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Chapter 1

New beginning

Shizuru's POV

It's been almost a month since I last saw Natsuki. It seems that she took my warning about staying away too seriously because there isn't a trace of her. Even Nagi, who always knew everything, couldn't find a thing. The same day Reito returned back from his business venture, some people were sent to Natsuki's apartment but it was already empty. Only a note was left on the wall saying 'Kiss my ass'. That infuriated Reito and Nagi couldn't help at all. He couldn't find a trace on Natsuki or even a killer to kill Suzushiro and her investigator, which meant those two were healthy and active to find more dirt on us. We had to redo the torture room and take all the equipments to Reito's summer house. Instead we opened gym there, had to do a lot of work and spend a large sum of money. All of it had to be done quickly and thankfully after we finished, the investigator lessened their attention towards us, concluding that someone had broke into our house because the gates weren't closed properly. However who had blown up the gas station was still a mystery for them as well as for us. We still couldn't put a finger on how Natsuki blew it up.

Investigation had to be stop temporarily because nothing could be found. The worker of gas station who worked there assured that he didn't see any bike but he also said that he didn't see any cars as well because he went to the forest since the toilet had been broken. And there was no way to check his story since the explosion destroyed everything. Suzushiro was really unhappy that investigation was stopped so she tried to get into our house all by herself, but was always caught and then lectured by her angry investigator. Now she had to be careful with what she did or there was a possibility of her loosing her job.

And nothing could be done, Reito kept going on different business trips so he was hardly at home, leaving everything to me, but I also didn't spend much time at home either, because I was mostly at work and abroad. A lot of contracts had to be made and some factories and restaurants needed to be checked, so I had a lot of work.

The ones who were really bored were Tomoe and Nao. Nao was training her new knee cup. I know that before they joined Reito's forces, they were kept in some strange laboratory where they were experimented on their ability to see, dodge and block bullets. They also have better chances at healing which was really useful for Nao. I wished I could be experimented on but Reito doesn't allow me to go into his laboratory saying that I could die and Tomoe and Nao are exceptions, who have stayed alive for a long time. At the moment I'm in an airplane, flying back to the mansion. The meeting in Paris was really boring, but at least I've opened up business there. I don't understand why people find French such a special language, but it hurts my ears and I couldn't wait to get out of there. Thankfully it's over. Now that I'm free from work my thoughts were only about one thing or better yet one person. 'Natsuki...where are you?'

Shizuru's POV ends

Natsuki's POV

Three weeks...three long weeks have already passed and I thought that I would die from boredom. Yamada didn't lie, this place was TOO quiet! There wasn't anyone around! Even though I don't like to talk to people, I would still feel more comfortable having sounds other than just birds singing, winds blowing and the rain falling along with thunder. Damn! How on earth could people live in a god damn forest?! At least Yamada had left a dog with me to which I got used to and even named it Duran. The dog was found on a street. It had brown, long fur and something like mustache. He was very cute and I think that it was only thanks to him that I didn't go crazy although I had some video games, but I finished them quickly so Yamada had to buy new ones for me. But sometimes I simply wished to watch TV or listen to the radio, and that was impossible because…NOTHING WAS WORKING! Damn that Yamada! I still haven't kicked his ass because he kept delivering fresh mayo. Even that won't help him after a while although he always keeps me updated about everything that's going on, thinks like Kanzaki and Fujino are really quiet nowadays and nothing criminal has happened lately. Of course we're not including several robberies that have no connection to them. It seems Suzushiro and her investigator have pressed them to a corner really hard. I wonder how long they will stay like this.

I have received several calls from Mai and had to meet with Chie as well. We have met in several quiet places away from city and I had to tell her information about the incident which Mai asked. It seems she didn't remember the red viper as well, but definitely remembered her naginata and bloody red eyes full of emptiness. That description got Chie quiet interested and she just grinned at the information saying that things would go more smoothly. After all, there aren't so many people with red eyes, especially with dark red ones which seemed to be filled with blood. It made me worry about Chie, because the closer she would get to the truth, the shorter her life would be. Even though we weren't friends back when we worked together, I still don't wish to see her dead.

Right now I was playing with the dog at home. We had pretty good time when suddenly phone rang. Sighing, I got up and answered it.

"Yes Yamada, anything new?"

"Yes, your friend Tokiha-san is calling."

"Put her on the line."

"Hai." The next thing I heard was Mai's voice.

"Natsuki, hi! How are you?"

"Fine, you?"

"I'm great! But you know, I was thinking here I heard that things have become quiet in Tokyo so I think I'll go back."

"No!" I said without thinking.

"Why not?" She asked surprised.

"Well Snake is still out there and I think it will be dangerous for you to return." I tried to explain myself.

"But she can stay out there for a very long time, Natsuki. I just can't be with Takumi all the time He needs his privacy too."

"Alright, so tell me when you'll be back and I'll meet you."

"That's not necessary; my guard will meet me and Yuichi."

"So you don't want to meet me?" I asked somehow sad.

"No! You misunderstood me! I meant..." Mai asked hurriedly.

"I was just joking." I laughed a little.

"Nat-su-ki" she warned.

"So when do you plan to come back?"

She sighed "I'm not sure yet."

"Call me when you'll decide."

"Sure thing! By the way how is detective Harada-san doing? Did she find anything?"

"Not sure. Right now she seems to be looking for women with red eyes."

"That will take her a lot of time."She sighed for another time.

"Better long than never." I tried to cheer her up, but inside I hoped for 'never'.

"That's true." she agreed "Well then, see you soon."

"See ya." Our conversation ended and Yamada came back onto the line.

"So what did she want?" He asked.

"I'm surprised that you didn't listen." I answered honestly.

"Hey! I don't do things like that…well only when someone pays me to something like that."

"Yeah, yeah I know, anyways she plans to return."


"Yes and I don't like it. Snake promised to torture me by using Mai."

"Then don't let her to come."

"How? Tie her up?"

"Do you want me to stop her?"

"No" I lowered my head not sure what to do about it.

"Then what?"

"I don't know...maybe it will be good for her to come back home for some time."

"But it can ruin all your plans. I'm sure she will try to meet with Harada-san which isn't good."

"Don't you think I know that?" Silence "I really don't know what to do about it. Besides my head can't think properly and that's because of everything you have put me through in this shitty place!"

"At least you didn't get into any troubles during this time."

"I'll need to relax good after this," I pushed on "Something extreme..."

"I hope you don't plan to have anymore brakes in."

"No, I was thinking about something less dangerous." I thought for some time until the idea hit me. "Yamada, do you still have my bike?"


"Great! Then could you dial this number for me?" I asked while dialing a number which had appeared on his computer.

"Sure..." He answered unsure but didn't ask anymore questions.

After some rings later the phone was picked by someone very cheerful.

"Maya on the phone, who am I speaking too?"

"Maya, it's me, Kuga"

"Ah! Kuga! Have you finally decided to visit my strip bar? You really should because there are some very cute guys that have just started to work here! Wanna give it a try?" She giggled a little, probably imagining my flushed face. She knew me so well…

"No!" I shouted still red as tomato. She was right as always.

"Ah, you're no fun. Anyway what is it that you wanted? You usually don't call me like this."

"I was calling to find out about your other business, about street racing."

"Ah it's been a long time since you've participated in it,"

"I just didn't have time..."

"Really? And now you do?"

"I do! Besides I'm really excited in taking part in it right now."

"That's good, but I have to warn you that the fee to enter is huge."

"And the consolation money?"

"Well...now I take 50 from whole sum..."

"Then how much do I have to pay this time?"

"Well I'm also taking in dollars now so it is about 5000."

"That much?" I exclaimed really surprised by this statement "It was always 3000!"

"The risk has become bigger lately and police is patrolling more often. Besides I have found and made some really cool tracks." I'm sure if I could see her I would see her winking at me.

"Alright...where and when?"

"In two weeks on Saturday at 11:00 PM in the usual place. I will pick you all up there and will take you to the right place."


"Great! And also don't forget money."

"Don't worry."

"Well see you soon then." The line went dead for another time before Yamada came back on.

"Yamada, please make sure my bike is functional. I'll pay you for it as soon as I'll get away from here."

"No problem, talk to you later." Finally the last call has ended and I hang up the phone as well.

Smiling to myself I went back to the dog which was lying on the carpet and waiting for me. Finally in a long time I felt happy, it's been such a long time since I last took part in races which I really enjoyed. But after I joined Special Forces, I had to stop it, especially street races which brought so much happiness in my life. This entire extremity made adrenalin rush through my body, charging me with energy and excitement. Making me feel that no one will be able to stop me. Finally after such a long time I will finally be able to experience it all once again. I just couldn't wait, knowing Maya who I met in college, races promised to be really entertaining.

Natsuki's POV ends

Normal POV

It was a sunny and hot day which made Reito sweat a lot especially since the air conditioner wasn't working in his office. Sitting in his chair and filling out some papers, he cursed everything and everybody inside of his head. Besides he was still angry about the fact that Kuga still wasn't found as well as the killer who had to take care of her and those annoying investigators who still kept looking even though the investigation was temporarily stopped. He promised himself that if Nagi won't find someone next week, he would kill him. Suddenly someone knocked on his door and young woman in glasses entered.

"Sir, your friend Homura Nagi wants to see you."

"Let him in." Answered Reito without looking at her.

"Hai." Opening the door wider, she let Nagi in before closing it and leaving them alone.

"I hope this is important." Said Reito in a serious voice, still not looking anywhere except the papers in front of him.

"Yes it is." Answered Nagi and sat in front of him. "I have found a killer as you asked."

This did catch his attention and lowering his pen, he raised his head. "You did? Who?"

"You don't know her".

"A woman?"

"Hai, beautiful one as well." He winked.

"I don't care about her appearance, is she good? Who has she already killed and how long does she do it?"

"Not long...it is only her 3rd year." Nagi answered simply.

"3rd year?!" Reito raised his voice. "Are you making fun of me?"

"Calm down." Nagi motioned with his hands. "Yes, she doesn't have a lot of experience but these three years were enough to make her one of most popular killers in Northern Japan."

"Who has she killed?" Reito's eyes shone with anger.

"Have you heard about someone named Lucifer?" Nagi grinned more.

"The devil?" Reito asked confused.

"No." Nagi laughed in reply. "I'm talking about famous American Mafiosi"

"Oh, yes I heard about him. He was killed about 3 years ago. It is still a mystery how it happened. After all, everybody was killed back then...did she do it?" Reito asked curiously.

"Hai..." Nagi's smile changed into an evil one. "It was her first mission..."

Reito's eyes widened "Really?" Nagi just nodded "Interesting..." Reito rubbed his chin while leaning back into his big chair "Very interesting...when is she ready to start? And what's her name?"

"She calls herself The Dark Rider and she is ready whenever it's convenient for you."

"Good..." Finally Reito smiled showing his white teeth "Good..."

It was late already and the office was empty except with two people who were still looking through papers. Two blondes were sitting behind the desk trying to find some new clues for their case. The indecent with gas station didn't have a solution. They had caught some motorbike riders but all of them were realeased after being proven that they were innocent which placed the officers in more confusion. They had also checked Kanzaki's mansion thoroughly, even the room which was remodeled, nothing was really in it. Nothing suspicious was found and they had to leave them alone. Although one thing did bother them...it was Reito's red-headed bodyguard who limped on one leg.

Reito assured them that it was an incident where she was stretching her leg and got the muscles torn. And they had no right to check on it, because of the investigation had been stopped. But did Haruka listen? She did check this information in hospital where the redhead guard was healing and everything was proven by her doctor.

Everything seemed to be fine about them and also later was found out that gates really were left open by someone. Two officers had talked with all the workers in the house who assured that nothing wrong had happened. But still something bothered them...something just didn't seem to be right and they wanted to find out what exactly it was...

"Damn!" Haruka started to pull her hair. "My head will explore!"

"It's explode, Haruka-san, explode! How many times do I have to correct you?" Asked Sara, glaring straight into her eyes.

"Th-that's...Ehm!" She cleared her throat. "That's what I said." She crossed her hands looking away, a little bit embraced.

"Yeah, right." Answered Sara sarcastically while sipping her coffee.

"It's better to think about the work at hand." Haruka answered pouting.

"Hai, hai." And with that, she returned back to the papers but not matter how long she read them, she still couldn't find anything on the case. "Maybe they really have nothing to do with the crimes going around."

"What?! Have you lost your mind?" Haruka jumped out of her seat.

"We can't find anything more on the case and that accident...even though we still didn't find the person who caused it, it was already proven that someone had broken into their territory."

"That doesn't mean anything! And I will keep digging dipper, I don't trust them especially that bubuzuke woman."

"Why do you hate her so much?" She asked curiously "I don't remember her doing anything bad towards you"

"I just don't trust her especially after the incident with her family. Her sorrow and tears didn't seem to be real besides it didn't last for long. It seemed like she was happy about it." For the first time in her life Sara heard her chief to sound so... frightened? She did scare her, but this time it was different...

"Why do you think so?" Sara asked with serious face.

Haruka sighed "This is just between us two, understood?" Sara nodded. "It happened about five years ago and back then I was a simple officer, but I didn't like her from the first sight so I decided to watch her for some time."

"You spied on her?!" Sara was a little surprised.

"Yes...and I saw her several times while she was alone...she wasn't crying anymore...she didn't even look sad..." Haruka gulped, her face paled a little. "Her whole being seemed to change even though I was far away I still could feel something cold approaching me, my whole body was covered with goose bumps. I've never experienced something like this before and I've never feared anything, but back then I really wanted to run far away and never come back, but I always stayed. Then one day I saw her eyes...I've never been as scared as I was back then..."

"What was wrong with them?" Sara asked worriedly.

Haruka took a deep breath "They were empty as if they were dead as if she wasn't alive but a dead person." She thought for some time "After that I stopped following her but I promised myself that I would find out what was wrong with her, what she was hiding...and now I have a real chance to get to the truth and I won't let go of it. I will find the truth with or without your help." Haruka's real personality returned to her usual one...determined, and that's what made Sara relax. Somehow silly Haruka was much better than frightened one.

"I trust you Haruka-san." Sara smiled "And I'll help you, after all you are my chief."

"Thank you Sara...now back to work!" Shouted Haruka surprising her friend but Sara got over it really quickly, being happy to see her friend in her usual mood.

"Hai..." And they returned back to the work.

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