Chapter 1 - Why Glow?

It is known that the human body is entirely dependent on three of five senses that it possesses: the sense of touch, sound, and sight.

All creatures known to man posses the five senses, some may have limited use for a specific sense, but they still posses them.

All creatures have adapted to their environment, in such a way that they are entirely different from what they once were.

Because of this some creatures have gained a sixth sense such as the shark, with its ability to see electrical fields. Or some who have merely made one sense stronger like the spider, who can tell from the slightest vibrations in its web whether it has caught food, or if a predator is attacking it.

It is said that humans came through way of evolution, that people are what they are because of millions of years of constant change and adaptation.

Evolution. Such an extraordinary subject. So many subjects branch off of this one, Science, History, and the subject of simple intelligence.

It is because of simple intelligence that we know of a creature that is an exception to the rule that states that all creatures posses the five senses.

The cave fish.

The story of this creature is simple, a school of fish wandered in a cave and couldn't get back out.

There are many kinds of this fish.

The blind tetra, that is born with the ability to see, but as they grow skin develops over their eyes effectively blinding the fish.

And then there is the blind cave fish, a simple name for a simple creature. This fish is completely blind and no mutation could ever help it to see. For this fish has no eyes.

Even stranger for this fish, and any creature that happens to be blind. It glows.

Why would a blind creature glow? Maybe its because it could glow before it was trapped in the cave and went blind. But if that was the case, then why did it go blind? Couldn't it use its luminescence to see in the darkness of the cave?

So this is the main question. Why glow when you cant see it?

And that my friends, is where our story begins.