Cybil-Kitty- I'm very sorry I haven't updated for so long, I didn't mean for it to happen, but a lot of things have happened in my life within the last year and its been really hard to write, but I hope to start updating more often again, so I hope you enjoy the first chapter in a while! I did want this out for christmas, but I was simply too busy over the holiday, and also there is another scene with The Jackal in this, so be warned, and yeah I hope you like the chapter!

"Let me go! Let me go!" Ally wailed thrashing violently, her little legs kicking out behind them and her arms clawing and punching against the chest of the boy carrying her, trying to inflict as much pain as she possibly could and he hissed in reply when her fist connected with his torn flesh.

"Nope, not gonna happen, now shut up and keep still!" he growled, trying his best to not last out back at her. He glance over to Dana who walked silently beside him, watching closely.

"Please put me down!" she sobbed, tears running down, but Royce ignored her still, he was getting tired of all of this crying and running off, really. why did he have to keep helping her if she didn't want it anyway? If she was just going to fight them all the time like this what of the point of wasting so much energy over her? "Please let me go, I just want to go home, I want my mommy" she had stopped struggling so much for the moment, which he saw as a blessing, and he breathed in a relived sigh as the blood oozing from his wounds slowed, even though her freezing water still chilled him very uncomfortably.

"Please don't hurt me anymore, if you let me go now I won't tell anyone what you did to me, I'll keep it a secret, so please take me home" she spoke softly, the fear and pain still clear as day in her voice, yet there was a lift to it, there was hope in her words. Royce slowed his pace a little, what was she going on about? Maybe the fact that he had wanted to hurt her earlier, he supposed, not that it mattered now as he had no plans to harm her, he had even gone to all of this trouble for her, so he didn't take much notice of the girl who was quietly crying into his chest. "Please let me go, you said you're my friend Steven" his mind came to a direct halt at the small whimpering voice, standing in a dark corridor his eyes flickered over to Dana and then down to stare at the child spirit in his arms as they both realised that she wasn't speaking about him, he looked back at Dana who turned her sliced face away in shame.

The Baby wasn't talking to them, she was repeating something from her lifetime, like an echo of something uttered in the past.

It was something that a ghost may do unconsciously when thinking too much of their fate and wallowing in their death emotions. Dana had done it once and all of the other eleven phantoms had heard her tearful apolody to her last boyfriend for not being good enough for him, Susan had taunted her and called her pathetic afterwards for a good while.

"I'm sorry!" The Baby's shrill cry alerted him as she began to struggle again "I don't want to go back in there! Don't make me go in the bed!" Royce's half shredded face crumpled in a grimace, he didn't want to have to listen to this, he didn't want to hear the voice of a little girl being molested. "I don't like it when we go in the bedroom! It hurts!" she wailed as she tried to fight him off again, all the more terrified and desperate. He struggled to keep his hold but couldn't stand the burning pain every time she struck his skinned body and he quickly lowered her to the floor, but she fell out of his grasp as her small hand clenched onto his right arm and her sharp fingernails dug into the open muscle.

"Shit! he growled out, holding the arm protectively to his chest "Stupid kid" his bright blue eyes watering from the pain. He watched as she laid on the hard glass floor, writhing in as her cries grew louder. Her legs thrashing about violently and her hands clawing above her trying to fight off whatever she was seeing, she screamed, long and loud, the sound excruciating as blood seeped from between her thighs. Royce was sickened at the sight of the cherry red liquid and was determined to stop this so he wouldn't have to watch anymore, he had wanted to help Dana when she was suffering but they had been trapped in those small cells at the time and he had to stand by and watch her break down crying. He knelt down beside her and grabbed the child by the shoulders and shook her, hastily trying to make her come back to the present and so tugged her upper body up so she was somewhat sitting on the floor in his hands, which in hindsight hadn't been the best judgement as her tear filled eyes snapped open, looking at him with horror filled, yet aware and lucid eyes to find another man over her with his hands on her holding her still.

Royce could see what was going to happen before it did, yet that didn't prepare him for the awful sound she emitted as her body bolted back into motion and fought him viciously, thrashing beneath him. He was about to get up off her when she leaned up and sank her sharp teeth into his wounded shoulder, hard. He shrieked out his pain and threw himself away from her small form, and he watched with his pale eyes watering in agony as she scrabbled out from under him and climbed to her feet hastily "Get away from me!" the dead child screeched as she ran from him and dashed into out of the room into another.

He stared at her with shock on his mutilated face at first, which then mophed into anger "For fucks sake!" he cursed in fury, leaping to his own feet and charging after her, fed up and not wanting to have to search for her another time, because frankly this was getting bloody ridiculous. Unfortunately her small form flickered in and out of sight for a moment then disappeared all together and she was gone, again.

"Fucking hell!" Royce howled, lashing out and punching his left fist into the strange glass of the wall beside him. "What is wrong with that brat?" he snarled out "We keep trying to help her and she runs away! Does she want The Jackal to get her or somethin'?"

Dana merely stared at the space The Baby had been silently, until his angry breathing calmed then she uttered "Why do you care?" her words almost had no volume to them and her dark eyes turned away from his light ones focused on her ruined face.

"Cause Jean told me to" he bit out simply, feeling annoyed.

"But that still doesn't answer it, why do you care about her? You never cared about Billy this much so why are you going to all this trouble just for her?" she asked, wondering what motive he could possibly have to help The Baby.

"Billy was never chased about like this" he muttered, then fully turned towards the naked girl and took a deep breath to ready himself, if he was going to get her to trust him he might as well be honest about his motivations, after all Jean said to show her that he could be trusted, so this could be what she was talking about. "I'm helpin' cause you are, you like the kid and want to keep her safe so I'm protectin' the little brat for ya" he confessed feeling rather stupid while doing it, but then he saw how her face softened, only for a moment, if he hadn't been constantly studying her features he would have missed it all together, yet it still had been there, the way her eyes raised to meet his and the faintest smile that graced her lipstick smudged mouth and suddenly Royce didn't feel so foolish anymore.

"That little girl doesn't deserve this, she should be with the angels on the other side, not trapped here with monsters like us" Dana uttered, her voice a little louder than usual, then she turned and began to walk away from him to start her own search for the child.

Royce grinned "Angels huh? You think we can ever see those so called angels where ever it is where all the good ghosts go? the chances of him ever being with angels seemed so unlikely that it wasn't worth hoping it would happen.

"No, but she's not like us, she's just a little girl and she shouldn't even be here" Dana said, she wanted to add 'and she shouldn't be dead' but that was unnecessary as it was so obvious, besides most of them shouldn't be dead, or at least shouldn't have died the way they did.

"She'll be safe once I've stuffed her into that case, it'll stop her runnin' off and we can watch her at the same time, problem solved" Royce smirked in amusement to himself as he followed after her.

The Baby panted heavily, her dim and pale hazel eyes that had once burned so brightly with life were wide with terror as they darted about wildly while she continued to run, frantically seeking a way out of the house, out of this glass prison full of monsters. She ran towards the glass in front of her when she came out of the maze of rooms and corridors to where she could see the outside world. Reaching the glass that made up the house's outer wall she placed both hands against it firmly and glanced abut, searching for an opening. To the right a few feet away she caught sight of what appeared to be a door so she sped over to it but could find no handle or latch to open it, fruitlessly she pounded the glass with small fists viciously in desperation and screeched out her distress when she couldn't open it. Pressing her forehead against the panel she began to scratch at it, sobbing against the door as she stared out to the dark forest outside, she scratched and clawed until her fingers hurt which made her withdraw her hands and look at them properly. The skin on her fingertips was gone leaving red raw tissue and her nails were cracked and broken. She didn't remember them being like that before.

Hearing a frightful groan behind her she spun around and screamed at the sight of the upper part of a body wrapped in plastic as it used its arms to crawl towards her, rolling it's decapitated head along as it went. It crawled until it was about ten feet away from her then stopped, placed its hand on its head to face it in her direction, when its eyes landed on her it yelled out something that was too muffled to understand, rolled its head so it stopped by her feet and then the body followed crawling nearer.

Alyssa moved back till she was pressed against the glass, her eyes huge and her mouth open as she panted out fear heavy breaths. Just as the body's fingers were about to grab into her leg she bolted like a nervous foal and darted away from the room and back into the maze of glass. She ran with not direction, no idea where she was going but just wanting to find some way out of this horrible place and away from all the monsters that were coming after her, who were going to hurt her.

"Mama!" she came to a complete stop upon hearing the loud booming voice and looked to where two figures stood hand in hand in front of her, the one who had shouted had his fat arm raised with a sausage like finger pointed at her, he was a giant and very obese wearing nothing but a pair of underwear and a vomit covered bib, he looked like an overgrown baby and could have appeared harmless if it hadn't been for the hateful look of absolute loathing on his round face and the axe in his hand. The woman was much smaller, just a bit taller than Alyssa herself, but she was defiantly an adult and had the face of an older woman, she wore a flower patterned dress that wouldn't look out of place on a doll and her brown hair was tied up with ribbons.

"What I do, mama?" The Great Child asked, staring down at his tiny mother as she stared at the little girl with a distasteful expression, that little brat with her blonde hair and pretty dress, standing there with the same shocked fearful look that she had seen on so many faces during her lifetime when their eyes landed on her and her son, children were always the worst, laughing as they threw rocks and taunted them. She could still hear the jeering voices ringing in her ears and the laughter of the other circus freaks while they threw her back and forth in a sack, treating her like a plaything as she cried and screamed to be let out.

Her eyes tightened as the hate crept on face, she hated people, a lifetime of being laughed at and abused for being born slightly different to everyone else had twisted her once kind heart into an unrecognisable mess of anger and contempt. Children were nasty little bugs that should be squished, and her large son was good at squishing people, her good wonderful boy, who she had sadly failed, she could never protect him, even in death from the mob.

"Get her" was all she uttered, the simple words sent her son into a frenzy, the man-child crashing forward swinging his axe wildly, so eager to please his mother.

"Please leave me alone!" the little girl wailed as she turned and run once again and flickered away from the circus ghosts.

Reappearing in another room in the house, a large one that had no furniture in it and only a floor decorated by a large circular design. She stood shaky, her arms wrapped around her abdomen in an attempt to keep herself steady, she was too tired, exhausted from so much running and disappearing, she just wanted to sit down and rest, she wanted to go home, why was she here? She took in small shaky gasps of air, not being able to take proper lungfuls, her chest heaving painfully, what if she went home and her family didn't want her anymore? Why would they? They would be angry she came back after they had gotten rid of her, had abandoned her.

"Mommy..." she croaked out in between sallow pants, why didn't her mommy love her anymore? Had she really been such a bad little girl during her life?

Her life...

Was gone? But how could she be dead? Why? Why did she have to die? Why wasn't her mommy there?

Because Lucy had left her, Lucy hated her, Steve had taken her away from her home, he had hurt her, and then she had died, and her life was over.

But it couldn't be! She couldn't be dead! She would know! People knew when they died, people went to Heaven to live with the angels when they died. Like her grandma, she died and went to live with the angels, and when her rabbit Nibbles had died they had buried him in the garden and he went to Heaven too. If she was dead then she would be in Heaven too, not here, not alone like this.

She let out a sob, the heartbroken sound seeming so loud in the large and otherwise quiet room, All she wanted was her mommy to come and hug her, she still could remember how it felt in her mother's arms, so safe and warm, her calming heartbeat lulling her to sleep, a kiss on her forehead, the simply gesture that was so full of love.

It was all she wanted, to be with her mother again.

But that wasn't going to happen, not anymore, she was alone.

A harsh breath caught in her chest, pulling at it tightly and making her choke, she coughed loudly, painfully, and after one particularly strong heave she spluttered out water. Her hands clutched at her throat as she continued to hack out more liquid, her eyes wide as it dribbled in a steady stream down her chin, she couldn't breathe.

Was she dead?

Her chest hurt more and more, and she had failed to noticed the form that was carefully coming towards her from behind.

She only realised something was wrong until to strong arms wrapped themselves around her small frame, their claw like fingernails digging into her sides. "Hello!" a manic voice chortled, as she was roughly pulled from the ground and into the body holding her, almost like a frightening imitation of a hug. "I missed you little girl!" he cackled, she screeched out feeling her body pressed against his and the back of her neck against cold sharp metal and hot breath being blown on her.

Alyssa immediately tried to struggle, her hands grasping at his arms and her legs kicking wildly. "I didn't get to play with you last time" he continued, almost conversationally, one hand shot up and locked onto her throat, making her spurt out the water that had still been coming up from within her chest and silence any more sounds from her. He kept his hand on her as he lowered them both to the ground, and Alyssa found herself thrown onto her back with the terrifying man with the long hair and the metal box around his head above her. Her hands clutched at the one still crushing her neck as she fought him, yet she was much smaller than he was, and so tired so she couldn't stop him as the hand that had been laying on her side moved lower and he gave her a nasty smile full of sharp rotten teeth.

"Pretty little girl, be good and I won't have to break you like a whore" he said, still smiling that horrid smile.

Be a good girl Alyssa, I love you so much.

Don't! It hurts!

Its ok, just be a good girl and it will be alright in a while. Look at you, you're so beautiful.

Stop it!

Calm down, just drink a bit of this and it will make it feel better.

The agony pounded in her head again as the voices crept up, the pressure building behind her eyes too much, too fast that she couldn't contain it.

"No!" she yelled out, her voice pure raw emotion and overlapped. The Jackal barely getting a look at her bright violet glowing eyes before water burst forth. Water came like a damn had collapsed out of her form, The Jackal being swept away by the force of it and he cackled again as he retreated and disappeared, his scream like laughter barely heard by her over the roar of the water, the waves rushing forward in all directions and travelled up the high glass walls of the room with the power of a tsunami and came back down from the ceiling, so much water, too much. She curled up into a ball as it came rushing over her, curled up as tightly as her body would allow with her hands protectively over her face. Her glowing eyes clenched shut at the freezing water, it flowed down her throat and into her lungs, she couldn't breathe.

The first thing she was aware of was the pain, the hot agonising pain in the back of her head, next was the noise a rhythmic and something soothing rumbling sound and something a little quieter that she couldn't tell what it was. After that it was the stomach dropping sickness that made her want to vomit and she realised she was moving, bumpy and uncomfortable movements that jerked her body and made her head hurt more.

She tried to move, feeling stiff cramped, she made to stretch out her legs from where she could feel that tightly tucked against her chest but found she couldn't and that something was stopping her, so she tried her arms instead, her elbows aching from where they were packed up at her sides with her hands right in front of her face but again found that she couldn't move them, she couldn't move at all. At this she forced her eyes open and the sickness grew ten times when she couldn't see anything, she couldn't see or move, she was in something, she was in a box.

Her breathing became frightened and ragged as she thrashed about, trying to get out but still could not move at all. It was only at this point that her mind managed to connect to sickening movement and the rumbling sound, a car, she was in a car, and as she continued to strain her hears over the sound of her own laboured breaths and the car's engine she could make out what the other noise was.

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

Just like the ones I used to know

Where the tree tops glisten and children listen

To hear slay bells in the snow

The music was loud, the sound of it almost vibrating the car, she struggled again and began to cry.

"Help! Let me out! Please! Help me!" she screamed, her voice strained and croaking, but still strong enough to hear, her only reply was the radio being turned up all that much louder, so she could be ignored.

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

With every Christmas card I write

"Please! Let me out!"

May your days be merry and bright


And may all of your Christmases be white.

After a short while the car stopped, the sudden sound of the engine dying alerting her, terrifying her. She heard the car door open and slam shut, the force of it shaking the car, and then the sound of the boot being opened.

She screamed when the thing she was in was heaved up, her small form being shaken about and then dropped, the impact of hitting the ground hurt her, banged her knees and elbows and she wet herself, the warmth of her urine soaking her already slick thighs and trickling to the bottom of the box.

The little girl sobbed, shaking as the container was heaved yet again, along the ground this time, bumping and bruising her on the way.

There was a loud crack, like something was being broken and then she was picked up again and her body tensed for the impact again.


She screeched as the freezing water chilled her and began to fill up the box, she struggled as hard as she could, her poor small fingers frantically clawing at the box, until the skin was burnt off and they bled, yet she still thrashed as she felt herself sink down into the cold, the water filled the box. She held her breath desperately, and still fought for freedom, fought until she could no longer hold the air in her in and she gasped out, water pouring into her open mouth and down her throat.

Her body still thrashed as her lungs filled with icy water, yet she quietened down, the thrashes subsided, her bright eyes, still open in death lost their spark and dulled.

Her life had ended.