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Chapter 10: I absolutely do

Hinata's other hand came to rest over the one she had previously placed over her mouth and she watched as Hidan pulled a velvet box out of his pocket. He opened the box carefully, presenting it to her so she could see the ring glitter in the sunlight. She gasped beneath her hands.

"Hinata Hyuuga, will you marry me?"

Tears welled up in her eyes as she stared into his bright violet eyes, her head bobbing up and down. Finally, when she found her voice again, she pulled her hands away from her mouth, "yes. Yes I'll marry you."

He grinned, a real grin, a sweet, gorgeous grin and took the ring out of the box, slipping it onto her ring finger. She stared at it for a moment, then threw her arms around his neck and cried happily against his shoulder. He rubbed his hands over her back, holding her as close as possible.


Hinata's graduation came around and she flaunted the ring proudly, showing off it's beauty.

"I – I can't believe it! Eighteen and engaged to a total hottie! Oh, Hinata!" Ino exclaimed, tears sliding down her cheeks as she embraced Hinata. The other girls in Hinata's class embraced her too, though Sakura waited until she could hold her friend on her own.

"Hinata I'm real proud of you. And Hidan's a great guy, no matter what Sasuke says."

Hinata smiled at Sakura, and then the two were walking down the aisle toward the stage to receive their mock diplomas. Hinata spotted Hidan in the crowd and he blew her a kiss. She returned the kiss, watching and blushing as he made a motion of catching it and pressing it to his lips. Kakuzu was sitting next to Hidan and the older man waved. Hinata shyly returned the wave.

When it was finally her turn to give her speech, she cleared her throat before standing up and going up to the mic. She glanced quickly at Hidan, saw him nod, and knew that she could announce her current status.

"Hello. I'd... I'd like to thank my father, first off, for being the supporting factor of my life, and for staying strong and forcing my sister and I to continue leaving even after our mother died. I'd like to thank Neji for being there to protect me when I needed him most, and my sister for shopping with me," she took a breather as the audience released quiet laughter. Hinata smiled herself, then continued, "my friends, my classmates," she glanced back over her shoulder at Sakura, "Sakura. Y-you have always been there for me, always willing to listen to my senseless babbling."

Sakura smiled and nodded. Hinata took a deep breath, and looked at Hidan, who was grinning madly. Yes, she should announce it.

"And of course, I need to thank Hidan, my loving, caring, supportive fiancé."

The crowd gasped as a whole before Naruto's father whooped loudly, and the crowd erupted into applause. Hinata ducked her head in slight embarrassment, biting on her lip. She couldn't help smiling though, and when the ceremony was finally done she was swept up by Hidan. He kept his arm securely around her, and her father absolutely refused to put the camera down.


Hinata was fidgeting in her seat while Hanabi, Temari and Sakura fussed over different dresses. Sakura's mother had come as well, hoping to play a bit of a motherly figure for Hinata until Hidan's mother arrived.

"What about this one?" Hanabi asked, holding up a midnight blue dress with white flowers along the bottom. Hinata stood and walked forward, "I-I'll never know until I t-try it on."

Hanabi nodded and Hinata took the dress, walking into the changing room.

"I can't believe he forced you to go through two years of university before actually planning the wedding," Sakura commented. Hinata giggled, struggling to get the dress to fit around her bust, "well, h-he said that m-my f-father is the one who w-wanted me to go through the two years. And Hidan wanted to honor my father's wishes, so I went through two years. Besides Hidan's g-graduated now and looking for a steady job close to me."

"I'm still kinda' sad your dad made you go to Tokyo University."

Hinata laughed more and gave up on the dress. There was no way it was going to fit her.

"This one won't fit, Hanabi," she informed her little sister, thrusting the dress out. She heard Hanabi sigh, "I guess we'll wait for Hidan's mom. We can't find any dresses that fit you, Hinata. And by fit I mean like, match your personality or say Hinata with big, fat, neon letters."

Hinata blushed as her friends laughed. They sat and chatted for about half an hour until one of the sales lady's came in, guiding Hidan's mother. The woman set down her bag and then said, "I'm Jessie. Where's my daughter-in-law to be?" she asked, grinning at Hinata. Hinata smiled and stood, giving Jessie a hug.

"Having trouble finding a dress?"

"Yes. Hinata's sister is complaining about the dresses in here not saying Hinata in big, fat, neon letter," Temari informed her while Sakura nodded her head in agreement. Jessie looked thoughtful, "hm. Give me a moment."

Hinata watched as Jessie practically threw herself into the lines of dresses. Ten minutes later she came out triumphant, holding up a maroon dress. The sleeves were made of a see-through material, and underneath the top layer of the skirt was a piece of metallic looking fabric. It had a sweetheart neckline, and a corset like top. Jessie spun the dress around, showing the lacing at the back.

"This is just for decoration though. What do you girl's think?"

"Hinata. Go. Try. It. On. Now," Hanabi commanded. Hinata's eyes widened and she grabbed the dress, "h-hai!"

'I guess this dress really is me,'she thought to herself as she stepped out of the changing room to show it off, 'I'm surprised it fits so well.'

"That was the only one I could find that had the ability of holding these," Jessie informed Hinata, squishing her breasts together. Hinata gasped and jumped back a little, while the other five women laughed.


"Finally here."


"Getting married today."


"... Hinata?"

"Yes, father?"

"I'm very proud of you," Hiashi said, gathering Hinata up in his arms. Hinata hugged her father back. She had no idea what the room looked like; her father had insisted that he hire professionals to do the decorations. She pulled back from her father when the usher came in and said, "it's time. The bride-groom awaits you."

Hinata too a deep breath, and took the arm that her father offered. He led her out and down the hall.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes," she looked up at him, her pale lavender eyes misty, "time for you to give me away, father."

He smiled proudly down at her, then led her down the aisle as the double-doors opened. She found that she could only stare at Hidan, who was staring at her.

He was wearing a white tuxedo, with tails, like she had hoped. His hair was slicked back as usual, but one strand was defiant and rested against his forehead. He was wearing all his piercings, the lip ring stark against his pale lips. He looked so handsome, and Hinata couldn't keep from blushing - or eyeing that lip ring.

When she reached the podium Hidan took her hands in his, and they stared at each other as the service began.

They got through all the vows without a problem, and both Hinata and Hidan turned their heads toward the audience as the pastor said, "if any of you object to this joining of Hidan and Hinata, speak now or forever hold your peace."

To Hinata's delight, nothing happened, and she focused her eyes back on Hidan, all smiles. He was staring at her too, a gentle smile gracing his lips.

"Do you, Hidan, take Hinata Hyuuga to be your lovely wedded wife?"

"I do."

"And do you, Hinata, take Hidan to be your lovely wedded husband."

"I do."

"I now pronounce you husband and wife," the pastor turned to Hidan while the audience braced itself, "you may kiss the bride."

Hidan flipped the veil out of the way and leaned down to kiss her. Hinata threw her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. The crowd erupted into applause and cheering and screaming, and Hinata heard Kisame's loud, "HELL YEAH!" from somewhere in the back. Hidan took her hand – once they had managed to somehow separate – and led her down the aisle.

While they walked they were showered with rice and flower petals, and once at the back of the chapel they were swarmed by the Akatsuki.

"Tobi and Zetsu send their congratulations! They apologize for not being able to get here on time," Pein told Hidan and Hinata over the din. Hinata smiled, "their thoughts are what m-matters."

The wedding party lasted long into the night. When Hinata tossed the bouquet back Temari caught it. Hidan decided to take Hinata's garter off in a very odd way. He smirked before ducking under her dress, making many men whoop and holler while Hiashi and Hidan's father's jaws hit the floor. The garter came whizzing out from under her dress and hit Sasuke square in the face, making the Uchiha blush. He handed it to Itachi and fled when the elder tried to make him wear it around his neck.

'Why isn't h-he coming out?'Hinata wondered, her blush deepening.

"Hidan! Are you gonna' come out or what?" Kisame called. Kakuzu was staring at Hinata, wondering what the heck Hidan was doing.

"I think I'd rather stay here, seriously," Hidan's voice came from under the dress. Hinata could feel his breath on her leg, and her face turned into a tomato. Hiashi paled, "and what exactly are you doing under there, young man?"

There was a silence, save for the murmur of voices, before Hinata jumped a little at the feeling of large warm hands on her cool legs.

"Leeeeeeeeeeeeegs," was Hidan's drawn out response.

"Hidan!" Hinata squeaked, "g-get out f-f-f-from under m-my d-d-dress th-this instant!"

She felt something wet on her right thigh and gasped out, "DANNY!"

"Okay, okay, I'm gettin' out, seriously," he complied, crawling out from under her dress. He jumped up and stood next to her, straightening his jacket while trying and failing to look like nothing had happened. She glared up at him, her face a bright red. He quickly kissed her before wrapping an arm around her waist as music came on.

"Shall we go dance, baby? I promise I'll be good, seriously."

"You better be g-good, or you aren't g-getting you know what later."

He stared at her in shock, his mouth dropping open and eyes going wide. She swayed over to the dance floor, quite proud of herself.


He observed her from the shadows. The shadows were a good place for him, considering he was a shadowy person himself. He hadn't said he objected at the wedding merely because he knew nothing about Hinata and she didn't even know who he was.

All he knew was that she was quite a catch, and he was intent on stealing her. Judging by her devotion to Hidan, however, that may prove to be a difficult task.

'Plus, she would never destroy her family's status with something as terrible as divorce,'he smirked, pushing his glasses up on his nose, 'no matter. I'll get what I want from her, and have a friend tip it off to Hidan. Oh, the fun I'll have.'

With that he turned, light gray hair loose about his shoulders, and hurried off, pulling his black hat further down on his head.


'I've never... never b-been so h-happy...' Hinata decided, hugging Hidan. It was a miracle they managed to get out of the building at all, what with being swarmed by millions of people. The two would be taking their honeymoon in Japan, in a remote resort near Fuji mountain. The whole entire ride there, Hinata merely stared at Hidan, and Hidan stared at her. And judging by all the hidden emotion she saw in his eyes, she knew that he was happier than he had ever been.

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