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Summary #1: At age seven Bella Swan had a taste of something different; something she never saw coming her way. After Renee divorced Charlie for another man, Charlie doesn't take it too well. He soon becomes abusive. The only thing that made him satisified, was coming home after work torturing poor Bella. After years of hiding secrets and covering up cuts and bruises, Bella finally makes another attempt to stand up for herself. She soon finds herself being moved to different homes for the next two years until she finally settles at the Cullen residence, for good, she hopes. Will the Cullens help her live the life she's never thought she could have the chance for?

Summary #2: (Official Summary of the story): "The Cullens let me in when no one else wanted me. I was scared of trusting before I even met them and when I met them too. I was scared of losing everything I had because faith and hope had already left my side years ago. I didn't have anything to hold onto anymore. Families didn't want me. I was adopted so many times and I felt so unwanted. But the very first day I met the Cullens, that changed." *Excerpt from Chapter. 25 - With Me. (We had to cutt it shorter on the official summary as listed).

Note: We suck at summaries. We're pretty sure the story is going to turn out better than it sounds :) If you want, give it a try. If it's not your scene, who's forcing you?

DISCLAIMER FOR ENTIRE STORY: We WISH we were Stephenie Meyer. We do not own Twilight or its characters. However, we do own a copy of the magnificent book. Credit goes to the amazing Stephenie! :)

"Stop it!" I screamed in pain. I backed away as fast as I could; dodging what was coming at me. "Stop it please!" I begged on my knees.

Without one word he continued to whip the belt at my thigh as I let out cries of pain. The unpleasant burns I received from him left parts of my body completely red. They soon turned into big, thick bruises that trailed up and down my legs, my arms and my stomach.

There was no use fighting back. The more I opened up my mouth or did any action whatsoever, the more cuts and bruises I received. There was not an inch on my body that had a patch of clear, smooth skin.

I didn't know self-defense. I didn't know how to protect myself no matter how hard I tried. I had been stuck in this living hell ever since I was 7. My mother divorced my father and ran off with another man. Charlie hadn't taken it too well. He loved Renee too much. The world had turned upside down for him. He saw things the wrong way. He became abusive. He didn't give a damn about me or Renee anymore. He wasn't cheerful like he used to be. He blocked out all of his friends from his life. All he did was sleep, eat, work and torture me. That was his daily routine.

I made an attempt to runaway a few times. Needless to say, it didn't turn out so well. I ran to my teachers to help, the only people I could go to since Charlie never let me out after school. Unfortunately, the teachers thought I was being silly. Charlie would always put on a good show for them at parent teacher interviews. Everybody thought my dad was a sweet, charming guy. Bullshit. He will never be close to what they say.

So really, school was the only place I could escape too. Unlike everyone else, I loved school. Not because of the work but because it was heaven on earth when I wasn't stuck in my hell home. I had my three best friends- Jacob, Sam and Embry- they didn't know about my problems. They just thought I fell down a lot- which was something I did because my legs were weak most of the time. I decided to stick with it. At school, I could be a whole different person. I could be happy and cheerful but at home, I was weak and alone.

"You're just like you're mother!" Charlie held me by my throat, his hands tightening every second I gasped for air. He threw my against the wall, my back making a loud 'thud' noise as I slowly slipped down on my butt. "A pain in my ass!" he growled. His face turning a bright shade of red.

I rubbed the side of my neck with the hand that wasn't covered in blood stains from when Charlie threw a beer bottle at me earlier. I didn't know what I did to deserve this kind of life. Sometimes I thought that if Charlie had hated me this much, why had he kept me around for the past 6 years? Why hadn't he finished me off long ago so I wouldn't have to suffer through this?

The next thing I knew, I was being dragged up the old wooden stairs of a small two bedroom home. At least it use to be called home. Charlie's big, rough hands gripped tightly on my ankles. He brought me into my room that consisted of one thin twin-sized mattress, a small wooden drawer and my own little desk to work on. Charlie being the "nice, loving father" he is, threw in a small T.V to complete my junk of a room. I didn't get many channels though and the reception was just horrible. It wasn't a T.V anymore.

"You're lucky I let you off easily. Now stay put do you understand me?!" he raised a finger at me making sure I heard his message loud and clear.

Afraid to open my mouth, I nodded and crawled to the corner composing myself into a ball as I let out the tears.

"Good. Go to sleep you have school tomorrow." he shut the door loudly and muttered a few words I wished I hadn't heard.

I listened to the sound of his foot steps banging loudly on the stairs as he made his way down. When the sound disappeared I quickly got up and ran to the door, locking it securely. It was stupid really, because Charlie had always found a way in. One time, he threatened to kick down the door and never replace it. Wanting my own privacy, I ran over to open it and found myself lying flat on the ground again.

I dropped to my knees and crawled on all fours to my bed. I pulled the thing blanket over myself shaking constantly as the cold air blew by me. I picked up the small clock beside me I had bought at a garage sale a while ago. This helped me wake up in the mornings; it was my own alarm clock. The red digits claimed it was 10:13 at night. I would have to wake up in eight hours to get ready for school and suffer another daily routine.

I grabbed the sharp pair of scissors and began digging it into my wrist but not to deep to be rushed to the hospital. I watched as the cuts grew wider and the blood flew quicker down my arm. I didn't cry harder at the pain anymore. I was use to doing this now. Absent mindly, I saw Charlie hitting me again. The whole thing played in my head over and over again.

But that was going to be the last time Charlie Swan touched me.

The buzzing coming from the little annoying clock beside me made me jump out of bed quickly. I ran over to the window to see that Charlie's cruiser no longer took up the driveway. Good. He was gone to work.

I looked on my bed to see that the blood from my wrist stained it. I moved my wrist around but I curled my hand into a fist as I threw my head back, squeezing my eyes at the feeling.

I grabbed a fresh new set of clothes-which I didn't have a lot of. I usually wore the same thing everyday when I didn't have the chance to use the washing machine- the usual, a pair of jeans and a green sweater. Forks was a very cloudy, rainy town to live in. I had never experienced a time where I was in the city. The bright, beautiful city. I was always stuck in this bad weather. No wonder I was so pale.

I took a long hot shower. School didn't start until eight but I woke up at six in the morning everyday to have time to gather myself. I lathered my favourite strawberry shampoo in my hair, taking in the sweet refreshing smell. Then I took the cheap bar of soap and wiped it onto a cloth then onto my body. My body flinched in response every time it made contact with the soft cloth. I sucked in a good amount of air as I winced in pain.

I twisted the knobs, turning off the shower. I took the thin blue towel off the bar and covered myself in it as I stepped out of the shower. I looked at myself in the full length mirror stuck onto the back of the door. I placed my fingers on one of the many big bruises and caressed them slowly. They didn't hurt that much anymore which was a good sign. They were healing faster now.

I pulled on my jeans slowly. Careful to not rub it against my legs, making me shriek as the pain began. I slipped on my white undershirt and blow dried my hair. I looked at myself in the mirror. Charlie told me many times that I was ugly. I didn't care what he said then. I didn't know what was ugly or pretty. But now that I grew older, he was right. I was indecent looking.

I brushed my boring brown, frizzy hair with my half broken comb. I looked at the pale girl in the mirror staring back at me with her unattractive chocolate brown eyes. There wasn't anything attractive about me. I was plain. I wasn't like Tanya Denali, a girl in my math class. She had smooth, straight strawberry blonde hair and eyes to die for. They were a nice golden hue, at least she had colour.

I wasn't really friends with her. Sure we said the occasional 'hello' and 'goodbye' but other than that, that was it. I didn't make a lot of friends. My only friends were the guys, Jake, Sam and Embry.

We were the type of people that others found 'intimidating'. We weren't scary though so I didn't know why they were afraid of talking to us. Some girls were actually jealous of me. Apparently I was incredibly lucky to be hanging around those guys. They were known to be 'the hottest guys' in school. Not to mention 'popular'. And I was in that category besides the good looking part. Girls would send glares my way and talk about me all the time. And no, they weren't good comments, most of the time.

Unsatisfied at myself, I shrugged myself into my favourite green hoodie and made my way into the kitchen popping two pop-tarts into the toaster. After chewing them down rapidly, I filled a glass with milk and placed my dishes in the sink not bothering to clean it up.

I looked at the clock hung above the baby blue walls of the kitchen. It was now 7:10. I usually left for school at 7:30 since I had to walk.

I hurriedly rushed up the stairs and back into my room. I pulled out another backpack and started emptying out the continents in my dresser and closet. I didn't have much. Just a few pair of pants, shirts and sweaters. I was lucky enough to have a loving grandmother who sent me clothes and money on my birthday. Even though I hated that day- September 13th. Which reminded me...

I ran over to one of the walls where I drew my own calendar. An X marked the second Tuesday of September. September 13th. No! Today was the day I turned fourteen. Officially.

Ignoring it, I focused my attention back to my closet. I pulled out everything I could and stuffed it into my medium sized back pack. Enough to fit most of my clothes. I wasn't upset that I was leaving. I wanted to do this for so long and nothing was going to stop me now. I threw the bag over my shoulder as well as my school bag and ran downstairs. I put on my old black converse and ran out the door.

I turned around to look at the hideous house I would never return to. And let me tell you, I will never ever miss it.

Today would be the day I finally made my escape. Today would be the day my life changed. I would see the world the way I should see it. No more tears. No more pain. No more Charlie.

"Where are you going?" Jacob was always the concerned one. He always cared for me and worried when I didn't show up at school. If only he knew... but it would only cause him more pain. He was like my big brother after Sam of course.

"Uh I gotta take care of something." I lied-or at least tried to. I wasn't a pro at lying sometimes it was hard to believe me. Very rarely I would be let off without question no matter how bad my excuse was.

"You need a ride?" My seventeen year old best friend asked. I liked that Sam wasn't so caring like Jake. Sometimes he saw through me and didn't bother. When he knew it was important, or had to be done, he didn't ask questions.

I know it was strange hanging out with someone three years older than me but he was a good person. He had friends of his own but most of the time he liked hanging with us. "Sure." He nodded and led me to his sleek, black sports car.

"Wait!" Jake called after us.

"Bella!" Embry followed after.

"What is it guys?" I turned around to see the both of them smiling smugly.

"We got you something." Embry bit the bottom of his lip.

"Guys!" I hissed. "You know I don't like surprises or presents. Not even my own birthday."

"Aw come on Bells. You're fourteen now. Why can't we celebrate?" Jake pouted.

"Ugh just get it over with." I rolled my eyes as theirs lit up.

"Ok open mine first." Carelessly, I grabbed the box out of Jake's hand. I teared off the wrapping paper and threw it on the ground. I stared wide eyed as I lifted the box.

"A cell phone?" I growled. "You spent your money on a cell phone?"

He took a step back sheepishly and rocked on his heels, his hands in his pocket. "Well you know. I thought it was time someone had something to communicate with. S'no big deal Bells."

My eyes narrowed at him. "No big deal? Jacob Black take this back now!"

He shoved the box back to me. "No." The loud bells coming from the school indicated school was starting. "I'm leaving before you can say anything bye Bells!" he was already halfway to the school.

"Saved by the bell." I muttered.

"I'll deal with him, here Bells." Just to be nice I took the present from his hand, thanking him. He nodded and ran after Jake.

"Ready?" Sam asked. I just nodded and got into the passenger seat.

I told Sam to stop by my house. Once we got there I ran inside and up to Charlie's room. I had goose bumps just coming in here. I ran to his closet and pulled out a jar. I discovered that Charlie saved a whole load of cash in here. I took a few hundreds, fifties, twenties... yeah you get the point. I shoved it into the pocket of my jeans and ran to the mail box. I went through the whole stack of mail until I finally found one addressed to me. It was from my grandmother. I smiled, knowing what was sealed under the envelope and tucked it into my backpack. I hopped into Sam's car.

"Where to now?" his tone was completely calm.

I told him where I wanted to go. He stared at me in disbelief. "Care to explain?" he finally asked.

I took a deep breathe. "It all started when I turned seven..." I started the dreadful story of my life. I told him about everything. Every little detail. From when Renee left, to when Charlie became abusive, to the cuts and bruises- I even showed him a few- and to now. "... and I'm so fed up with it," I caught the tear that escaped my eye. "I d-don't even k-know w-why he d-does this to m-me." my voice became shaky.

He stopped the car. When I looked up I found that we were in front of the building. "I'm so sorry." he whispered.

"It's fine." I took a deep breathe and got out of the car.

"So this is it huh?"

I nodded. "Say goodbye to Jake and Emrby for me. Tell them to call me anytime." I raised my new cell phone.

"I will."

"Thanks for everything Sam."

"Just be careful and promise to keep in touch. I hope your new home will be better than what you've gone through. Goodbye Bella." he waved before backing out of the lot.

I watched as his car disappeared on the road before turning back around to face what life had in store for me. I dragged myself to the door and opened it. I made my way to the front desk. "Hello there, how may I help you?"

I took a deep breath. "My name is Isabella Swan. I'm fourteen years old and my father is abusive." I carefully lifted the layers I was wearing revealing all the scars, cuts and bruises. The redheaded lady stared in awe at the skin I revealed to anyone for the first time. Excluding Sam. She assured me I would be okay and that they would put me in a good home with a caring family. I smiled for the first time, hoping she was right.

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