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Chapter 4

The deal

It was already late; everyone had finished their work long time ago except one person. Chie Harada was still sitting in her office and going through paper, investigating Tokiha's case. The thing that Fujino's face had some impact on Tokiha made her want to find more information, but what pushed her forward even more… was Kuga's reaction. It is the first time she had seen her spacing out so often but most importantly so worried. Even though Natsuki tried all her best to show the confidence, there is no way in hell that she could deceive Chie's sharp eyes. She definitely was hiding something, and she would learn about it.

"What is it you are hiding, Kuga-san?" Chie whispered under her nose while searching through internet, trying to find a connection between Fujino and Kuga but nothing came up. There was no connection between them of what so ever 'Then I guess their relation to each other isn't public'.

With that she stood up and went towards her cupboard in order to get several folders. One had material about Fujino and another about Kuga which she had collected in the past and some of it several moments ago. After making sure that she had collected the right folders, she went back to her desk and sat down before placing folders on it 'Alright, let's try to find something this way' and started to look through folders. She had spent about an hour but couldn't find anything that would point to any kind of relation between those two.

Fujino Shizuru was a famous, successful and beautiful business woman who whole her life was a perfect example for any child 'Too perfect...' while Natsuki was someone from whom you better should stay away even though inside she was a very nice, sweet person who she tried to hide from others so much. Seeing that nothing can be found, Chie closed her eyes and sighed quietly before trying to concentrate and put all her thoughts together. After giving it a moment, she opened her eyes and put Natsuki's folder to the side before starting to look through Fujino's documents.

'Alright Chie, try to think. Fujino Shizuru is particularly the most perfect person that has ever existed and so seems to be her husband Kanzaki Reito. But one thing is off... both their families were murdered the same night and they are the only inhabitants left... Seems too suspicious, but police hasn't found a thing. Then about one, two months ago a gas station had exploded not far from their mansion and several bodies were found, all of them belonged to Kanzaki's and Fujino's guard. The shop assistant claims that he went to the forest since toilet had broken and had seen nothing suspicious. Kanzaki and Fujino claim to not know what their people were doing there... and some days ago the investigator Gallagher-san got into car accident... really suspicious...Somehow I start to like this family less and less. Now that the case fully belongs to Suzushiro, I can't depend on police and need to start my own investigation in this area... but where to start?'

But before she could make a choice, the phone had rung 'Who in the world could it be at such hour?' Chie thought before picking up.

"Harada Chie on the line speaking"

"Chie, its Aoi" Chie's eyes widened.

"Aoi? What's wrong? Are you alright? Did something happen?"

"I'm fine Chie but not your client"

"Who do you mean?" she furrowed her brows.

"Kuga Natsuki is in hospital"

"What?!" Chie jumped up "In which one? What happened? Is she fine?"

"It isn't really clear yet, but it seems that she was taking part in a race and got into accident. There are also signs of fighting. One motorbike got exploded and a bit further away from the scene a dead body was found. It seems that one of the riders got his throat open. Right now investigation is going and Kuga is visited by the police officers. Kuga has several burns and broken ribs. It seems that she had jumped off the bike in the mid air"

"What a reckless idiot" Chie breathed out, already putting all files back on its place.

"And as far as I managed to learn, she also has a deep cut on her leg"

"I see, I'm going to see her. Which hospital is she in?"

"The central hospital"

"Got it, I'm leaving"

"Be careful"

"I sure will. Thanks for the call, take care as well"

"I will" and the call had ended.

Switching off the lights, Chie had left the office.

Normal POV ends

Natsuki's POV

Right after the indecent I was taken to the central hospital. It sucks, I know. My enemies will know about my location now and Yamada also won't be very happy about it. He worked so hard on my safety and now all his tries had died in vain.

Police had escorted me whole this time and even now they were here at hospital, torturing me with their annoying questions. The inspector still hadn't arrived what mean that I would have to answer questions twice. Not liking to talk much, I had simply refused to answer to anything until his arrival.

Doctors had examined my injuries and it appeared that several ribs were broken and that I had burnt some parts of my body... no wonder... After all I fell from the motorbike at high speed! They also had examined the cut on my leg and said that if the cut would be at least a bit lower and deeper, it would injure my nerves and then I would be in big shit. In other words I got really lucky; usually injuries from such fall are much more serious.

I was sitting in hospital bed and managed to get all police officers out of the room but sadly my peaceful stay didn't last long. Finally the investigator had arrived and now I definitely would be surrounded by questions without any escape left. Although... I can always ask for a lawyer!

I was about to ask for one but seeing who had entered the room, my jaw dropped. I wished to disappear right this instant. Out of all people why did it have to be him? It looks like he also didn't expect to see me here. His whole serious look had instantly disappeared and was replaced by pure surprise; blush had spread from his cheeks and to his neck. Folders had fallen out of his hands and mouth started to move, trying to make at least some kind of sound.

"K-k-k-kuga!" finally exclaimed Takeda, the guy had a crush on me for ages and wouldn't leave me alone while we were working together in Special Investigations Team.

"Hey there" I waved awkwardly "It looks like you have moved on and became an investigator, congratulations"

"Th-thanks" he rubbed his neck shyly.

"Your documents"


"Your documents" I pointed at the floor where all the files were lying.

"Ah! My files!" he exclaimed when he noticed the mess he had caused and quickly started to collect them "So… h-how are you doing? H-haven't seen you in ages" he asked from the floor.

'Maybe having him as investigator isn't so bad after all… he still has crush on me, I can make a use out of it'

"Oh nothing much, street racing as you can see"

"Ah… so what happened there?" he stood up.

"An accident"

"How? With w-whom? Police o-officers claim that th-they had heard some shooting and second m-motorbike which was found by your side w-was exploded" he walked towards me, his whole body shaking. I couldn't tell if it was from excitement or fear since I had kicked him several times in the past.

"Duno… after all riders are wearing helmets"

"But rider h-had attacked you, didn't he?" he took a sit at the chair which stood by my side.


"The cut, the cut on your leg" he pointed out while taking some notes.

"That's a usual thing at street races"

"Deaths also are usual thing?"

"Deaths?" I asked surprised.

"H-hai, the rider Red Bull was found dead not far from th-the accident area"

"What?!" I straightened up making him fall over "How did that happen?!"

A lot of things were happening during the race, riders had accidents, broke some bones but deaths… even though the whole race was dangerous, Maya always tried to do all tracks in way that no one would ever die. Of course everything could happen and some deaths did appear, but it was really rare and for Red Bull to die it was almost impossible.

"He was killed" answered Takeda who once again was collecting the documents "His throat w-was cut open and h-his body was left i-in trash can" he stood up and put the chair back on its place before sitting down.

I paled, this had explained a lot. Such thing as why the Wolverine weirdo had stopped 'She didn't want to leave any evidence… but who is she? Wait! If she didn't want to leave any evidence that means that Maya is in trouble! Damn! What should I do? Tell this idiot so they could protect Maya? But then her whole business will be ruined. If she was really sent by Kanzaki then too many people will get involved in whole this mess. I don't need any more unnecessary deaths; things are becoming way too complicated. Damn, what should I do?'

"K-Kuga-san?" I heard Takeda's voice and immediately looked at him "What r-really happened?"

"I don't know" I answered seriously "I was just taking a part in race when suddenly some strange rider started to act strangely. Weapons are not allowed but this rider did have one. I couldn't see what exactly was it but as you can see it was something sharp. It looks that this rider wanted to win no matter what"

"Then wh-why did you say that it was the usual thing wh-when I asked about th-the c-cut?"

"It is our business to deal with other riders who break the rules, not police. But seeing how serious things are, I reconsidered"

"Kuga-san, a-as ex police w-worker you sh-should know that street r-races are illegal. S-so police has to deal with all street racing p-problems"

"Whatever" I lay down "Are you done?"

"Who was h-holding the race?"

"Don't know"

"H-how is it possible?" he looked surprised; blush still present on his cheeks.

"Figure it out yourself, now leave. I'm too tired" I turned my back on him.

"I-I haven't asked your address and ph-phone number yet!"

"What?!" I jumped up, anger boiling inside me. He really hasn't given up yet.

"It is for work!" he exclaimed and covered himself, expecting to get punched.

"Oh!" I lowered my fist "It's the same, just check the old datas now leave" and laid back again.

"O-ok… Well I-I'll be going then" he stood up.

"Go ahead" I answered not looking at him.

"Take c-care"

And his footsteps signaled that he was about to leave when suddenly the door had opened and I heard a female's voice.

"Sorry for intruding, but Kuga-san's boyfriend has come to see her"

"Boyfriend?!" exclaimed me and Takeda in one voice.

His head quickly turned towards my direction.

"Yes honey, I'm finally back" I heard a pretty familiar voice and soon a tall man dressed in leather outfit like biker had appeared in the door. He had slightly dark skin, black beard, dark circle like glasses and red bandana with skulls. He took of his glasses and winked before stepping into the room and came closer to me. He handed me the bouquet of flowers and kissed me on the cheek before whispering into my ear "It's me, Yamada"

My eyes widened before carefully scanning his face. After taking closer look at his eyes I gasped, it really was him.

"Babe!" I exclaimed the first thing that came to my mind "I'm SO happy to see you" and hugged him around the neck.

"Same here my baby girl" an unnoticeable punch was sent into his stomach at 'baby girl' part.

"B-b-b-boyfriend?!" squealed Takeda in the background.

"Oh right, I forgot to tell you. Yep, I have a boyfriend now. His name is…"

"Yu" Yamada finished in my place "I'm Keitaro Yu. And you must be the inspector" he smiled showing his fake, golden teeth.

"N-nice to meet you"

"Same here"

"Inspector, do you allow him to stay?" asked the nurse who was waiting in the doorway.

"H-hai" he went back to the door, his whole body shaking "But no m-more visitor's f-for today"

"Of course!"

"Take care K-kuga-san"

"You too!" I waved at him and with that he had disappeared behind the door.

After waiting a moment, I burst out laughing. Yamada's fake smile immediately disappeared and was replaced by his usual serious look.

"That was a good one" I laughed hard "You really made me worried at first"

"If you only knew how much I was worried when I found out that you were here" he sat down on the chair "Damn, now the whole cover that I had made went to nothing. We will have to make a new one for you"

"Sorry" I tried to stop laughing "But I couldn't resist. It was such a long time when I last took part in races"

"Well it seems that for now I will have to be your boyfriend"

"Ok, but damn… why did you have to put such a horrible make up? Couldn't you try to look more handsome? Now everyone will think that I'm a weirdo"

"Since when does others opinion bother you?"

"Yeh… you are right"

"Good… now if someone will ask we have met two months ago in a bar named 'Blue devil'" I nodded.

"Good, anymore questions?"

"Somehow hearing that I fell in love with some weirdo sounds so wrong…"

"Well sorry for looking like an idiot" he crossed his hands "I'm already enough out of character. Still can't get why I am helping you so much… and why in the world did I include myself in this mess"

"I must have gotten you drunk at that bar two months ago" I grinned.

"Anyway what happened?" he asked seriously, my grin immediately disappeared.

"I was attacked and it looks like she had killed Red Bull"


"Yes, it's a woman. She was dressed fully in black and out of her knuckles had appeared three knives. She was an exact Wolverine parody"

"Someone was watching too much TV…"

"Hey! I'm serious!" I protested.

"I was talking about the killer"


"Anything else?"

"Not really… she was quiet whole time and had attacked me in the mid air. When police had arrived she destroyed her bike and ran off"

"I see…"

"You need to take care of Maya"

"Maya? The one who was having the race?"

"Yes, it seems that this mysterious rider is taking down the witnesses. Maya might be next. Also try to find out who was she"

"Will be done" he stood up "I'll be going then. And you stay here and don't make any more fuss, understood?" he glared at me.

"Yeh yeh, just keep in touch with me" I waved it off.

"Will be done" and put on his glasses before leaving the room.

Silently I laid back and sighed, things were starting to get out of control.

Natsuki's POV ends.

Shizuru's POV

It was early in the morning when I had heard a knock on by bedrooms door. Lazily I opened my eyes and commanded to enter. For my surprise the person that had appeared in the doorway was no other than Tomoe.

"Good morning Fujino-san" she bowed respectfully, a blush adored her pale face.

"Tomoe…" I turned on my side to take a better look "What are you doing here?" but somehow I knew the answer.

It appeared that Tomoe had a crush on me, I was suspecting it for some time but soon it was confirmed at whole 100%. I never talked to her, nor did I take big notice of her existence but that little encounter between us, which happened about a month ago, gave me a lot of hints. After making slight investigation, I had confirmed her feelings. Can you believe it? The maddest killer in whole organization has a big crush on me? Yes, I said maddest because her mind is far more twisted than mine, and I'm a Red Snake the most feared murderer of all, that surely says a lot.

Being sneaky as I am, I've decided to make use of it. My attention in exchange for the information. Reito kept keeping secrets from me and I surely didn't like it, his actions started to become suspicious. Trying to figure everything out myself is too dangerous and risky; I have no intentions in getting at his bad side. Not that I can't kill him any moment, but there is still use from him and I have no interest in having whole Japan hunting after my head. So the best idea that I had was to make use out of one of his subordinates and Tomoe surely was the most obedient one. Of course she doesn't know everything, there is no way Reito would share anything important with her but for me she was ready to make several investigations into the case.

"I…I have some news for you…" she answered quietly.

"What is it?" I asked motioning for her to come nearer.

"I…I found out who was the new target" she answered and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Ara, so our mysterious killer is on the move again?" I asked and nuzzled her neck while lightly encircling my hands around her waist, I could feel her shiver under my touch what made me grin knowing that someone as powerful as her was fully left under my mercy.

"H-hai…" she gasped when my lips touched her sensitive skin in the crook of her neck.

"And who was the target?" I continued, sliding my hands under her shirt.

"I-It… w-was…" she gasped again

"Yes?" I continued, slowly sliding my hands up her body, my fingers slightly grazing against lower part of her breasts.

"K-Kuga Natsuki…" she breathed out and my teasing hands and lips immediately stopped.

"What did you say?"

"Ah… well…" feeling my tensed body and hearing my cold voice she hesitated.

"Kuga Natsuki?"


"Is it a joke?" I let go of her and immediately straightened up.

"I wouldn't dare to joke around you Fujino-sama!" the girl protested and jumped on her feet, bowing before me.

"Reito…" I hissed, my eyes getting cold and an instinct to kill started to rise inside me "How dares he…"

"She…she was already attacked" she whispered quietly, obviously getting scared of my mood.

"What?!" I jumped out of the bad, the green haired girl immediately jumped backwards still bowing respectfully and not daring to look me into eyes.

"But she is fine; she got several minor injuries and now is held in hospital"

My body had relaxed a bit "Is it true?"

"Hai… she can be found in central hospital…"

"Good work Tomoe," I smiled and raised her chin up with my finger, making our eyes lock with each other "Keep it up…" and leaned forward, all flushed and weak in her body, Tomoe leaned forward as well and soon our lips had met in a short passionate kiss.

I straightened up and went towards the exit, still wearing a red gown. On my way I slightly patted the top of her head. When I was about to leave, I heard her weak voice.

"Why are you so worried about her?"

Slowly I looked over my shoulder to see the girl facing me with her head down.

"Tomoe…" I could see her shiver the moment I said her name "Out of all killers… You definitely should know what it's like to lose your prey, don't you?"

"I… I understand"

"Good…" and with that I had left.

Shizuru's POV ends.

Natsuki's POV

"What in the world are you doing Kuga?! Do you know how worried I was when I heard that you got hospitalized?!" Chie was screaming out loud at me. It was the first time that I saw her that angry.

"Eh… since when are you worried? Especially about me?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" she glared making me panic.

"Nothing, absolutely nothing" I shook my head.

"Good, now tell me what happened?" she looked thorough the documents.

"An accident" I shrugged.

"Yep, and that random cut on your leg had also appeared because of it?"

"I guess…"

"Na-tsu-ki" she leaned right into my face "Who are you trying to fool? That cut was obviously done by some strange weapon"

"It probably got cut by one of motorbike parts"

"Red Bull is dead" her face became deadly serious.

"I know" my face became emotionless.

"Then tell me what had happened"

"An accident…"

"What kind of accident? Who was involved? What were they after?"

"I don't know, it is the first time I met them" I looked away.

"Kuga don't try to fool me. Do you really think that I didn't notice your reaction when Fujino Shizuru had been mentioned?" my eyes had widened and immediately I had gazed right into her brown eyes "Is it she? Was it Fujino who had attacked you? Why? What was she after?"

"I have no idea what you are talking about, I have never met that Fujino girl" my surprised look had turned into glare 'So she really had noticed, damn it!'


"I'm tired, please leave" I answered and immediately lay down, turning my back on her.

"So that's how you are going to do things…" I heard her quiet voice but still didn't dare to look at her. She was known as great detective not for nothing, she always was able to read people no matter how hard you try not to give a sign of discomfort.

"I told you, I'm tired"

"Fine, if you don't want to cooperate then I'll have to do everything myself" I heard her moving away "I won't tell anything to Tokiha-san though, but you are not allowed to leave the city"

"You don't have such authority"

"Have you forgotten with whom you are dealing?"

"No, not really…" the door behind me had opened.

"Good" she was about to leave when my mouth had opened again.

"Don't dig too deep, you are not immortal after all" I muttered quietly but she still heard me.

"It is still my job which I plan to finish" and the door had closed.

A deep silence had fallen over the room making me feel very uncomfortable and cold. Several shivers had passed through my body and I had clenched the blanket tighter. My whole body was shaking and my eyes were tightly closed, I was feeling completely useless and stressed. Because of my incompetence I had dragged Chie in this mass too, even tough I promised that I would keep her away from it.

"Chie… you are a fool…"

Natsuki's POV ends

Shizuru's POV

I was furious to say the least, the information Tomoe had leaked to me had completely destroyed my calm shell. I couldn't believe that Reito really had tried to kill Natsuki right behind my back without informing me about it '"Who does he think I am? A fool? I'll show that bastard who is who here. If he won't have any decent excuse, it will be his last day of living' I was ranting in my head, creating thousands of images of how I would torture him the moment I would get into his office.

Yep, right now I was driving my favorite red Ferrari and heading right towards his office where he was working today. At first I planned to wait for his return, but I was so frustrated that waiting was not an option. I was only one second away from killing one of the servants. Not that I really care about them, but somehow I preferred to spent all my anger on him than at some random dumb ass. Otherwise whole enjoyment would be gone and I would have another fit of anger which I don't approve. I'm a collective, calm person and anger is killing the whole image.

Right ahead of me was seen a guard post with blocked road. Without blinking I had accelarated the car not even thinking about stopping. My Ferrari could always be repaired but sadly the man on post wouldn't see that. Thankfully for him he had recognised me and had lifted the barrier right before I would hit it, the roof of my car was just inches away from being scratched.

'Good boy' I smirked to myself before pulling the hand brake, the force of the brake sent my car to the side what resulted for me to pass right through two parked cars. The force was so strong that half of my car had lifted up in the air. But I didn't care, calmly waiting for it to lend back. And as it had happened many times before, it had landed back on earth.

At first bunch of people would gazer around and look at me with shocked expressions, but after learning who am I and what exactly this kind of parking meant, they rapidly were running in all possible directions just to get out of my way. Even though here I'm known as Fujino Shizuru, Kanzaki Reito's wife, still no one wanted to cross my path during my anger. My arms would always twich to just grab someone and snap his/her neck right there but instead I would simply sent a glare which already made them piss themselves.

Without looking around, I have went right into the building and straight towards the elevator. My path was fully clear as, people who were in the lift had immediately left it. My frustration never went unnoticed. The doors of the lift had closed and soon it had stopped at the last floor where Reito's office was placed. His and only his. No one except him, his secretary and several guards were ever around unless he was having a meeting.

At first secretary tried to stop me, claiming that he was having some meeting but after she saw my blood full eyes, she had immediately backed away lowering her head in apologize. Soon my hand had reached the door and with forceful push it was swung open.

That secretary didn't lie, he really was having a meeting with another fat ass businessman whose face was twice bigger than front of my car. He and his business college had jumped in their seats at my sudden appearence and had looked at me dumbfobed. My red like blood eyes had instantly met Reito's golden which at first were as suprised as all others but soon rage was clearly viewable in them.

"Shizuru..." his voice was firm "What are you doing here?"

"We need to talk" my gaze had never left his even for a second.

"Can't you see that I'm in the middle of the meeting?" he asked fonding his hands before him on the table making only his sharp eyes visible.

"Or you will talk with me right now or there will be major consequences" my voice was sharp, not leaving a spot for objection.

His eyes had narrowed even more "Leave us" he ordered.

The guys were at loose not knowing what to do out of this mess but Reito's next words "Now!" made them run out of his office, slamming the door behind. Several seconds had passed before he spoke again.

"It better be important..." he hissed.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Told you what?"

"Why didn't you tell me that you had attacked Natsuki?"

"And that's it?!" he jumped on his feet "You have interrupted one of the most important meetings just to ask me about that mud?"

"Don't change the subject"

"It has to be obviouse, if I had told you, you would get in the way"

"You have no right to touch my prey" I hissed while walking closer.

"Your prey?"

"Yes, my prey. I was the one who had to kill her"

"As far as I remeber the last one who had fought her was Nao"

"Hell I care about the last one, I was first!"

"Can't you see what she is doing to you? You are losing your cool!"

Those words had hit the spot and before he could blink, I was already right before him on his table, holding the end of the dragger right before his throat. And even though he was only milimeters away from his death, he didn't flinch.

"Am I still losing it?" I smirked making a pressure with my dragger and gaining small stream of blood to run down its blade.

"Just look at you" he glared at me "Since when are you getting angry like this?"

"I'm always angry"

"But you never show it"

"Maybe I'm tired of hiding?"

"Why now?"

"And why not?"

"Kuga Natsuki must die, she knows way too much"

Before I could realize what I was doing, I have fully pushed the dragger. Wanting it to sink in his blood, consequences didn't bother me at all. But for my suprise instead of getting all drained in blood blade, nothing had happened. Reito wasn't there anymore but on my right with his gun before my head.

"Not bad" I smirked.

"You are not yourself" he said calmly "You would never attack anyone in open like this"

"And what about that bodyguard?" I asked, still holding my armed arm in the air.

"Everything was taken care of back then but here you would be caught"

"I have never followed the rules, they have always bored me" slowly I have turned my head towards him. The gun was pointed right into my forehead now, I could feel it's cold metal.

"Lower the weapon"

"Make me"

"If you'll die, who will protect your preciouse Natsuki then?"

"Do you really believe that you can kill me?" I laughed.

"You really are a confident one even in such situation" he grinned "That's what I always loved about you"

"Shoot" I ordered, not paying attention to his words. There is no way I would lose the concentration.

"Why do you care so much?" he asked calmly, his face has become emotionless.

"Shoot" I looked him straight in the eyes, my own eyes cold as ice.

"You have never cared, you always had killed without hesitation and yet after such a long time Kuga is still alive"




"Do you love her?"

Something had clicked in my brain, and my armed arm automaticly had moved for Reito's head while my head had moved out of his weapon sigh. My second hand had grabbed the gun in his hand in order not to let him shoot me while his second hand had grabbed mine.

Our hands shoock, trying to dominaate each other… trying to kill each other. Our eyes had locked in another cold hearted glare, none of us had even blinked. The tension was getting unbelievable like if something could crack any moment and if we would not be careful, we would fall deep down into emptiness from which is no return.

"Don't… be… ridiculus" I hissed.

"I have no intentions of fighting" he answered calmly "Let's make a deal" he slowly had lowere his weapon and seconds later let the weapon fall on the floor.

"I'm listening" I answered, still holding my dragger tightly in my sweaty hand.

"I'll give you one more month, during this time you need to get rif of her"

"And what about other witnesses?"

"All of them will be taken care but…" my eyes narrowed "…if she will get in my way, I won't hold back so if you want to deal with her yourself, keep her away from my business and make sure that she won't reveal any of our indentities"

"I can easily kill you right here and now, like that I won't have any more problems"

"You think so? You and Kuga will be the first under suspicion and don't forget what position I'm holding. If something were to happen with me, other organization won't let you be"

"I can take care of myself"

"You are the best killer nowdays, but even you won't be able to escape"

I really hated to see that calm look and confident smile that was gracing his lips. My desire to kill him was getting bigger but he had a point. Even I won't be able to escape from the whole world. I might kill thousands, but with my death it will be Natsuki's as well. I still needed her, she was the key to whole confusion that was lately happening around me. I'm not happy about it one bit but if I won't find out what is wrong, I might have signs of weakness again and in this criminal world none weakness is acaptable. Show your frail side and you'll get crushed by the hundreds of prediators who are counting seconds until your fall.

"Three months" I finally answered.

"Fine" I lowered the hand.

"You better keep your word"

"And you better deal with that brat as soon as possible" he went back to his seat, on the way back he had picked up the gun "Could you leave now, please? I was in the middle of the meeting you know" he had entigled his fingers together.

"Fine" I jumped off the table, hiding dragger into the sleeve of my cloth "But remember, it was your idea so don't you dare to touch her"

"As long as you keep her away from me, I won't… during three months, of course"

"I will as long as you won't stand in my way"

"Deal… I will let you do whatever you want as long as any of your actions will not stand in my way"

"You better not forget your promise" I turned around.

"Same goes to you"

"Don't worry, I won't" and smirk had crossed my lips right before I had left his office.

Shizuru's POV ends

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Takeda: No one loves me T.T

Nao: And Kuga cleaning my house!

Bad One: Sure!

Reito: And me having tea party.

Bad One: Sure!

Shiho: And me coming back from dead.

Bad One: Sure!

Chie: And me taking and selling pics of intimate ShizNat moments!

Bad One: Sure!

Natsuki: HEY! WTF are you doing?!

Bad One: Sure!

Natsuki: Snap out of it! – starts to shoot at me-

Bad One: I just tried to make everyone happy!