( Sorry for my bad Grammar)

Chapter 1 ( Italic- thinking)

( Bold- Flashback)

( Italic and Underline- Guardian or Angel)

In Shinra. ( Italic , Underline and Bold- in the head)

Zack fair walk along the hall way to visit Cloud who was with Angeal Hewley, Genesis Rhapsodos and Sephiroth in the huge training room. Cloud became a SOLDIER.

" Oh sorry Sirs!" said a female voice. The men turn to see a female with bright Mako blue eyes, soft brown hair which go down to her shoulders, she wear the 2nd class SOLDIERs, beside her was a silver, shoulder length hair which some go over her face, she have light blue eyes and she wear the SOLDIER uniform. The stand with their swords on their back. The female with long silver hair have a long, white/ silver sword which was like Sephiroth's sword, the other Female have a red sword.

" I thought no one was using the training room" said the Silver hair female.

" Hay Sam! Taylor!" Zack shout to the Female SOLDIERs. The two smile then walk over to the others.

Few hours later- in the resting room.

Genesis was reading "Loveless".

" what a drink?" Ask a familiar voice which cause him to have a ghost blush over his pale face.

" Yes thanks Taylor" Genesis said with a smile. Taylor was the shout brown hair Female SOLDIER.

Taylor walk over to the Bar Lunch room.

" Hello Mr Rhapsodos , Miss True-Heart" Said a old Familiar Voice. Genesis turn then turn back to his book with a angry face, because the old Voice belong to the old, Super MAD, bad breath, creep beyond believe Hojo. All the SOLDIERs hate him.

" Hojo…." Genesis said a very cold Voice. Taylor stay at the Bar part with her back facing Hojo and Genesis.

" Go away Mad Hojo" thought Taylor

Genesis sit with his head right down to the book so he can't smell Hojo's bad breath.

" Genesis, Taylor, please come to President Shinra what to see you now" said a black hair man, black hair up to his chin, light green eyes which fill with light, he wear the 1st class SOLDIERs uniform, on the SOLDIER uniform was a brown goggles around his forehead. The man was Stevelee Eilight.

" Ok" Genesis rush over to Stevelee with Taylor to the President Shinra's office.

When they make it into the office, Angeal Hewley, Zack Fair, Cloud Strife, Samantha ( Sam) Hard-light.

" Ah, Sir Rhapsodos , Miss True-heart hello." the President greeted kindly.

" Hello President, Sir" said Taylor and Genesis. They stand beside their friends.

" There is a site of Dark SOLDIERs outside midgar and I like you all to go with a helper…please step forward"

A girl around the same age as Angeal walk into the room, she have very short red hair which go just pass her shoulders, shinny green eyes, she was pale, she wear the 2nd class SOLDIERs uniform. A thin, plan SOLDIER sword was on her back.

" Hello Miss!" Zack said. The girl look at him then a smile came.

" Hello" She said a odd voice which sound like a Angel.

" What's your name, my name is Zack Fair" Said Zack.

" My name is Anal Heartwing" the girl said with a smile.

" Dr Hollander is coming" President Shinra add after a few mints.

Everyone nod and went to get onto the truck.

Few mints later- outside

The group walk over to the cliff, Hollander stay behind the group.

" Well" said a voice. Anal turn to see a man standing near some rocks, she stand as the others came over.

" Angel…I still see you using Young Heartlight's body" Said the black hair man who oddly look like Stevelee.

" Leave her out of his" Anal shout.

" No wonder…she is weak and she cant be a SOLDIER!" said the man, he laugh " she will die-" he stop as Anal punch him in the chest which cause him to hit the ground.

" You can't fight me, if you get killed or seriously wounded then young Heartlight will never have a body" the Man shout.

" She is strong and she will fight if I was wounded" Anal said.

" Let the sleeping awake to this Earth" Anal said with her eyes close, hands reach out in front of her, two peal white wings come out of Anal's back then her body start to glow in a light green.

" Release " Anal whisper, her body spilt and an other female form came, Anal's body stop glowing to show her wearing the SOLDIER uniform but with wings.

" I got you" Anal said as she hold the other Form's shoulders. The glowing stop and a younger girl with light, soft brown hair which go down to her hips, she was way paler then Anal, she wear the same uniform as cloud, her eyes was close softly. The girl fall forward but Anal grab her.

" Here, I take her" said Angeal offer. Anal nod and Angeal softly take the Girl onto his back, her head rested on his shoulders, arms around his neck. Angeal fell her short, warmth breath against his neck. Angeal run over to Hollander and the other SOLDIERs.

" She Breathing badly" Angeal said to Dr. Hollander. Hollander nod. Angeal went to the truck then lay the girl softly on the cold metal floor of the truck. A soft blanket was there for any one who is sick or hurt. He grab it then fold it to a square then softly lift the girl's head. He put the fold blanket under the girl's head then softly lay her head onto it. The Girl was sleeping peaceful, Angeal look at her then move a piece of hair out of her face.

" ANGEAL!" shout Genesis, Angeal jump of the truck then run to the others. Anal was there, Fighting very hard but she was very hurt.

" You was luckily to let that girl to have her own body but she will die with out you for much longer" the man said with a evil smile. Anal know she have to return into her true form to save the girl.

" True Form" Shout Anal her body glow again but this time she wear a long, white dress with silver flat shoes with pink bands around her ankles and wrists, her red hair go into a pleat with a long silver band around it all the way down. Her wings still there.

" Wow…you are a Angel!" Zack shout. Anal turn to him when smile.

" Yes…my name is Anal but my last name is the Girl's mother's old name before she marry" Anal said.

" Came Here!" Shout The Man but Anal the Angel move out of the way.

" You are wasting time and the young girl is near gone!" the man shout.

Anal close her eyes and hear heartbeats which belong to the girl, the bets was weak and slow. She open eyes then turn to the SOLDIERs.

" Go!" Anal shout. The others understand then run to the truck.

Half way back to shinra- on the truck.

Angeal, Sephiroth and Genesis help Dr. Hollander to check the young girl over.

" the people at Shinra are nice, near Everyone but a mad man called Hojo, stay away from him" Anal said as she final enter the girl's body to save her from dying.

" thank you Anal" thought the girl, her voice was sweet and kind like a angel.

Angeal check the girl's tempter which was hot.

" Her Tempter is hot…I think she don't have a fever" Angeal said.

Hollander place a hand on the Girl's forehead which fell hot to him.

" she will be ok" said Hollander.

Hollander look up at the sky.

" Don't let Hojo know about this Girl" Hollander said in a cold voice.

" Hollander…it will take two mouths till she turn back to 23, right now she will be 16 year old now" said Anal.

Hollander look at the sky with his eyes close, he saw the SOLDIER form of Anal. She smiling at Hollander.

" yes…I will look after young Anile" he thought to Anal. Anal smile at Hollander use the Girl's nickname.

" Don't let Hojo hurt her or do tests on her please" said Anal.

" I won't" Hollander thought.

" Are you ok Dr. H?" Zack said. Hollander smile then nod.

" she is 3 year younger then me" Zack said. Hollander smile.

Outside shinra

Angeal lift the Girl on his back as he jump off the back of the truck, Hollander stand beside Angeal and look at the 16 year old Girl.

" She Cute" Genesis said as he look at the girl. Hollander laugh.

" we should keep a eye on her while she here, away from Hojo?" Zack ask. Genesis turn to him which cause Zack to be nervous.

" Yes" Genesis said then about to add something but he hear the doors to Shinra open and Hojo with Tseng and Crissner. Angeal turn his head slightly to face the girl's dead pale face, he still fell her warm breath against his neck. Hojo walk in front of the group.

" well, where did you find that perfect-"

" Drop it Hojo!" Genesis shout, don't want to hear the word " Specimen" which he will call the poor Girl.

" Leave her along Hojo" said Hollander, Hojo look at him with angry in his black and coldness eyes.

" Angeal, Go and take her to my lab, I be there to check her over" Hollander said to Angeal. Angeal face went pale, he thought Hollander will to tests on her, Hollander saw this.

" I won't do tests on her Angeal, I will just check her heartbeats and stuff" said Hollander.

Angeal fell better about this and went inside the building with Sephiroth and Genesis.

They run throw the silver and bright hallways to Dr. Hollander's lab. Genesis and Sephiroth run in front of Angeal. Angeal turn his head slightly to face the girl but his mouth open and eyes went wide. The girl's soft, bright blue eyes which shiny was open a little bit, they was a little bit blank but not all. She was looking straight at Angeal's face. Angeal close his mouth and his eyes look at the girl.

The Girl move a little bit.

" Angel…Who is this man?" the Girl Thought.

" This man name is Angeal Hewley, he is a SOLDIER, he will look after you" said Anal. The girl smile then rest her head near Angeal's neck. Angeal look at her.

" She starting to go back to sleep" thought Angeal. The Girl look at Sephiroth and Genesis spot her eyes open.

" Hello there!" Genesis said as he run, he have a smile.

" Guest she is very, very, very, very weak and she can't talk right now" Genesis thought

The men make it to Hollander's lab, the room was mess but bright. Angeal ( who still hold the Girl) look around trying to find something soft for the girl.

" There is a bed over there!" Genesis said as he point to the bed with green covers.

Angeal walk over with the girl over to the bed. Angeal turn his head to see the girl who is now asleep. Angeal smile softly. Angeal sit on the bed the softly let the girl's legs go, he turn and hold the Girl's shoulders as he lay her on the mattress. Angeal stand up, Genesis stand beside Angeal and Sephiroth. Angeal pull the green cover over her body. The 3 men stay in the lab till Hollander came back. Few mints pass and the men look around the room, Angeal kneel down to the Girls level. He smile softly, move his right hand to the girl's dead pale face and move a piece of brown hair out of the Girl's face.

" You like this girl, Angeal?" Genesis ask. Angeal's face went pink fast but the other two men did not laugh.

Genesis smile happily.

" How Long till Hollander came!" Genesis shout out of boring. Angeal sigh as he cross his arms.

The door open and the 3 men smile as they turn but they frown as Hojo came in with Dr. Hollander running be hind him as he try to stop him.

" Get out Hojo!" Shout Hollander angry. Hojo went over to the girl, move his glasses back up his nose as he bend forward to look at the Girl's dead pale face. He smile at the teen girl, she lay sound a sleep, not smelling Hojo's bad breath.

" Leave her along!" Shout a angry Genesis.

Hojo stand up then look at Genesis.

" She is a perfect Specimen for my new tests" Hojo said. Hollander made his hands into a fist and dig his finger nails into his palm until blood came. Angeal, Genesis and Sephiroth look angrily at Hojo.

" she is NOT a Specimen!" Shout a very angry Angeal.

Hojo look at the black hair SOLDIER then look at the Girl.

" Hojo…Sir…I…think we should leave" said Crissner. Hojo look at the female Turk.

" Why…!" Hojo shout.

" We have to Sir" Tseng said his calm voice. Hojo sigh then walk out of the door before turn back to the little group.

" She will be my Hollander" Hojo said. Hollander look at him. Genesis stick his tongue out Hojo when his back was turn.

" I so hate Hojo" Genesis said. Hollander sigh then walk up to the bed where the girl sleep. He kneel down to Girl's level and look at her pale face.

" Well done of looking after her" said Hollander as he move some hair out of the girl's dead pale face.

Angeal smile and so did the other SOLDIERs .

" Good night" Hollander said as he stand. The 3 SOLDIERs walk to their rooms .

Hollander went to do the tests which check the Girl's health. He put a IV wire ( a patch is there with the IV wire)

He stick the patch on the Girl's left arm which well tell him how strong is her pulse is. He walk to the computer to read the info.

" Hm…a strong 80 for her heartbeats and Pulse…great" Hollander said happily. He went back to the Girl and careful move the patch with the IV wire off the Girl's left arm. He smile at The Girl. He (again) went back to the computer and save the info. He was tired, he turn to look at the girl which cause him to smile.

Luckily there was a other bed in the lab. He went over to the bed until…

" H… … Hollander?" said a weak and shacking voice which sound like a angel. He turn to see the Girl looking at him with her bright blue eyes but she was rubbing her right eye.

Hollander smile then walk to the Girl. He kneel beside her bed. He mess her brown hair which cause her to laugh sweetly and still in a angel voice.

" Yes…get some sleep ok" Hollander said. The girl nod and she fall asleep. Hollander went to his own bed.