Author's Notes:

This story contains description of a lesbian relationship. Nothing graphic, but if anyone is bothered by reading a story about a happy female couple, then it might be best to go elsewhere. Also, there will be sporadic swearing.

Several parallels to the movie will be seen throughout this story. However, the main characters are both OCs. None of the movie characters have bigger than cameo roles.


If you are in any sort of contact to the outside world (meaning, you aren't living in a cave or under a rock), then you are aware that Manhattan isn't there anymore. You see the footage, you hear the stories from those that managed to get out of the city. . .but none of that tells what really happened.

You'll hear stories of "heroes", people who "struggled to save their friends and family and yet miraculously made it out alive and unharmed". I am here to tell you that all of that is bull. Oh, sure, there were some people who tried to save others. The NYPD, the military. . .I'd be dead now if it wasn't for them. But the average Joe. . .don't believe a word of it. Because when it came right down to it, it was everyone for themselves. People were running by while others screamed for help, leaving them to be trampled and blown up and eaten.

The government is calling the whole thing "case designate Cloverfield". Officials are reporting that there's no real way to know just how many died. And nobody's is saying for certain whether or not that. . . that thing was actually destroyed, or where it came from. I don't care about any of that. . .not anymore.

I am here now to tell the truth to anyone who wants to listen. I lost the love of my life that night. But for her, I will keep going. I will tell our story, the real story. If even half of those people who are calling themselves heroes actually did what they claimed to have done, my Jesse would still be alive.

My name is Sheba Lewis. And I survived Cloverfield.