Cybil-kitty- Hi! Woot I'm hyper! I've just recently fallen in love with this movie so lets do a fanfic! (I love Royce so much)

So anyway as you might of guessed this is a OC new ghost, yay… also I have habits of not making sense so this will probably be a random fun fanfic (I honestly do have a plot it's just I like fun things…)

Ms Carter shuffled in her seat in the office of a local police station; waiting for the sergeant to come back and explain why they had called her in today did they find something? Had some good member of the public come forward with information about her daughter?

The man came back in the room with a grim face, he held a folder in his hand that he placed down before her and sat down in the large chair. The pair stared at each other for a moment, he wondering how to break the news to her and she desperately pleading for good news with her light green eyes.

"Your daughter's disappearance has officially become a cold case so we've ended the search…" he stated so blankly that it felt cruel, she lowered her eyes down to the file on the table and stared at the awful bright red words that had been stamped on.

Presumed Dead

She didn't say anything, didn't cry or scream she merely continued to stare at the red letters before slowly reaching out a thin hand and opening the folder, staring tearfully at the small photo of her baby.

Alyssa couldn't be dead… not her little baby girl! She had to be somewhere! Somewhere they would still be able to find her and bring her home, she felt the anger raising and threatening to burst, looking back at the sergeant's cold and emotionless face made her snap.

"She's not dead! She's still somewhere out there and it's your job to go find her!" she screamed, so loud that she managed to frighten herself; he stared back at her calmly before shaking his head.

"Ms Carter please, we have searched six years for your daughter, we have led the whole town's police force, as well as two neighbouring town's on a manhunt, we've sent our dog teams out, I've personally checked up on all of the false leads, there's nothing else we can do" he said watching in silence as the tears began to run down the poor mother's face.

"But you never found a body…" she sniffled attempting to wipe the salty water from her face, the sergeant sighed and leaned back in his chair, resting his head against it.

"Yes but it's obvious whoever took her has hidden her remains extremely well…" he replied, Ms Carter felt a wave of sickness consume her whole being at his words.

'Hidden her remains'

The thought of it made bile rise up from her stomach and she had to fight to keep it down, a million thoughts of what could have happened entered her mind. Did someone really take her little girl away, do terrible things to her and then hide what was left of her so well that there was no chance of anyone ever finding her?

She remembered all the episodes of C.S.I she used to enjoy sitting down to watch on Saturday nights while her two beloved daughters were safely tucked in their warm beds. All the horrible things that happened to those victims, chopped up into tiny little pieces, hidden in air vents, in wells, torn apart and fed to wild animals, dumped while they were still alive in wet concrete. Before she had enjoyed the mystery of the stories and watched fascinated at how the characters would go about finding clues and solving the puzzles but now she couldn't bare to watch it, every time she watched some pretty girl getting taken away and then to be found, their bodies horribly mutilated and she would always think 'Is this what happened to my baby?'

"I think I should go now…" she whimpered, shakily standing up and turning away without another look at the sergeant or at the folder, knowing what would happen to it, it would be stuck on some shelf and forgotten about, it felt more like they were sticking her baby on the shelf and forgetting about her… It was their job after all, just going from one case to the next, never letting themselves become emotionally involved with the victim. But she could not forget, she had to keep going with her eldest daughter on their own now, leaving little Alyssa somewhere deep in their memories.

She slowly walked out of the police station and got into her old little car and headed home.

Losing her youngest child left her feeling more like she was the one who had died instead, lifeless and empty with a sand papered dry feeling in her throat; it was something she couldn't cure no matter what she did. It seemed particularly cruel that she couldn't remember the last time she had spoken with her daughter or even seen her.

Her father had been ill with cancer and she was so distracted that she honestly couldn't remember anything of her daughter at the time of her disappearance. She had been so distraught with the agonizing thought of losing a beloved family member but when she did, it was the wrong one. She knew that in all honesty that she would of much rather prefer that her father died than her daughter disappearing, he was eighty-one at the time, he had a good life with a loving wife and he had raised four beautiful children, while Alyssa had only been seven. She was always so full of life and happiness, she was popular with the other children because she was so friendly, and she had even chosen what she wanted to do when she grew up.

She wanted to sing. Ever since she had first leaned to talk she had wanted to sing. Alyssa always told her mother that she was going to be a great singer and become famous and live in a big house and have lots of ponies.

But someone had stolen all of that away from her, what kind of monster would want to harm such an innocent child?

Another thought that hurt her was the fact that Alyssa had always been very serious about letting her mother know where she was, and had even insisted that she was given a mobile phone so she would always be able to call her mother whenever she wanted, and she was for her Christmas present, it was a cheap model of course, so that it wouldn't matter so much if she accidentally dropped it or was too rough with it, as all children are. But nevertheless she was ecstatic about it and would phone her mother during the lunch break at school just to let her know how she was doing.

If she was going to a friend's house, even if it was the kind old Mrs Potter next door, she would always leave little messages on the fridge, written in her scrappy childish handwriting and in her favourite pink crayon.

It made it even more painful that this time there was no goodbye, there was no phone call or little message stuck on the fridge with her little strawberry shaped magnet holding it up.

She would never get to say goodbye to her beloved baby.

Cybil kitty- Wow that was depressing to write… This will be the fourth story I've used this character for (Even though she's been heavily changed) but it still has a feeling of her… weird so Alyssa was pretty much based on my other character Chie, who was also a ghost (she was stabbed to death) oh how sad…

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