The Second Sorrow

by FalgarnTheMagnificent

Eliwood would wait at the bus stop for 30 minutes and no longer. He couldn't just sit around hoping she'd come back. He had a life to live, and if he were to have lost her then he would simply have to cope with the game.

The driving rain blew across the empty street in sheet, sweeping it clean of debris. But wrapped in his triple-layer poncho and resting comfortably in the the covered bus stop, Eliwood felt nothing. It was funny; both inside and out he felt the numbing cold of isolation, the downpour of rain that were his tears. He had felt both body and mind go numb. But as long as he lay in his covered bus stop, no, his sanctuary, he was free of these unpleasant feelings.

THEN A SOUND. A sound that stirred all the emotions resting in Eliwood's heart and brought him isntantly to his feet. He couldn't decide how he should feel; his face was contorted into an amalgam of happiness and sadness, ectasy and depression, longing and lonliness. The long-awaited beams of headlights reflected off the droplets of rain hanging lazily in the air and peaked over the asphalt horizon.

His bus was here.

It was showtime.

The bus stopped. Eliwood held his breath. The bus doors flapped open, spraying Eliwood with residual droplets rain. His heart raced.

"Here it was..."


His heart exploded with joy.

She hurried down the steps of the bus to meer her lost lover. But she barely made it down the second step when SUDDENLY THE BUS TRANSFORMED INTO SPY !

"i was bus all along !" said spy as he backstabbed ninian and ran off.

"DAMN YOU SPYYYYYYYYY" yelled eliwood to the heavens as he mornt his lost lover