Every head turned, when a young blonde woman entered the designer shoe shop. She walked in like she owned the place and considered everyone with a look of superiority.

The woman hold up a piece of paper and everyone gasped. "Rose Tyler, shoe inspector. Who is the owner of this shop?"

"That's me. Eve Harrington from Harrington Shoes," a small chubby woman said and stepped forward. "H-How may I help you?"

Rose Tyler fixated her with a cold look. "There have been complaints about the quality of your goods. I have to check every high-heeled pair, you have got and take a... sample... with me."

Two hours (and five very tired employees) later, the 'shoe inspector' left the shop. The remaining people frowned when they heard a manic giggle from the outside.

A girl stepped up to Mrs Harrington. "Excuse me, but... is there really something like a shoe inspector?"



A few minutes later in another shop...

"No, that one won't do."

The saleswomen ran around to grab a few other dresses. It didn't happen every day, they got to dress a real princess...

After a few more fittings, the 'princess' finally found the perfect dress and the shop owner insisted to give it to her for free (after mentioning five times how great it would be if the press knew where she got it from).

After Princess Rose left the shop, one saleswomen asked the others where this 'Tardisania' was located anyway...


The blonde woman hurried through the streets full of glee for her new possessions. Now she only had to find a decent hairstylist and then...

"Rose Marion Tyler!"

Rose cursed under her breath and turned around to face a furious Doctor. Trying to look completely innocent (and failing) she said, "Hey, fancy meeting you here... Something the matter?"

"Oh, I don't know... Maybe a disobedient companion stole my psychic paper? Again?"

She linked arms with him and lay her head on his shoulder. When she looked up at him and fluttered her eyelashes, he could already feel his resolve crumble.

"But Doctooor... Playing someone else is so much fun and... I wanted to 'go shopping' for that alien party, you wanted to take me to..."

"What is wrong with the stuff in the TARDIS' wardrobe? I have millions of dresses and shoes..."

"I noticed," Rose said and added under her breath, "Kind of suspicious, that..."

The Doctor looked confused for a moment and said, "Sorry? I didn't catch that?"

"Oh, nothing... Want to come with me?" She reached out for his hand. "I still need some underwear..." Rose said with an impish glint in her eyes. The Doctor blushed a scarlet red and mumbled something incoherent, but still took her hand in his.

Together, they made their way through the shopping mall... side by side like it was supposed to be.