Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's - The Neo-Domino Purge

Originally an RPG after the airing of Episode 6. Following the events of Episode 8; Rex Godwin uses the information regarding research on momentum to plan an attack and elimination of the Satellite residents. When a leak reaches Satellite, the residents band together. All but Yusei Fudo, who is forced to watch from the violence, language, character death.

ARC 1 - Attack on Satellite

-Neo-Domino: Duel Stadium-

The night sky was glowing from the intensity of the strange crimson aura against the ordinary twilight that had appeared. The light reshaped itself, taking on the form of a slender dragon without any real solidity about it, towering over the Duel Stadium, dwarfing many of the usually towering structures across the City. He possessed no card with any image even close to resembling the being nor did his opponent... unless he had changed dramatically in two years.

Both the young men riding D-Wheels gazed up at the creature in awe, lost for words. Whatever it was, it had been triggered by their dragons clashing; one a glittering dragon of white and blue, the other a sinister mix of black and blood red. Two opposites like light and darkness alongside each other for two years after their flight from Satellite. They snarled at one another viciously as though nothing had changed, ignored by the massive dragon that shrieked to call order, diving towards the black heavens, lit only by its aura, and stretched its wings to their limits in the provisional form.

Two of five Birthmarks connected with the legend from which the dragon originated glowed on the arms of the riders. Both were thrown from their D-Wheels when dangerous crosswinds slammed into their bikes, toppling them fiercely. The dragon's shriek rang throughout the City as it began to dissolve and vanish. Dissolve into nothing, like the duel had never taken place. Neither of the men was aware of the result of their duel; the dragon's appearance had interrupted and destroyed the track.

Steam hissed from their overheated engines, pouring over the fresh destruction. The shorter one had been thrown against the thickened curve at the edge of the track, beginning to stir after a brief episode of unconsciousness. He winced from a burning pain crawling across his arm, tearing off the glove and rolling up his sleeve to find the strange Birthmark glowing. Both came to realise the other also had the same king of mark; one would continue to live normally, the other would begin a journey for answers.

Spotlights glared down onto the shorter man, who raised his arm defensively. The other stood calmly clutching his arm, like he understood everything. Voices yelled through megaphones towards the targeted rider; he was cornered and the other refused a helping hand. The success of his plight from Satellite had come to an end.

Fate was about to make its move.

Chapter 1: Strategy - Vision of the Future

[Sakusen: Mirai no Bijon]

-Neo-Domino: Detention Centre-

Outside the clear thick panel of glass, the sea sparkled like stars fallen from the sky and bathing in the crystal water. The scene was picturesque; bright, warm, perfect to travel about the streets of the proud city of Neo-Domino; a grand community, advanced in technology and holding several famous names in the world of Duel Monsters, many of whom were also D-Wheelers; duellists capable of riding a D-Wheel on top of competing solely with the cards. Those people could use the idyllic setting to their advantage, cruising about the roads, even cooling their bodies. However, there were those to whom these privileges were unavailable; one area kept its residents from such liberty: the Neo-Domino Detention Centre.

The attention of one inmate - a short elderly man with dishevelled grey hair - gazed at the sparkling sea, winking back at him. He was transfixed by the scene, gawping in awe at how beautiful nature could be alongside such an artificial civilisation; despite his global travels, nature would always astound him and how well it harmonised with human cities. He jumped down from the window fitted into a small rectangular gap in the concrete wall, his wooden sandals clapping loudly against the cold floor. He straightened his stunted body and brushed his shaggy citron jacket down. As well as the open coat, he wore a large faded liver-shaded robe with an ultramarine piece tied around his waist in place of belt. Despite the silence around him, there was another occupant in the room.

The boy, according to the prison records, was only 18 years of age; lay on the bed pushed against the wall opposite the elderly man's own. His azure eyes were fixed on the ceiling, jet black hair styled in a unique way, spiked in all directions, a number of the upwards spikes bearing blonde streaks, blocked the man's view of the boy's face. From the base of his left eye, a large yellow Marker matching the highlights was imprinted down his cheek and ending on his jawbone, creating a unique style. Underneath the corner of his eye, a small detached triangle had been imprinted, matching the one on his cellmate's face. His attire consisted of a sleeveless black shirt with a pattern of a burgundy circle surrounded by a fragmented ring, leading a couple of paths over his shoulders. Over the shirt was a dark blue jacket, lined with black stripes that fixed range orbs into place on his shoulders, as well as others on his elbows and knees against his grey jeans. Small versions of the circles were placed amongst more black material lining his brown boots and gloves.

While the inmates were granted slight freedom inside the walls of the prison, the young man remained on his bed, his mind wandered far from the dull environment, lying atop the sheets since his waking in the early hours before dawn. Judging by his muteness, the elder could only hazard a guess that his cellmate hadn't slept much throughout the previous night.

Determined to draw words from his companion, he hopped towards the bed, standing by the end of the bed above the teenager's head.

"Sonny, are you still with us?" he - Yanagi Tenzen - inquired with a raised voice.

The dark-haired one glanced at him; a faint movement of the head further evidence of his acknowledging the question. The two had been in each other's company for the majority of their acquaintance, lasting barely more than 24 hours. The youngster contemplated answering, but quickly chose against it, remaining silent and evading a rupture from his standard demeanour.

Just as he settled on the decision, a knock against the closed door interrupted the one-sided communication's beginning. Both averted their eyes towards the door as it creaked over, revealing a well-built man who easily towered over both. His cyan hair was spiked to resemble a sea urchin, dressed in a dark grey t-shirt, companied by an umber jacket without sleeves to hinder the view of his powerfully built arms. Beneath his waist, the man sported jeans and saxe blue shoes. His large build intimidated others into submitting as dedicated followers. His fearsome reign had come crashing down just the day before at the hands of the youngest of the duo.

"Yusei. Jii-san," he spoke in a vaguely growling tone.

"Himuro..." the younger - Fudo Yusei - answered faintly.

The man himself was still a mystery to the cellmates; they had known him barely 24 hours after their duels. Although in that time, the three had forged a fragile bond of comradeship, it didn't explain what he was doing and why he had approached them. Himuro answered only with a small smirk and a raised hand to greet them.

"What bring you here, Himuro-chan?" Yanagi asked chirpily. "Are you bored too?"

"There's nothing to do here, Jii-san. Of course I'm bored," Himuro grunted, folding his arms over the large chest and letting out a frustrated sigh. "It's just something you have to get used to in here".

Yusei glared towards the taller man, holding a similar feeling of the time in the facility. Measures of time blended into one another; minutes became hours and hours became days; it felt an eternity had passed since the sunlight touched him. He could feel Yanagi's eyes on him; for some reason, he had also attracted the attention of the officers patrolling the corridors, especially that of the gargantuan dark-skinned warden, Takasu.

None of the inmates could stand the man; one of their biggest gripes with the strict official was the ritual he had of tugging nose hairs from his nostrils and blowing them into the faces of the prisoners he openly detested; Yusei himself had already experienced the treatment twice the night before.

He laid his left hand onto the opposite arm; all of the unwanted attention had to have something to do with the glowing crimson mark that appeared during his secret Riding Duel with Jack Atlus; the Duel King of Neo-Domino. In the past, the two of them had been friends, living together in Satellite, where the residents were seen as nothing more than scum with the sole purpose in the world other than sorting through the City's trash. Despite their close bond throughout childhood, the pair couldn't be further part; wounded in the process of healing after two years ripped apart when the City betrayed him once again.

Following the match, Yusei had been arrested and condemned to the Detention Centre; his mind remained, however, securely on the memory of the glowing symbol, depicting some unknown shape. He had never seen anything like it before, yet Jack was standing perfectly composed, as though he had become aware of what happened, almost as if he understood, or at least become accustomed to it. Since then, he had been the focus of the authorities, seemingly eager to find the same glow and learn why it had appeared on him of all people. He cursed the aftermath; he had no idea what was happening inside of him - assuming that the mark had buried itself inside of him - why it faded or why it even appeared initially. All e could think of were Yanagi's words from the preceding night.

That he was this Signer; some chosen duellist wielding a dragon that was a key element to bring the legendary Crimson Dragon out - just like when he had duelled with Jack - connected to a legend spanning thousands of years. But there were five Signers; if he and Jack were two, who were the other three? He gave a heavy sigh and turned onto his side, his back directed towards Yanagi and Himuro. It was barely noon and already, he was drained.

After the duel in the previous day, he had been escorted to a secret chamber where he met with Takasu. The man was behind the tests, the painful electrocutions that pushed his body to its limits, just to see a glimpse of the symbol. When the torture ended, the main cause of keeping Yusei from slipping into unconsciousness was the grip Takasu then had on his fringe to lift his hunted head; the only movement his wearied body could make whilst secured to the metallic slab. His body ached to the extent of being hauled by an officer back to his cell, the man's arms holding his up, and merely tossing him inside where he collapsed.

That was when Yanagi enlightened him to the legend. It had been preying on his mind throughout the night; thoughts of the legend, of Satellite, his friends. All keeping him awake despite the nagging fatigue. His entire world was swiftly turning over and distorting what he'd once believed. It was difficult to keep up with the sudden changes and revelations; that he was part of this millennia-old fable. But he didn't even have the dragon he was supposed to. Stardust Dragon, his dragon, was resting in the hands of Jack, having done so for two years.

Noticing that Yusei turned his back on them, Yanagi sighed; Yusei could forge bonds much easier than the average person, but he seemed to be a defensive character, not willing to expose his emotions; the stereotypical man. The bond they had forged would remain with them, even after leaving the Detention Centre and the trio were to go their separate paths.

Himuro glimpsed at Yusei. The two were no longer rivals, but it was difficult to tell what was going through the teenager's mind, making it more so to understand why he had shifted himself into the position, or even if he would pay attention to the conversation he had planned. Regardless, he had to pass on the message and moved a step forward, pushing the door closed behind his back.

"I'm not here just to catch up on whatever you two did last night. There's something you need to hear," he added in a cautious hushed tone. He twisted his neck a small degree, watching through the bars beside the door, vigilant in case an officer should pass by, though the chances were lo.

"What's the matter?" Yanagi queried, noting Himuro's suspicious behaviour. It was particularly surprising that such an outgoing man had suddenly converted into a cagey state.

Nonetheless, he was eager to hear the man's words passed on by others. Himuro was man who had proved he could be trusted, a worthy ally. They would simply have to believe that Yusei was listening to them as he laid with the rear of his body to them.

-Neo-Domino: Public Security Maintenance Bureau-

Across the city, deep within the corrupt heart of the authority rule sat the towering building whose only competition was found in the Kaiba Corporation headquarters. From one of the peak levels, Rex Godwin gazed out the window beneath him, eyes resting on the towering structures that could only ascend to stand beneath the sophisticated Security building, with a twin standing nearby with holding cells where the heart of activity was found. The square-shouldered man turned from the bright day, shrugging off the idyllic view that he had come to regard over several years and into the sombre chamber that was the office belonging to Neo-Domino City's Director. The man stood in a battleship grey suit with a slight brighter shirt depicting markings resembling a fowl with large wings stretched out. The collar of the shirt extended up his neck, the bottom of the shirt coloured black. Long silver-grey hair flowed down the back of his shoulders, a small cluster tied with a black band. Golden spheres hung from his ears gleamed almost to the intensity of the grey eyes of his aged him.

Opposite the Director, a dwarf-like man stood wearing a large garnet coat which fell to his knees, the shoulders of the piece pointed upwards like the pointed ears of an animal, his large black collar lined with yellow hung over his shoulders. Beneath the open jacket, a white shirt with a central strip of yellow matching his jacket blended with his trousers of the same colour, held against him with a grey belt across his waist. White gloves covered the skin of his hands and black boots ascending just beneath his knees, a yellow streak running down the centre of the front, ending abruptly. His hair - a mixture of grey and purple - was curled either side of his head into three separate pieces on each side, a small swirl hanging over a small portion of his large forehead. Aquamarine ovals hung from the base of his pointed ears, red lipstick coloured the edges of his mouth as black contoured his eyes, red strokes coursed over his eyes. A shrill chortle came from his clenched jaws.

The footage of the duel that had taken place between Yusei and the Duel King - Jack Atlus - had been replayed several times to evaluate what it was that had brought out the immense crimson divinity that had emerged and vanished mysteriously. The two had witnessed the furious battle between the pair over and over, seeing the resolve to prevail etched into every facet of their expressions, eyes blazing with flames much more intensifying than those who entered leagues with the hope of duelling the reigning luminary, eventually literally glowing crimson.

Since initially witnessing the footage that continued after cameras streaming footage to the Director and the shorter man, named Jeager, with the carer of the blonde King in their company had ceased to fulfil their function, Godwin had met with the blonde. That was when he explained to the Riding Duel champion the history of the Signers' legend; of the People of the Stars, matters relating to the Nazca Lines and the five Signers that had been reborn, each bearing a symbol passed down to them and holding a dragon that had battled in the distant past. Dragons that, when brought together, would summon their leader - the Crimson Dragon; the same creature that had emerged at the end of his duel with Yusei. When only two of the Signer Dragons clashed.

Since then, he had returned to the office of his superior position where Jeager had awaited. Akutsu - the eccentric brunette scientist who was charged with the position of examining the data over the momentum levels that had been recorded at the pinnacle of the duel, howled wildly at the figures when the three exchanged information.

"The King remains at his apartment, correct?" Godwin asked, setting his eyes on his assistant.

The string of revelations had come the day before, before a public duel with Enjo Mukuro to further boost the King's reputation after defeating the man not even a week before. Since Jack departed from the Duel Stadium, there had been nothing from him or his carer.

"Mikage-san reported that after the duel, he returned to his apartment, claiming that he wanted to be somewhere familiar," Jeager answered, echoing the information that Mikage Sagiri had earlier given him.

"I see," Godwin muttered solemnly, responding with a brief nod. "He had continued with the schedule planned for him to duel Enjo Mukuro following such a large revelation. I wouldn't be surprised if he'd rather some time away from the pressures of being the King".

"What should we do now then?" Jeager queried, folding his arms behind his back, standing almost as squarely as his superior.

"There's nothing to do," the taller answered with a shrug before setting his eyes onto the dwarf-like man. "All we have to do is continue guiding the King forward. His only threat is sitting down in the Detention Centre, unable to do anything against him".

"What about the dragon that emerged that night?" Jeager asked; puzzled by Godwin's reluctance to speak his thoughts, more so than the usual secrecy that he had come to know.

"That comes later. At the moment, there is another matter that we must focus upon. Two of the five Signers have emerged here in this City. The other three must be close by," the Director continued, turning his back to Jeager and watching the illuminated City outside his window continuing to exist naively. "They should be here if the cycle of fate is to continue".

"What do we do to lure them out?" Jeager asked, leaning slightly in the hopes of catching a glimmer of Godwin's expression, his stunted body failing in accomplishing the task.

"For now, we can't be sure who in the City or Satellite is a Signer. We only have a few leads," Godwin muttered. "For now, we should learn from the other night and use that against the man who was arrested".

"What do you mean?" Jeager questioned curiously.

"Akutsu-kun's research shows that a tremendous amount of momentum was collected at the time the two dragons in that duel clashed, when the Crimson Dragon emerged. That very substance is what powers out City, just as it has since the research almost two decades ago discovered. And when those beings collided, an entire blackout occurred in our section of the City. There must be more it's capable of doing," Godwin mused. "Perhaps we can use it against Satellite".

"I thought that eliminating Satellite was impossible no matter how much we all desired it," Jeager exclaimed in shock, stunned by the proposition put forward.

"Just hold your tongue for a moment," Godwin scowled, glaring over his shoulder. "We at least need to learn if the energy is capable of such power".

He rotated back towards the office and pressed down on a small control at the edge of his desk; a transparent screen flashed before him, like a ghostly screen. Godwin seated himself before it, leaning forward and resting his elbows on the desk, folding his fingers over one another. On the monitor, Akutsu had his back turned, leaping with joy over the vast amounts of momentum that had been collected.

"Akutsu-kun," Godwin pronounced, clearing his throat.

The scientist halted immediately and turned to see Godwin fixing his eyes coldly on him. The orange spectacles gripping his nose gleamed as he smirked gleefully. Twin bangs hung over his chest and in front of his navy blue shirt above a brown belt and grey trousers. The white lab coat was standard, with the exception of the sleeves being cut away and held by only a handful of threads at the shoulders and elbows. Godwin's expression remained cold whilst the brunette seemed exhilarated.

"Yes sir!" he replied proudly.

"The moment gathered from the other night, would it be possible to recreate Zero Reverse?" Godwin asked, his voice dropping to a rumbling growl. "Would it capable of eradicating Satellite?"

"Huh? You want to create another Zero Reverse?" Akutsu sounded in shock. The man crossed his arms over his chest, recalling the incident from seventeen years earlier. "It's possible that, should that be achieved, Satellite may fall apart completely. But Old Momentum isn't capable of functioning anymore and that proposal is certainly a dangerous one".

"There's a threat to the lives of every citizen in both Neo-Domino City and Satellite waiting over there," Godwin affirmed. "Though the people of Satellite don't understand, what we plan is for their benefit just as much as those here; the fate of everyone in both locations is under siege".

"Well, I am certain that the mooooooomentum is perfectly capable of carrying out what you wish and taking out whatever threat is lurking in Satellite if we could gather enough in New Mooooooooomentum," the scientist howled. "If we succeed, it would make the place unbearable for any enemy to use as a base; it may even split the land and inflict much mooooooore damage with a sufficient amount".

"Has the project to amplify the potential of gathering momentum been completed yet?" Godwin asked, raising an eyebrow. "So that we can gather energy for New Momentum to the degree that the King and that young man produced?"

"Almooooooost, sir," Akutsu wailed whilst grinning. The man began to hop, landing on one foot and then the other in some strange celebratory dance. "The Real Gears are near completion. Until then, Duel Disks and D-Wheels will manage to carry out the gathering of mooooooooomentum in order to achieve your desire".

"Good. Then we must use the time we have now to gather the necessary power to fuel that much energy until the Real Gears are completed," Godwin mumbled, tucking his hands underneath his chin, his fingers crossing over one another like a bridge. "We all know that the King has wished long that Satellite be rid of. If we can get into Satellite, they'll be cornered like the rats they are; the people of Satellite exist to dig through the trash of Neo-Domino; they are rats and their way of life is about to come to an end. For their sakes".

He pressed down on the same switch that brought up the screen, watching it vanish in an instant. He then turned to Jeager, a thin smile growing across his face.

"Jeager, I have an assignment for you," he stated bluntly.

"What is it you require?" Jeager asked, setting his arms before his chest and bowing politely.

"I want you to spread the word; enlist as many duellists from Neo-Domino as you can," Godwin instructed. "We're going to launch an attack on Satellite and it can only be accomplished with sufficient help. Each of those duellists wandering the streets here has a deep-set loathing of the people of Satellite, whose origins are concealed behind government lies. They need to gather outside the Duel Stadium tonight at dusk. They gather as audiences and competitors of the King's reign, let them know they will now gather as his army".

"T- tonight?" Jeager stammered, smirking whilst bowing once more. "Yes sir".

"I will inform the King personally. There are a couple of details I wish to converse with him," the Director added. "Just to ensure he has recovered from recent events and will be prepared to lead his army. We cannot allow a troubled King to lead his forces into that kind of conflict; it he feels doubtful over what happened with that young man or the existence of the Signers, it will resonate across those gathered and his performance will unmask that uneasiness. We cannot afford that when our way of life is under threat".

Jeager gave a swift nod to show his comprehension, the shock in his eyes diminished and the short man unleashed another of his signature cackles. Once it was clear he was prepared to go along with Godwin's plan, he swiftly departed, leaving Godwin standing alone with a private smirk of his own.

"It's only a matter of time before the King's wish is granted," he muttered conceitedly to himself. "The wish of Neo-Domino City; to erase that smudge away. We can finally be recognised as what we truly are; a true utopia, no longer dragged down by the scum within Satellite and the threat it continuously poses".

He peered over his shoulder towards the Duel Stadium in the corner of his view, towards the edge of the City nearest Satellite. It had been just the day before in the building when Jack's grip began to slip in the public eye. Following his defeat at Yusei's hands, the blonde man had been blinded by determination, swearing to hunt down his former friend just for the chance of settling the score, even when it was revealed to him that Yusei had been detained. He had lost sight of almost everything outside confronting Yusei in another duel.

But now - now that everything had bee explained - he had settled and Godwin was confident that his plan to finally erase Satellite could proceed without failure. The people of Satellite served no higher purpose than to sift through the waste of the City; especially without its two strongest duellists - Signers, even - the island had nothing to offer. There was nothing left and no reason to carry the burden of its existence. They had been a responsibility, they were still a part of Neo-Domino City; it was their problem. And as such, it dragged down the prestigious City; a utopia, all bare that unconnected district.

"It carries a sole function..." he mused with a thin smile, looking down at his hands as he recalled the distant recollection of the dark-haired teenager. "We can rid ourselves of that excess weight and the darkness lingering behind those ingrates. And perhaps, it can lead to the awakening of the Signer in that man. That boy. We know enough about him based on Takasu's reports to use all that information against him. Fudo Yusei..."


Yusei: Godwin turns to Jack to lead the planned assault against Satellite in order to gain the power to eliminate our home. My friends are alone when they overhear the rumours that Neo-Domino is plotting to attack the area. Satellite is vulnerable; they must gather enough duellists we've faced to defend themselves. Next time: "Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's: The Neo-Domino Purge, Chapter 2 - Duellist Congregation. Neo-Domino's Army". Jack, you can't possibly turn against Satellite like this, can you?