Angel O'Connor moved to Sunnydale when he was nineteen to start his Freshman year at UCSunnydale. While there, he made plenety of friends, along with some enemies. He found new hobbies, how to waste time, things to do, places to go.

He fell in love. Then he had his heart ripped out.

But, no matter what, what happened, how it ended.. he couldn't bring himself to regret it.

Angel had felt lucky back then. All the classes he had wanted he got, his room was nice and even had a pretty cool roomate, Daniel Osbourne, who everyone just called Oz. The two of them got along great from the start. They learned they shared alot of the same classes along with a lot of the same interests. And as time passed, they ended up sharing most of their friends as well.

Until it all went to hell anyway...

But back then...

It was one weekend when Oz had asked him to go to The Bronze with him and some of the others.

The Bronze.

Angel had yet to go to the town's famous hot spot thus far, but with all he'd learned about the place through virtually everyone else, it was almost as if he was another regular. But so far Angel had really only gone to a few of the campus parties. He'd go to one here and there but that was about it. But Oz had insisted he come. And Angel finally relented and agreed.

Angel did want to check the place out after all, plus Oz's band were playing. He was pretty geared up for that. He'd only seen them play once.

Oz, Devon and the others were already into their set when the group arrived. Angel looked around, taking the place and its people in, as the group started to disband. Some were heading out to the floor or the bar, some to the bathrooms, some to the game room and so forth. Angel continued to look around for a little bit more before he started making his way over to the bar area. Behind him, Angel heard Lindsay calling out a request so told him sure and continued on.

Angel got both of their drinks then headed back to the pool table Lindsay had claimed. And after that, the two of them started a few games.


Angel had just won some more of Lindsey's money when they heard Devon announcing that the next song would be their last of the night and that some band named Shy would be up next. Almost everyone there started making a lot of noise for the boys on the stage. They were quite good after all, though none of the members really seemed to notice. Either that or they were just really good at being modest.

Then when they did get through the song, they started packing up and heading off the stage. The new band was into their set when Angel noticed Devon coming back out, receiving praise as he walked to the bar with an army of women and girls following him. Angel chuckled and shook his head before spotting Oz next.

Oz thanked them for coming up and asked how it was and if they were having a good time. Angel was surprised to say he really was, more than he'd been having for sure. And he was very thankful Oz had dragged him out.

The guitarist joined them for a game before Lindsey started hitting the dance floor and Oz asked Angel if he wanted to come join him at the table with some of his friends, including his girlfriend Willow.

Willow, as Angel knew, had been with Oz for the past few years, since high school. He also knew that she was the reason his friend had remained in this small little nowhere town, just so he could be her.

Angel knew plenty about the girl, he heard stories and jokes, seen pictures and even spoken with her on the phone a few times, but had yet to meet her. He couldn't wait. So, he happily agreed and let Oz lead him through the crowd.


Angel finished off his drink. He'd lost count so time ago, but he didn't care. He just grabbed for the next and downed it.

Angel O'Connor was now twenty four years old. He was living in Los Angeles these days, working as a PI.

He was also a depressed, drunk and lonely man these days.

And it never seemed to get better.

Angel noticed Lorne doing a meet and greet with the club and did his best to shrink down, not wanting to be noticed. Especially not be him right now. He just wanted to instead drink his misery away and wallow. He didn't want to think about it or deal with his broke feelings. And he sure didn't want to talk about it with Lorne.

Talking never brought Buffy back.

She was gone, coming up on three years now, but yet she was still his everything.

Angel knew she would be twenty one now and knew she'd somehow be even more beautiful and sweet in time, since the last he'd seen her.

Would ever see her.


Oz wrapped his arms around the redhead, Angel knew she had to be Willow, then Oz looked at him and smiled.

"Angel, this is Willow. Willow, Angel," Willow smiled brightly at him, "And those two there," he said pointing at the other two sitting at the table, "are Xander Harris and Amy Madison."

Hello's were said and small talk exchanged. Willow seemed very happy to finally meet him and he thought about how right Oz was in her description. He could also see how much in love the two were, and how easy it would be to fall for the quirky girl's charm.

"It's too bad Buffy's not here."

"I know. She said she might not be able to make it.. or might ust be late. Her dad needed help with something so.."

"Well, maybe she'll show up later."


Angel hung out with the group, danced with his friend Laura a time or two and overall it was a pretty nice night.

Then she showed up.

"Hey guys!"

"Buffy!" Willow and Xander said excited. "You made it!"

"Yep. Sorry that I missed you guys Oz."

"It's cool. Next time."

And they continued talking for the next few minutes, having not introduced him or noticed him. Finally though Oz saw him watching her and smiled. "Hey Buff, meet Angel, my roommate at school. Angel, this is Buffy."

And no one missed the sparks flying off each other as they looked into one another's eyes.

"Hi," she said, "it's.. nice to meet you."

"You too."

And he then asked Laura to get up and go get him a drink and sat Buffy down in her place. Right next to him. And they talked. And talked. And laughed. Even dancing a few times.

Every second he fell more for her and then when the night came to its close he almost felt sick.


Angel waited for Oz to get back from driving Buffy and co home and about jumped when the door finally opened and the shorter man enter. One huge smile on his face too.

"Well, I must say, you looked pretty taken with our Buffy tonight my friend."

"Yeah," he breathed, thinking back to the beautiful green eyed girl he just met and Oz laughed at him.

"Been there, so, anything you wanna know?"

"Everything! Anything!"

Oz laughed harder.


That night Angel found out that her name was Buffy Anne Summers and she was sixteen, a sophmore at Sunnydale's High School. She'd moved to town a few years ago after her folks had split up and lived with her father, Hank, who was a doctor at Sunnydale's general hospital. Her mother and younger sister lived in Florida now where Joyce ran a gallery. She sometimes visited there in the summer. And right away, Buffy and Willow had hit it off, despite their many differences.

Angel found out that she was single, that the Xander kid he'd met had a crush on her from the moment they met but it never panned out, and that the only real boyfriend she'd had since moving was a Scott Hope, but it didn't last long. And that was about it.

He was told she was a great writer, but didn't look at herself as one, but that all of her friends and her father hoped she'd choose that for her life career and go to school for her and get famous for her massive talent.

And he learned little bits and pieces. Her favorite band, food, place to go, color.. and so forth.


"You think she'd go out with me?"

"No question, the way you two were tonight..."

Angel smiled and hoped his friend was right.


"Angelcakes," Lorne said sitting down across from the drunk broody man, "What are you doing in here. Again. Tonight?"

"Drowning in misery," he said, just a bit slurred, polishing off another drink, shaking his head and sticking his tongue out a bit in disgust at the taste. 'Whatever that was... I don't want another.. ugh!'

"You got to get over it, Pumpkin."

Angel snickered then grabbed another drink. He downed it then started feeling sick. Then grabbed for another.

"Whoa there, I am cutting you off," he said, grabbing the glass from him. "You need to get home. I'll get you a cab," and Lorne started walking away.

When he picked up the phone behind the bar, Angel stood up and stumbled his way over.

There was a calendar above Lorne's head and Angel reached over and grabbed it, pulling it down to him. He already knew but it didn't stop the stabbing in his heart looking at this now. Or the tears forming, but not yet falling.

"What the Hell happened?" he muttered to himself, emotion full in his voice.

Lorne said something on the phone but gave Angel a small pat and sympathetic eyes. When he was off he grabbed the calendar back and looked at it he thought, 'I should have known. That's why he's been in here again more than usual...'

Lorne had known Angel from when he was still in college, he wasn't that much younger than him. He came into the bar with some friends one night and felt bad for the kid. His heartbreak was one of the biggest he had ever known of and the more time went on, the more he realized there was no cure for the boy.

Every year around this time it was the worse. And worse every year.

If anyone was going to be killed by a broken heart, it was Angel O'Connor.

Lorne helped Angel out to the cab and paid for his ride and gave the driver directions then he bid Angel a goodnight. And he silently pleaded for some kind of miracle to happen.


The ride didn't take too long, not that Angel would have cared on way or another. He just stared up at the celing of the cab as it drove, him laying in the back trying not to get sick.

When it stopped, he slowly got up then stumbled out of the car and to his door.

When he finally managed to get it open, he came in, closed it again behind him then went to his room. Not bothering with any lights, or undressing, not even his jacket, shoes or anything, Angel just climbed on the bed and let sleep over take him.