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This is a collection of AU scenes, missing scenes, tags and codas. Spoilers for anything aired. I hold no copyrights. This goes for all future chapters.

AU scene for 4.02. What if it wasn't Hendriksen that showed up at the gas station...


Tear My Heart Out.

He wiped the frost off the mirror half expecting to see someone standing behind him, but there was no one there. Then he could feel a presence beside him and turned, expecting pretty much anything.

Anything but this.

Her familiar beauty was made strangely alien by the ferocity of her expression. He didn't remember ever seeing such rage on Jess' face when she was alive, but it was there now.
Her long, blond curls shone, softly backlit, her graceful figure almost angelic in the shabby bathroom. But her big blue eyes were filled with a lost and desperate anger, the hatred of a wounded animal.
"Why Sam?"
Maybe he only imagined the words. He'd heard them in her voice so many times that he wasn't sure. It hadn't happened for a while now, though. He hadn't thought about her in so long, and suddenly his mind swam with guilt at the fact.

No, she probably didn't say it; only moved forward silently and slipped her cold hands under his shirt. He leaned into the touch despite himself.
He couldn't even bring himself to move away when her fingers started digging into his flesh. He just stared hypnotized at this transformed woman who had always represented everything that was good and beautiful in the world.
Her slim fingers closed around his heart and he just stared; sure that if she hadn't even touched it, it would have stalled and stopped anyway.

Then suddenly she was gone, disappearing in a burst of rock salt. He hadn't even realized he was on his knees until Dean was pulling him to his feet again, wearing an utterly freaked expression.
"Sam? What the hell?," his brother chocked but he couldn't answer. "You all right?," Dean added breathlessly.

Sam shook his head.
Not all right. Anything but that.


NA: Nota bene, I don't think Jess would have haunted Sam or blamed him for her death. But the way I understood it, being raised by Lilith made the ghosts twisted and vengeful. So I thought well, if she did that to the people the hunters failed to save...hm...

I can't help it, I'm still obsessed with the Sam Jess story. I'm just a sucker for an unhappy ending, I guess...