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Time again

Chapter forty two

Authors Note, Ok folks even with the dire threat of an enormous ear bashing from my grandchildren looming for ending it here, here we have the last chapter in this tale.

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Hermione Jane Potter sat in the gallery looking down on the scene below with her heart almost bursting with pride as the procession below them entered the huge oak doors of the House of Lords. Her five year old twins sat as good as gold as they watched their father in all his red and gold regalia as he walked for the first time with the other lords of the land as they entered the vast chamber of parliaments upper house.

Hermione straightened out the hair of her youngest daughter three year old Lily, lifting the sleeping girl gently she moved her into a more comfortable position on her lap as the baby in her womb kicked at her insides.

"You'll get your turn to see your father all dressed up, soon enough," she whispered to her unborn child as it gave her another mighty kick.

"Will I be a lord when I grow big, mummy?" asked little Ginny.

"No sweetheart, you will grow to be a lady, just like me," Hermione answered.

"Urgh, that's horrible," Rich said grimacing.

"Why is it so horrible?" Hermione asked her son smiling at his expression.

"You nearly always got a fat tummy," Rich said gazing at her bulging stomach.

Hermione chuckled 'I suppose it would look that way to him' she thought as she looked down and surveyed the results of her third pregnancy.

"I hope your daddy doesn't think the same way," she said chuckling at her son's remark.

"I'm glad I won't have to wear all that silly fur," Ginny announced quietly as the door to the chamber below closed with a loud thump.

Hermione stood, "Come on you two little rogues, aunty Ginny is meeting us outside, then we have to go to Diagon Alley to collect our wedding robes."

"Do I have to get all dressed up," little Ginny asked pouting.

"Guinevere Helen Potter, you really are just like your daddy," Hermione grinned as she placed Lily in her buggy "he's another one who never likes to dress up."

"Aunty Ginny said I have to carry the rings," Rich said sounding proud.

With one twin either side of the buggy, both of them holding on tight, they made their way out to the pavement where Ginny Weasley was waiting, together with Ginny holding the twins hands they walked at a steady pace to Diagon Alley, after Ginny had asked about Harry they spent the rest of the time chatting all the way to the Alley about Ginny's upcoming wedding.

Lord Gryffindor of Hogsmeade took his place in the house of lords, he sat down in the plush leather seat and watched as several newly created peers were introduced to the house, he watched the odd ritual as they bobbed up and down in their seats doffing their hats each time they stood, then replacing them on their heads when they sat down, then after the third time they left the chamber shaking hands with the lord chancellor as they left.

Harry chuckled a little and thanked his lucky stars that he was an hereditary peer and did not have to suffer the bobbing ceremony.

He remained in his seat for two hours or so then quietly he left the chamber, and finding somewhere quiet and with no one around he disapparated to Diagon Alley, entering the Leaky Cauldron he asked Tom the barman if he could use one of the private rooms to change his clothes.

Minutes later Harry was back in the bar dressed in his old blue jeans and white shirt with a black tee shirt showing through the gap caused by having the top three buttons of his shirt open. After drinking a nice cool butterbeer he left the bar in search of his family.

'Hermione love, where are you?' he asked as he approached the book shop.

'Flourish and Blotts, sweetheart, your little tomboy daughter wants a book on quidditch, I don't know what it is that you and Nev have been teaching her, if I didn't know better I would say you have been letting the two little rogues fly that old broom of yours' Hermione said with a hint of humour in her voice.

'Who me? As if I would dare, now if you were to say their aunty Ginny… well I might be tempted to agree, mind you don't you go telling her I told you, I don't fancy that bat bogey jinx she's so good at' Harry said laughing.

Harry entered the shop to find his family, Hermione and Ginny had collected the new robes and they had also done some other shopping as well, little Ginny and Rich rushed their father as he walked toward them, Harry carefully lifted them both, one held firmly in each arm.

"Mummy said I'm going to be a lady when I grow big daddy," Ginny said proudly

"Well I'm not," Rich declared seriously "I want to drive the big red train when I grow big."

Harry gave each of his twins a kiss on their cheeks before he placed them back on their feet. The kisses earned a 'yuck' from Rich while Ginny rubbed at her cheek with her sleeve. Harry stooped down said hi and gave the little three year old Lily a kiss and a gentle hug, then he turned and placed his ear on Hermione's stomach and whispered "Hi in there baby." After a day of shopping and a rather large meal in the Leaky Cauldron they all climbed into their car where a patient Peter Creevey sat waiting to take them home.

Neville and Ginny were having their wedding and celebration party at Potter House because there were to be so many guests neither the Burrow nor Longbottom Manor were thought big enough to hold everyone. Preparations were well underway as Ginny and Hermione left Harry and Neville with the children while they went up stairs to try on their new clothes. On the day of the wedding all the Weasleys men and their wives arrived early to complete all the decorations, Ron arrived with his girlfriend Luna who actually looked wistfully at Ginny's wedding robes.

"You'll be next Ron," Hermione said as she watched Luna looking lovingly at the tall gangly red head.

As usual Ron's face turned bright red, "I can't get any time off," he announced as he always did when ever anyone mentioned getting married.

"Your sister has just given up her career as the Harpies lead chaser to get married, so I think you should be able to take a few days off," Molly Weasley said a slight sound of annoyance in her voice "poor Luna has waited years for you to get your act together, mark my words you leave it much longer and she will be gone."

The guests including Sirius and his fiancé, a healer from St Mungo's began to arrive at around eleven, Remus Lupin arrived at eleven thirty with Tonk's his wife of six months, they brought with them the news that they were to be parents, which called for a lot of congratulations and hand shaking.

Dig arrived with his girlfriend Susan Bones, one of their friends from school.

Albus Dumbledore arrived with Minerva McGonagall, Hermione's grandparents arrived together with the Grangers, once again surprising Harry by how well they got on together after their long years as almost enemies.

Harry was upstairs with Neville as the fingers on the clock pointed to five minutes to two, "Well come on Nev, time to throw you to the wolves," he chuckled as he pulled his nervous friend out of the room.

Down stairs in a room just off the ball room Ginevra Molly Weasley was just as nervous as Neville, she had waited for this day for more than five years and she was praying her crazy twin brothers did nothing to spoil the day for her. Dressed in a white backless dress with a low cut front, gold trimmings all around the edges, and tiny red roses around the hem Ginny watched as her father walked into the room.

"It's time Gin," he said with a tear in his eye, when he walked up to her and held out his arm for her to hold as he took her to her groom, he could not resist saying just how beautiful she looked, he had a tear in his eye as they walked out of the room and down the aisle between the two families, the Longbottoms on one side and the Weasleys on the other.

Neville stood waiting nervously with Harry as his best man as they watched the approach of the beautiful looking Ginny. Their vows were said and the binding charms glowed, spreading a golden light around their hands as they held each others hands then kissed lovingly. The entire ceremony went without any pranks or surprises from the Weasley twins whose only contribution to the entire day apart from a good consumption rate of fire whisky, was an amazing firework display as the sun set in a beautiful swirl of red coloured sky across the horizon. Late that night while the drinking and celebrating continued in the ball room Neville and Ginny left by port key for their month long honeymoon at one of Harry's properties in Portugal.

Three months later on November twenty first, at nine in the evening, after an almost trouble and magic free pregnancy, unusual for a witch, Hermione gave birth to their second son Henry David Potter, Harry cradled his new son and thought that all he had been through he would willingly go through again to see the look of unconditional love on Hermione's face as she watched him. Then with a sudden scary thought he looked up at the ceiling "But not for many, many years yet," he chuckled rocking his new son to sleep in his arms.

The End.

A/Note, have any of you wondered how the strange taboo on the word 'Voldemort' in book seven could possibly work even with magic, I mean some how the wizarding world would need to keep track of over 60 million people and their conversations twenty four seven and be able to instantly inform and despatch a team of wizards to catch the guilty party. Now even with electronics which are practicaly instantanious you still could not inform and dispatch a team of people to any location on the map quick enough to catch the guilty speaker. JKR's idea that Harry spoke the word and the catch team showed up before they could scramble from the tent is just totally impossible, it seems to be yet another huge hole in the series, mind you there are more plot holes in the stories than there are holes in a wagon load of culanders thats my opinion anyway.