Lee Carmichael, Amberly Carmichael's cousin, was finally a Billings Girl. Along with her cousin, Amberly, Regina George, Gretchen Wieners, Karen Smith, and Georgina Sparks, they were the newest addition of Billings Girls. Being a Billings Girls was being feared. Respected. Admired. And all because of some redoing in Billings. Lee thought about it. Yes, she was in Billings. Yes, she was admired. She just had to use it the right way.

"Hey, Karen, Regina, Gretchen, want to go outside with me?" she asked, hopefully.

"Me, Gretch, and Karen would totally love to! Right, girls?" Regina said.

"Totally. As long as we walk. I hate being sweaty It's like, against the rules of feminism!" Gretchen said.

"Right. I'll go!" said Karen.

They all went outside and walked. And while they walked, they were admired upon. Regina George, the leader of the Plastics, had long blond hair. Blue eyes. White skin.

Gretchen Wieners however, had curly dark brown hair. Dark brown eyes. She was the beta, or second-in-command. Gretchen knew everything about everyone. But then again, Billings Girls knew everything about everyone. But Gretchen knew some stuff even the Billings Girls did not know, especially since her father was the inventor of toaster strudel. Karen Smith Gretchen's BFF, was like a Regina mini-me. But she was the dumb one. But she was Gretchen's closest friend. Lee Carmichael was not a Plastic. She was in fact, very close to them. She was a freshman, while they were juniors. Her long dark brown hair, cobalt blue eyes, and gorgeous body were stunning.

"Oh my God, Regina, there's Reed!" Gretchen said.

"Hey Reed, over here!" said Regina, happily.

Reed Brennan, President of Billings House came over.

"Hey guys, what's going-"

"Um, isn't Cheyenne supposed to be dead?" said Karen, looking up at Reed's room.

And that's when Gretchen and Regina started screaming, and Detective Hauer came.

"It's just so sad, Detective Hauer. Cheyenne's death was a terrible blow to all of us. She was wonderful girl. With wonderful potential to change the world. It's just, so sad!" Regina wailed then ran out of the room.

"Wait Regina! Talk to me! What's wrong?!" Gretchen exclaimed, running with Regina.

"Yeah, so that's we found it. Really." Said Reed, scared.

"We wouldn't do this, please, you have to believe us." Said Lee, just as scared. And that's saying something.

"Well, we believe you. But if you know anything, TELL US." Detective Hauer said, slowly.

Lee and Reed went outside, with Karen trailing them, to find Regina and Gretchen outside.

"Well, that was scary, wasn't it?" said Gretchen, timidly.

Just then, Portia Ahronian came in.

"Did you guys hear??" she said, excitedly. She was on a high caffeine drive.

"Uh, no. Obviously not!" Regina said.

"Well, the girls will go to Constance Billard and the boy's are going to St. Jude's!!"

"Wait, this can't be happening. What about our luggage? And where are these schools?"

Regina said, eagerly. Obviously, she was shocked and dying to know.

"Upper East Side. For both! And it's a day school! So we'll go to school like the rest of them. And then we'll stay in a place that'll be our replacement Billings." Portia said, on a caffeine rush, still.

"Oh my god! This is unbelievable!" said Gretchen, still shocked about it.

"Wait, what about my clothes? Can we pack? I think I'm going to freak!" said Reed.

"Uh, no. Since you are not one of the many who own houses here, we'll just have to buy your clothes." said Portia. "We only have 30 min. to get organized into dorms and go to the trains. So come on!"

They followed Portia to the meeting place for Billings. Vienna and London both clutched each other, as if they were dealing with a monster. Kiran clutched two suitcases, as did Taylor. Shelby saw Portia, and waved happily, while her blue eyes were filled with worry. Rose and Tiffany were talking in hushed tones, while Sabine, Constance, and Astrid were huddling each other. Ariana was reading, as usual, and Georgina was next to her. Georgina was wearing sunglasses, but her mouth was set in a hard grim line. Noelle was the only one who actually looked unafraid, but she was angry. Infuriated. And everyone, including Reed. Feared the anger and the wrath of Noelle. As if, it would lash upon them. She immediately waved over, but was still furious. Reed immediately was next to Noelle. Amberly as usual was right behind Ariana, so you could barely see her. She was terrified, and looked around. She immediately was relieved when she saw her cousin, Lee. Portia walked up next to Shelby, and the Plastics immediately whispered among each other. And Lee went right next to Ariana who lifted her head and smiled. A happy sort of smile.

"So, this isn't normal, but Easton isn't normal either. Are you okay?" she asked, kindly, in a worried tone.

"Yeah, I'm pretty fine. I never thought this would happen to me." Lee said. Lee saw Amberly walking to Noelle, so she lowered her voice and talked to both Ariana and Georgina. "Listen don't tell anyone about this, but me, Reed and the Plastics saw Cheyenne's body hung outside her window. And I thought she was supposed to be cremated, but it was all rotten and everything. And the weird thing is, they're putting the whole place as a crime scene. What happened to you guys?"

"Well, me and Georgina were both sleeping in her closet, you know why, and then the police came in. Georgina remembered that Thomas put many drugs in her room, so she stuffed them in her bag. And Kiran remembered the alcohol, so we packed all of those up. Because we obviously bought a lot.", Ariana said. Georgina just nodded, touching her black Oliver Peoples Skyla sunglasses. " Anyways, we have to get on the train."

The Easton students had to be stuffed into a train. It was huge, but when all of Ketlar and Billings are squished together, and when the girls over applied their perfume, the boys got annoyed, and a lot of them started to sneeze. So Gage decided to say something.

"Can't you women stop over applying the damn perfume. My god, the lengths you take!" he said, callously. He then sneezed violently.

That didn't help, when the Billings Girls shot daggers at him. Noelle then spoke.

"Well, you'll miss our perfume, perv, when you go to St. Jude's with the boys. But maybe you'll grow onto boys!"

Thomas said, "Well, Noelle, he does have a point. I mean the train is filled with scents of fruits and all that. And at least I'm not a bitch like you!"

"For your information, Pearson, I don't wear fruity shit! I wear sandalwood mixed with it!" Noelle retorted.

"You guys, we need to stop fighting about the perfume and start talking about the students at these schools!" said Reed.

"Fine, what do we know about these people, anyways? I bet there all nerds, anyways." Noelle said.

"I know about Blair Waldorf. She's a real tightass. Total hate for her. Her BFF is Serena Van Der Woodson." Said Lee.

"Any way we can learn more about these people, Lee?" said Noelle

"Uh, yeah. Check for more info about them." Lee said.

And that's when everyone whipped out his or her phones to learn more about these people.

"Did you hear, were gonna to have new meat from some boarding school in Connecticut!" Isabel said, shocked.

"Um, what if they have popular people?" Blair said, angry and shocked, but scared.

"Blair, don't worry. I read that Easton is for studiers, not partiers." Serena said.

"Serena, you better be right!" Blair said, playfully.

The boys of St. Jude were not wondering about the boys, but the boys, especially Chuck Bass.

"I really do hope that these girls are hot. It would be so nice…" Chuck said, devilishly.

"Dude, Easton is for studiers, not partiers, so your hopes are gone." Nate said.

"Well, that, is very, very bad, Nathaniel. Rubicund complexions aren't my favorite, you know." Chuck replied, cool and calm as ever. And then the boys never mentioned Easton for the rest of their conversation.

But Gossip Girl did.

Well, well, well. It looks like we have a scandal fit for the century. Easton Academy, a posh Connecticut boarding school, has to send its students to St. Jude's and Constance Billard. What made them come over here? Who are the students? And are they fit to survive here? Well, I know I'll be dying to know.

You know you love me,

XOXO Gossip Girl.

The Billings Girls had a shopping spree, to replace their lost clothes. They stepped inside Saks Fifth Avenue and went absolutely crazy. Except for Reed Brennan.

"Reed, you have to let me get you the Lina Baday Turtleneck Top! You look so gorgeous in it! And the Chloe Ruffle Mini Skirt!" Lee told her.

"But, it's way too expensive, Lee!" Reed said.

"Please. It's only 555 dollars. And It's nothing compared to what I have." Lee replied, pointing to her stack of clothes, which were probably big as a Beetle.

"Well, fine. I guess so." Reed said. These girls give any excuse to buy something, she thought.

"Great, then I'm getting you the Burberry Double Button Mini Skirt, Burberry Revere-Collar Peacoat, Nicole Miller Metal Bubble dress, and the Issa Silk Kimono Mini Dress." Replied Lee calmly.

Portia, Shelby, Constance, Sabine, and Kiki were examining the Lancôme Juicy Tubes Smoothie Lip Gloss.

"I'm totally going to get the Hallucination; it's totally cool for me." Shelby said.

"Well, I'm going to get the Simmer; I think it's pretty good." Sabine said.

The rest of the girls agreed and bought what they liked.

"Hey Lee, Me and Thomas are going out. Come on!" Ariana said, happily.

"Sure, I'd love to! Platinum, Psycho, Caviar, or Limelight?" Lee said.

"Gretchen, Karen, we need to talk." Regina said, solemnly.

"You guys, this is a new place, new people. We need to put our problems behind us. We need to use this new creation I made." Regina said, honestly and quietly.

"What's the great creation, Regina?" Gretchen said. Gretchen always agreed with Regina.

"Yeah, what is it, Regina?" Karen said. She always sucked up to Regina, as did Gretchen.

Regina whipped out a fuzzy pink book. It contained words that looked like they were pasted on. It said, on the front cover, Burn Book. Then in smaller letters, it said, every girls greatest secrets. On the back, there was a warning sign, with skull and bones. In that box, it said, naughty or nice, use this wisely.

"It's the Burn Book. Whenever on person gets us bad, we write down our feelings in it. And of course, their secrets." Regina said.

"We love the idea, Regina!" Gretchen and Karen both exclaimed, happily.

"Reed, I think that Chinatown is very nice for you. Red is your color." Noelle said.

"Yeah, I guess it's pretty nice. I mean, the thing is, what if it does not match my outfit. You know I can't buy a lot of this stuff." Reed replied.

"Well, borrow some of my clothes and we can go shopping tomorrow. So it won't matter too much." Noelle said. They then chattered about school and nail polish.

Blair Waldorf, Serena van der Woodsen, Kati Farkas, Isabel Coates, Penelope Hayes, and Elise Wells were sitting in Blair's very own Bliss spa, talking about Easton, and reading Vogue.

"If they are a whole bunch of dorky losers, then fine, whatever. But if they overshadow us, then we have a problem." Blair said, her feet being painted.

"Blair, don't worry. They will not harm you. Give them a chance. You never know." Serena said, lifting her head.

"Besides, worrying will ruin your complexion. That's so not right if you come to school with a zit." Kati whined.

They all nodded and omitted the word Easton from the conversation.

"If only they were hot…" Chuck Bass said, drinking scotch in his suite, with Nate Archibald.

"Come on Chuck, you don't have to worry about it." Nate said.

"What do you have to worry about, Nathaniel? You have a relationship with oh, I don't know…" Chuck replied.

"Aw, come on, Chuck." Nate said playfully, slapping his best friend's arm, when they joked around for the rest of the night.

"Regina, wake up. No more beauty sleep, it's time for Constance Billard." Lee told her.

Lee was in a Bleau Claire Sycamore Print Chemise, drinking a Starbucks.

"Well, fine. I have to wear an impressing outfit. You know that, right?" Regina asked.

"Duh. We all do." Lee replied.

Regina went inside her closet, and she looked for something to wear. She chose her Juicy Couture Cotton Scottie Dog Tee, Saks Fifth Avenue Sport Terry Hoodie, and her Miu Miu pleated jacquard skirt. The shoes she wore were Louboutin platforms. She, as usual, always waited at the door, for Gretchen and Karen, ready to scrutinize their outfits. Gretchen came out wearing a Rebecca & Drew fitted woven shirt with a Juicy Couture belted plaid skirt. Then Karen came out wearing a Diane Von Furstenberg orneta cardigan with a Marc by Marc Jacobs hopscotch plaid skirt. She scrutinized their outfits and deemed them worthy. Then they went to the elevator with the other Billings Girls.

"Hey, Lee, bet you an unused bottle of Nars lip gloss in giza." Kiran challenged.

"That I can beat the elevator? Oh sure, that's easy. And I'll give you a Dior Addict Lipstick in Cosmic Rose." Lee challenged back.

"All for it. Are you in, ladies?" Kiran asked.

"Yes." They all chorused.

"And it begins… NOW!" Kiran shouted. The other Billings Girls raced in the elevator, squashing themselves as Lee ran to the steps. Lee just sat on the stair rail and slid. For her, it was actually fun.