A/N: This fic will be primarily from Corin's POV

"Fields of Golden Barley"

Corin's POV

I think I loved her from the beginning.

We were so alike in many ways and so different in others. She was vivacious and the life of any party – as was I (well, perhaps boisterous is a better way to describe my youthful attitude). Yet she was a peacemaker, and I…..was not, as Cor could readily attest, having felt my fist make contact with his jaw on more than one occasion.

My brother was the first to know of my feelings for the young Queen of Narnia. "You're a brave lad, Corin." I remember him saying softly that night long ago, with his hand on my shoulder. "It's just…" and his voice trailed off there. I knew what his unspoken thoughts were. Don't get your hopes too high, brother. In principle, it was sage advice. Who was I to love Lucy? What right did a boy have in loving a woman?

Yet love her I did.

Lucy's POV

It surprised me that I loved him. And yes, I DID love him. No one here in England would understand how love and romantic fervor could exist between a boy and a woman, between a Prince and a Queen. But Corin, Prince of Archenland, loved me with a passion that I could never fully comprehend. And I never tried, except to love him in the same way.

I first met my future love when he was four, a mere toddler, and a motherless son of the King of Archenland. I was a ten-year-old queen of a land I'd only entered a week before. The envoy from Anvard came bearing gifts and congratulations for their newly-freed northern neighbors. King Lune himself came, bearing the jolly, kindhearted personality that defined him, despite having lost his wife just months prior. With him was Corin, a little boy with the eyes of an angel.

He latched on to Susan instantly, who simply adored the little lad. He followed her everywhere, like a loyal pet following its owner. He would later refer to my sister as his surrogate mother, and so she was. He worshipped Peter (who couldn't help but like the boy) and was very fond of Edmund. It was said by Lune years later that Corin paved the way for the close friendship between Archenland and Narnia. Indeed, I think he was correct.

In me, Corin saw a playmate (something he didn't have at the palace in Anvard), someone to befriend – and so it was. We spent hours together, both at Cair Paravel and Anvard. We were each other's favorite companion. Between us, it was friendship at first sight.

But oh, how it became so much more!