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Chapter 1-

"I'll be back-soon, I promise." Edward whispered in my ear. I held onto him, not wanting to let go. It would be selfish of me to ask Edward to stay but I couldn't bear to think of him separated from me for so long. I pulled away from him and looked at him. He looked back, his coal black eyes filled with as much love as he could possible show when being that thirsty. I felt guilty, I shouldn't be doing this to him! It was because of me that he had been missing his family's previous hunting trips.

"Edward, I'll be fine," I said pressing my cheek against his chest "you need this hunting trip, go ahead, tackle a few grizzly bears for me too. Besides, I have Emmett to babysit me" I said the last part with as much bitterness as I could muster.

"Yeah man! Go ahead! I'm here, I'll make sure none of the Voturi come and eat up Bella!" called a voice from the lounge. I groaned loudly. EMMETT.

Edward still insisted on having at least one of his family members stay back while he went on hunting trips further away from home to look after me. Usually it would be Alice, I didn't mind that much. Alice was fun to be with. Usually we'd go out shopping in Port Angeles or Seattle where Alice would insist on getting me to have a full makeover and buying me expensive clothes, THAT was the part I didn't particularly enjoy but it was just fun enough to be with Alice and make her happy. But unfortunately this time, Alice was going too. Everyone was going. Everyone except Emmett.

Edward chuckled. I sighed and broke free from his grip. I interlocked my fingers in his hand and together, we made our way into the lounge. Emmett was sitting on the sofa with Jasper and Rosaline watching TV. He looked up as Edward and I approached him and grinned wildly.

"Ahh…here she iiiiisss… the wittle bwayby, come to drop her off have you?" he asked Edward, his tone teasing.

I glared at him. He just smiled back mischievously.

"Shut up" Edward replied. "Jasper, Rose are you ready? Where are the rest?" he asked.

"Here we are" came Alice's voice from the top of the stairs. It sounded like a song, her voice. I envied the grace with which she danced down the stairs to stand beside Edward. Carlisle and Esme followed behind.

"Alright then," Carlisle said looking at me "we will be going a bit farther than expected, so it might take longer than planned. We'll be home by the end of the weekend at most" he finished looking at me apologetically. Apparently, everyone knew how I was going to be treated.

Still, I couldn't stop the hurt from flashing across my face. A weekend with Emmett?! I sighed. It was going to be one long weekend.

Edward turned to me. "I'll be back as soon as I can" he said. I smiled and nodded. He kissed me then. The kiss was not his usual, careful kiss, it was more urgent. It was so easy to forge that we were standing in the midst of 6 more vampires who could see our every move, hear our every uneven breath. Someone, probably Emmett, cleared his throat. Edward and I broke away from each other, panting.

"Not that I'm against kissing or public displays of affection, no offence that was ONE HOT kiss, but honestly Edward, there's a time and place for everything. Though you know…" he said glancing at Rosaline "I'm gonna need to take some tips from you, eh, Rose?" he chuckled. Rosaline grinned.

I blushed furiously while Emmett roared with laughter. Behind his back, Alice twirled one finger beside her head and pointed to Emmett. I nodded back. Alice was right. Emmett WAS bonkers.

" EMMETT!!" growled Edward.

That made Emmett quit laughing but he made an extremely innocent face. "What?" he asked shrugging. "Take it as a compliment bro, I have NEVER seen such a hot kiss" he snickered.

Edward glared at him and bent down to whisper in my ear "don't worry, if he bothers you too much, ill crush his fingers…or worse…" with that, he pressed his lips to mine once more and swept from the room. Probably, I guessed, to restrain from punching Emmett then and there, not that it would do him any harm. Carlisle and Jasper smiled at me before following Edward whereas Alice and Esme both hugged me.

"Don't worry, if he bothers you too much, Edward will make sure that he is deprived of the thing he wants most in his life for at least a decade" Alice whispered nodding in the direction of Rosalie and Emmett who were entwined around each other saying their own non-verbal goodbyes.

"I heard that" Emmett murmured before turning back to Rosalie. Alice laughed her musical laugh, pulled Rosalie away from Emmett and together, they left the room. Rosalie, without so much as a backwards glance at me.

"I love you Bella!" I heard Edward shout from outside before there was complete silence.

I smiled to myself, staring out of the window "I love you too Edward…more than you" I whispered under my breath. I turned around, still smiling dreamily at Edward's words to find Emmett watching me intently. Of course, he must have heard my reply. I sighed again. This indeed was going to be one long weekend, I was positive.