to look for her or his bedroom, roommates and afterwards they had to come to the auditorium.

So Sheeda and Rizelle waved a 'see-ya-later' and walked away towards her dorm. The boys turned left to do the same. A very impressing feature of the school was its looking. From the outside it looked like normal school with modern buildings, but as soon as you was IN one of the buildings it switched its looking into some sort of old-gothic style. For the first time, it was always a great shock for the new pupils. A group of young and childish boys stopped in shock.

"Out of the way!!" Aion called amused and pushed them away. Walking in the crowd they made their way up to floor number 2. There wasn't as much chaos as one floor lower. The students here knew already where to go and search their rooms.

"Where's your room?" Chrono asked his friends. "I've 216. That's down the corridor on the right, isn't it?" Exactly there was it. But he had to share his room with Aion, like the years before. Genai's and Vide's room was directly next door. From there the two brothers could hear their arguing about who got which bed. Chrono and Aion just threw their luggage on the ground, they could unpack it later.

Later in the auditorium the principal Mr Defaux greeted all and told them the school rules.

"…1. Leaving the school area without permission is prohibited

2. Attacking humans is prohibited

3. Showing your true form to a human is prohibited

4. Killing another student or teacher is prohibited

5. Fighting, as long as the school don't get destroyed is allowed.

6. Using special powers only on the specially prepared areas.

7. Sexual contact to other students is only allowed in rank 4.

Those are the school rules. I wish you luck and fun in this school year. You'll get now your timetables. Then you have free time. Tomorrow at 8 o'clock starts the first classes. So that was it, have a good day." Defaux explained and the students applauded. A little flame appeared in front of everyone. It transformed to a letter. Excited they took the letters. The timetabled were in it and only seconds later the typical conversation about "What subject do you have when? How's your timetable?" and other stuff about comparing them with the ones of friends began. As everything here the subjects weren't normal as well. For example there were subjects like:

Close combat, Fighting from the distance, Single combat, Reading runes, Creating magical spells and curses, Defending, Demonical history, Dark Arts, Switching forms, Flying lessons, Demonical technology, Using magic and a lot more. Some "normal" subjects were there, too. Maths, sciences and P.E. But they only had the same names as the human ones. In reality they did there totally different stuff like calculate the right angle for your powers in maths and creating some acid or nuclear stuff in sciences. P.E. was mostly stamina training.

Anyways, all timetables were now compared and younger students went to examine the school while other unpacked their stuff or just relaxed before the school would begin tomorrow.

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