Chapter 30:(aka New Years Special; I am early, am I not?)

In the days after Christmas Rosette and Chrono went back to their school. There they celebrated Christmas with friends etc. And today was New Years Eve (AN: And I am only one month too late!!! The Halloween chappie came two months too late XD). Anyways Chrono had asked Rosette to come to the party in his school. Since he had been at her school for the Halloween party it would be a nice change to celebrate in Hell High. Rosette really looked forward to the evening. She terribly wanted to know how devils, demons and all other evil creatures would welcome the New Year. Perhaps with an extraordinary bloody ritual? A picture popped into her mind. It was showing Chrono dancing in his demon form around a fire with a kettle in which some poison green liquid boiled with some funny bubbles. A giggle escaped her lips and Chrono who was sitting on the couch with his laptop looked at her to know what was so funny all of a sudden. Only seconds later he pouted.

"That's a cheap imagination of devil rituals, you know that? They're more complex than that."

"Would you please stop reading my thoughts?" She looked up from her book and grinned at him.

At the moment they were both sitting in Rosette's room. It was still early in the afternoon and Chrono had come over for a visit. In the last time he had come over more often. At his school it seemed boring at the moment. Aion, Genai and Sheda were still in the loony bin, Rizelle was only interested in her looking and Vide… Well he was like a bear… a bear in hibernation more precisely… The good part of it was that DeFaux was really happy now because everything was according to plan from now on and without any stupid interruptions by the Sinners. The good principal's mood was so good, that it was creepy again. Considering all these facts Chrono left his school whenever he could. Today he had brought his laptop with him so he was able to finish an essay for school. He had accidentally forgotten to write it and was now quite in a hurry to finish it before school begun again. While he was writing his essay thing, Rosette decided to read 'Twilight'.

Azzy and Sathella just came back from lunch and greeted both. They asked Rosette to go shopping with them. They still all needed nice dresses for the evening; even through they were not celebrating together. But therefore Sathella and Azmaria went to the party on Magdalene High. Chrono offered them to drive them to the mall and take them home later. He himself didn't want to go shopping with them. A shopping tour with three girls was a real torture even for a demon. So he asked Joshua to join the group. While the girls were shopping for dresses, the boys could do whatever they wanted to and that they would meet at 5 o'clock at the entrance of the mall.

To Chrono's bad luck it was really difficult to talk to Joshua while he was trying to win one of the games in the gaming area of the mall. He was almost addicted to that stupid video game.

In the same time the girls had found a shop that sold nice and beautiful dresses. It was a small shop and the owner was a friendly middle-aged woman named Ms Miller. The teenager knew her already because they always bought their dresses here. Ms Miller always knew which dress was the best one for each of them and for each event. Today she chose a light blue one for Azmaria and a golden one for Sathella. For Rosette she had a nice once in beige. All dresses looked really good. The only thing they still needed now was something to wear over the dress. Outside it would be cold tonight and on New Years Eve you usually go outside to do the firework. Also for this case Ms Miller had the fitting stuff in her shop. There were some elegant jackets, matching to the three dresses and in the same colour. Happy with their stuff the girls went to pay the clothes. Unluckily the negative part was that they had chosen relatively expensive dresses and they had to pay with nearly all their pocket money.

"I think I need a job…" Rosette sighed and took her shopping bag to leave the shop.

"Well, girl from the sticks. In contrast to YOU, I have enough money to live a luxurious life." Sathella teased the blonde on her typical snobbish way. The blonde's answer was only a growl and it would have been a noogie attack if Azmaria hadn't held her back.

"Sathella, please, we do not all have as much money as you." Azmaria said while she still tried to held Rosette back.

"Then you do something wrong. But is that my problem?" Sathella waved her long silky hair and walked ahead to the next shop.

"I swear… someday I'm killing her…" Rosette huffed, but she was calming down slowly by now.

"Don't listen to her. She only wants to have attention." Carefully the little albino let go of her. Nevertheless she paid attention that Rosette wouldn't suddenly attack the redhead in front of her.

Rosette sighed. "Perhaps you're right, Azzy."

"Hey I heard that!" The German complained.

About five o'clock all three of them waited at the entrance. Actually it was time to go home and get ready for the party, but neither Chrono nor Joshua came.

"I bet Joshua is still hanging in front of the video games." Rosette suggested annoyed and muttered something about "Why does he always have to come late!" So they headed through the mall into the gaming area… only to find Joshua AND Chrono sitting in front of one of the video games and shouting stuff like "Ha! I'm killing you!" – "No, you don't!" – "Ahhh, that's mean!"

That can't be true… Rosette waved her hand in front of the boys' faces.

"Can't talk. Must play." Both said at the same time.

"Oh nooo… Don't tell me Joshua has infected you…" Rosette made an Anime-fall.

After fifteen minutes Rosette, Azmaria and Sathella had finally managed to drag them away from the game and towards the parking lot where the car was.

Later Chrono took off to his own school to get himself ready. He would pick up Rosette at 8 o'clock. (AN: I wonder if 2 ½ hours are enough for her to get ready, but anyways…)

Exactly at 8 o'clock Chrono stood waiting with his car in front of the school gate. Rosette wasn't ready yet and he had to wait a little bit longer. Finally she was done and only minutes later they were at Hell High. The campus was full of students who hurried to their dorms or to pick up their dates. Different from the last time Rosette didn't saw any fighting demons. Everyone seemed busy with the coming party.

"We do not always fight, ya? That's only during the exams... and when it's terribly boring" Chrono explained and smiled gently to her.

"What did I told you about reading my thoughts?"

"HELLO MY FRIENDZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GUESS WHAT!!! GUESS WHAT!!!!" A shrill voice interrupted them from behind. Erg, this voice… this coffee overdosed voice… That can only be one….

Sheeda pulled them both into a tight hug rubbed her head on their heads while her tail swung happily through the air.

"I'm choking!" Rosette complained and tried to struggle free. Fortunately Sheeda let them go and grinned widely at them. She wore a nice dark brown dress and a huge ribbon on her head. The huge round glasses weren't missing as well.

"So how did you escape from the loony bin? I doubt they let you go…" Chrono asked her. Sheeda grinned even wider. "What have you done?" Rosette and Chrono asked in common.

"Nothing." And the grin grew wider again… that means if that was even possible. "Oh, I didn't do anything. But after a while the coffee withdrawal showed its effect… They gave me some coffee, so I wouldn't destroy the whole room. Afterwards they were afraid of me and let me go." The cat girl giggled. "Well, I think you all have been right… Coffee is not good for me. I think I'm going to stop drinking it." THAT WAS A WORD!!! SHEEDA WITHOUT COFFEE?! THE WORLD IS SAVED!!!! She let out a loud sigh pushed her glassed up.

"Uh." The blonde began and pointed on Sheeda's hand. "And what is this may I ask?"

"Coffee cup." She looked like she had forgotten about all she had said about not-drinking-any-coffee and smiled innocently.

"If you want to stop… then why are you drinking it anyways?" Chrono stepped forwards and pulled the cup out of her hand. "I think it's better you don't have that, okay?"

The brown haired girl whimpered but didn't try to stop him taking her beloved coffee away.

Until the party really started the three chatted a little with each other while they went into the gym where the party should take place. Some music was played and slowly the room was filled with people. An older man in a suit stepped to the microphone. Some other older looking persons stood in a little distance next to him. The room immediately was quiet and everybody looked at him. He switched the microphone on… and the micro AND the stereo boxes exploded. Afterwards confetti in all colours flew through the air. Meanwhile the man muttered angrily something.

"Such a fool." Chrno shook his head. "We blow the micro and the stereos up every year and every year he is surprised that his micro explodes… Will he ever learn it?" Amused he looked to the man. "Oh and that's DeFaux, the principal. The others behind him are our teachers. Take care that they don't meet you. Humans aren't actually allowed in here." He explained his girlfriend. Then he laughed because DeFaux just made a total fool out of himself. On the confetti in the microphone was glue. Now the whole colourful stuff glued on him and he wasn't able to get rid of it. He made a loud growl and left the room again leaving the puzzled teachers and the amused students behind.

A girl climbed onto a table and shouted "LET THE PARTY BEGIN!!!" and was greeted with a loud cheer. The DJ made the music louder and began to play one after the other the songs the students wanted to hear. The poor teachers seemed to be terribly overtaxed and so it was a party from the wilder sort.

Sheeda wanted to get something to eat and vanished in the crowd. Chrono held a hand to Rosette and mad a gesture to the dance floor. "Sure."

So they danced there until someone brought a karaoke machine and installed it on the stage.

Some little groups shouted names and soon a young guy was pulled on the stage to sing the first song. His voice was quite good and he seemed to have fun singing. Next was a long haired girl, then a second girl and some others. The fifth was another boy. He looked quite nervous and slowly began to sing. It sounded terrible and some others booed on him until he ran crying off into the bathroom. Unluckily he ran into the girls bathroom and not into the one for the boys… Therefore some louder girlish screams were heard as the girls left the bathroom.

"You wanna sing too?" Rosette asked the purple haired demon next to her.

"No… don't even think about that." Shocked he looked at her and shook his head quickly. "What about you?"

"Surely no-"

Suddenly the guy asked who should sing next and Chrono screamed Rosette's name.

"Great! Come on the stage, young lady!"

"But I said I don't wanna ARG, I hate you, Chrono…" Annoyed she climbed onto the stage. She was asked what she wanted to sing. Because she didn't really know something, the karaoke machine decided (AN: you know this 'by chance modus'? I have no idea what it's called in English .") It was Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne. The music started to play. Rosette's singing voice was actually quite good, but she didn't really felt comfortable singing in front of such a huge crowd. When she was done with the song she hopped down from the stage with the words "Next is Chrono!"

"Hey, that's mean!" He protested, but he was pushed to the stage by the others. His song was "Breaking The Habit" by Linkin Park (AN: my absolute fave song 3). He did a good job as well and it sounded great.

When he was finished as well, he went to Rosette again, tickled her shortly and grumbled something about "That was really mean."

After some other singers, Sheeda wanted to sing as well. But her movement were different from her normal movements and she spoke a little bit drunken.

"Oh no… The only thing worse than coffee is giving Sheeda alcohol. Pray that we survive this evening..." Chrono run his palm over his face and chuckled.

"You think we should help her?" Rosette asked and jumped on her toes to see Sheeda over the crowd.

"Nya, Vide is just helping her. We don't need to." The scene on the stage was funny. Vide tried to drag the cat girl away from the microphone, but she held it tight in her hands and tried to sing… Have you ever heard someone sing drunken? It… well… It doesn't sound really good… And with Sheeda's shrieking voice it's a pain for your ears. Now try to imagine how a demon with a ten times better hearing would hear that…

As soon as the fingers of the clocks and watches moved towards the twelve, the crowd of young and older demons stormed outside. They stopped on one of the large sport fields next to the gym. There was enough place for all, but on a weird way nobody went into the middle of the field. Instead they built a large circle around. Rosette wanted to step forward, but Chrono stopped her with his left arm.

"Don't go over the border." He whispered to her, because the others all were silent by now.

"What border?" She looked down to her feet to see a red glowing laser-like line. "Oh, you mean THAT border. So, wanna tell me what's going on here?"

"Watch and learn."

The first gong rang out. Confused Rosette looked around to see that everybody had closed her or his eyes and humming a special tone, very quiet, but it was there. It was a tone which gave you the creep. With the second gong the tone got louder. And so it went on. Before the last gong it was so loud, that Rosette had to clap her hands over her ears. It was so creepy… but hypnotizing on the same way as well. The monotone tone made her feel herself and her environment so much more than before. With the last gong all devils opened their eyes again, this time the eyes were glowing in bright colours. In Chrono's case it was a bright golden/yellow. A huge rainbow fountain came out of the ground in the middle of the field. In the sky it divided into some lines of all colours. Then it exploded and a glittering powder fell down. The whole sky was full of it and made it look like the stars were falling down. Then some single demons, males and females, stepped forwards and made some elegant movements with their arms. Immediately something that looked like an energy ball in different colours appeared next to their hands. The balls followed the hands in their movements while the demons did something that looked like a mixture between some kind of martial sport (AN: What is it called?) and a dance. But the energy balls never touched their skin. Then they shoot the energy balls in the air where they exploded to glitter powder as well.

Suddenly Rosette jumped away because something began to glow brightly on her left. Chrono had two of these energy balls as well and did the same than the others had done. As the balls exploded some purple glitter snowed down on him and Rosette.

"Happy new year, Rosette!" Still standing under the glitter stuff he embraced her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Happy new year to you, too!" She swung her arms around him as well and together they watched the scene in the sky which still looked like the stars were falling down. So that was how demons greeted the new year.

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