Three hundred years after the Doctor and his companions visited, the planet LC – 623 was officially intergrated into Earth Empire society, and its citizens learned their true nature.
Rumour has it that the person who convinced the President of Earth to do this was the shadowy Champion of Time and the universe known only as the Doctor. He gave a speech to the assembled peoples at the Earth Empire Human(oid) rights commision, begging them to release the planet from its bondage, under a psuedonym.
There is no way to corroborate this, of course.
LC – 623 was eventually named Hope by its people, who had indeed found new hope. They idolised the memory of the Doctor, and revered him as one of their greatest heroes.
Thirty years after they gained their freedom, in a dusty street corner, a blue box materialised with a horrible trumpeting sound. A man with longish, extremely curly blonde hair, wearing a garish coat with various colours covering it, a yellow tie with various silver stars dotted over it, a purple waistcoat and yellow trousers with black stripes, popped his head out of the door.
"Well," he called to whoever was within the box, "it seems quite friendly. We can just have a quick wander, see the sites…"
He wandered a bit along, and stopped dead when he saw the statue.
A statue of a tall man in a suit, hands firmly in pockets. A man who was very familiar to the Sixth Doctor.
The Doctor turned and headed straight back to the TARDIS.
"Doctor?" asked Peri, his companion, who'd just come out of the door herself, "what is it?"
"I've been here before," the Doctor said, "and I didn't enjoy the experience at all. I'll take you somewhere else instead. How about Blackpool?"
And with that, he went inside the TARDIS, Peri following him, confused to all high heck, and the TARDIS dematerialised as noisily as it had arrived.

The End.