New Horizons-Partial Draft

New Horizons

Hey guys! This is my first Fan fiction, so please be easy with the flames! I hope you all like it. Also, for those people who don't like it, don't read it! Don't give me flames and insults, just don't read it! Other than those people, hope you enjoy my story.

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Edward was acting strange. That I knew was true, but what he said to me, I couldn't be sure. This Edward was strange. I didn't know him! He was fidgeting as if my company wasn't enough. It was as if he had a secret, and that wasn't a surprise birthday secret. He dropped me off, and gave me a lame excuse of hunting. I knew they were going, but a week before Edward said he wasn't going. What had changed in a week? Something was up. Was he planning on leaving me again? I don't know wether my heart could stand that. No, he couldn't. He wouldn't. Would he? Don't be silly Bella! He won't. I needed to repeat that sentence, such a small thing, gave me huge comfort. I needed company.

I knew Alice had decided to stay back from the trip. I knew she wouldn't mind. Even if it was shopping! I needed reassurance. Well, procrastinating wasn't going to get me anywhere. I grabbed the keys to my truck, and ran out to it. A metre away, the inevitable happened. I slipped on the wet driveway. I slid towards the truck, and then slid under, hitting my head somewhere in the process. My head was throbbing, and I imagined the pain as an emergency vehicle light, flashing on, flashing off. I crawled out from the truck and, carefully pulled myself into the toasty cab.

The rain tapped against the roof in a relaxing way. I started the truck, and the roar scared me, compared to Edward's Volvo's quiet purr. I pulled out of the driveway. I drove at the edge of my trucks speed limit. Oh god, the Cullen's habits were getting to me, but I didn't slow down. I turned the truck off and rolled towards the Cullen's door, to get rid of the roar. I got out, still being careful and headed to the front door. I pulled out my key, and opened the door. The house was quiet, except some music, which I assumed, came from Alice's room. I headed upstairs, taking every step carefully. I headed to Alice's room. The music was pounding, and I didn't think Alice would hear me coming.

I opened the door. I looked around the room. The curtains were drawn, and the light cast an eerie glow through the room. I then stopped in my tracks. The stereo was sitting in front of the window on a wooden stand, and the room vibrated from the volume of the music. I then realised why the music was up so loud. Alice and Edward we on the bed, both half naked, making love. They were so absorbed in their passion; they didn't notice me come in. Emotions swirled through me. Sadness, anger and revulsion. What emotion would win? Anger, bingo. I walked over to the stereo. I pulled open the curtains and pushed the stereo towards the window. The huge stereo crashed through the window, and smashed into a million pieces on impact to the ground. A silence followed.

My fiancée, and my best friend…How cliché? "Oh god! Bella, I-" he said, but I interrupted him "Don't Bella me you filthy, cheating liar!" "Bella, it's not what it looks like, I swear!" "Well Edward Cullen, what does it look like? To me, it looks like my ex best friend and ex fiancée are in bed together! So tell me Cullen!" I yelled. He flinched as I said 'Cullen' and not 'Edward' "Bel-" Started Alice "Shut up you!" She flinched. "Bella, I still love you, do you still love me?" Edward said. "Well tell me this. If it were possible, I'd kill you. Is that love?" He flinched, and his face crumpled. My god, I crumpled Edward Cullen! "You are disgusting, you- you… I can't even find a word bad enough for you!" I was screaming now. "I hope you die!" I screamed, and after throwing various things at them-whatever was at reach- I left. I stepped out the front door.

Carlisle's Mercedes was parked behind my truck. The Cullen family was staring at me. Blankly. "Bella, what the hell is up your ars-" Emmet began; "Shut up" Rosalie hit him. "What's wrong Bella?" Jasper asked. He sent wave after wave of calm at me. "Save it for yourself Jasper, you need to see this" I said, my now voice soft and calm.

We ran upstairs. I stopped down at the door. Jasper gasped. "Dear god! Alice what the hell are you doing?" Alice and Edward groaned. I leaned in around the doorframe. "That's the consequences for cheating losers!" I whispered, smirking evilly, and leaned out. The pain inside was excruciating, but I covered it with my anger. Jasper yelled. He just yelled. I blocked my ears, as the volume hurt my ears, but I heard a few curses thrown at the couple. Jasper stormed out. I followed him. When he heard me, he turned around. "Bella, I know this must hurt, but would you like to come to a private place with me, so we can talk?" he asked. I nodded, my pain catching up. He gestured for me to follow him. He took me to the garage. "Get in" he muttered, nodding to a black BMW M5. I hopped in the passenger seat. When he started the car, I wound down all of the windows. He smiled at me, "Thanks" he muttered. I didn't need to be killed by a vampire that day.

We arrived at a beautiful forest clearing. A waterfall poured off a 100-metre drop, and into a lovely little stream. The canopy of the trees covered all but the beautiful sparkling pool. Jasper gestured us to a natural stone that worked like a bench. We had parked the BMW in a parking lot of a bush ranging place. I then jumped on Jasper's back. We ran for all of five minutes, and came to this beautiful clearing. It gave Ed- his clearing a run for its money. Actually, it was better. Anything to do with him was bad. "Where are we?" I asked. "I used to take Alice here. I know she'll see us, and feel some pain," he said. A bit cruel, but I wanted to cause Edward pain, he broke my heart, and I wanted to break his heart.

"Bella, I actually suspected this you know. I had no proof, so I didn't tell you, but I should have confronted them before you had to see that, for that I'm sorry" His honesty was welcome at that time. "Don't beat yourself up, it's their fault," I muttered. It must have been something to do with the stress, because I felt attracted to Jasper then, and he wasn't doping me with emotions, it was real. The closeness of his face, the look in his eyes. Without even thinking I leaned forward and kissed him. He was shocked but then leaned in. It was with urgency, and it didn't feel held back like Edward's. It was love, not just to get over our losses, but love. We both pulled back at the same time. He looked at me with love in his eyes. I sighed. "I think I love you Jasper Hale," I said. "I think I love you Bella Swan," he said.

"Look, Bella, we need to get way. They won't leave us alone otherwise. We shall only tell the rest of the family where we are going" I nodded. "But won't he hear their thoughts?" He shook his head. "They have their ways of keeping him out" I again nodded. "Where do you suggest we go?" I suggest we go to our Canadian residence, Alice hates that house…Also, you should tell Charlie that you are going on a holiday with the Cullen's tomorrow. I shall be picking you up, so if anyone asks why Edward isn't-" I flinched at the sound of his name. "-Picking you up, you tell them, and remember to sound annoyed, that he is preparing a surprise," he said. "He already has made a surprise…" I muttered. "Understood?" he asked. "Understood," I replied.

That night was hell. When Jasper drove me back to the Cullen residence to pick up my truck, I shook violently. Jasper stopped at the start of the driveway. He turned off the car. "Here," he said, throwing me the keys. "Take this home so that you won't have to go near him, I'll use my motorcycle for now, and if anyone asked, we lent it too you because your truck broke down here" He thought of everything. He was in his business tone of mind now, but love still escaped through his eyes. "No, I'll be fine" I said. "Take it" I sighed. "Whatever, but if it has a scratch when you get it back, I didn't do it" I muttered. Great, a car that was probably worth more than my house, a curious father, and in love with my ex fiancée's brother. Now that's cliché! I kissed Jasper good-bye, and hopped into the drivers seat. I started up the car, and I couldn't help but compare the low rumble to the Volvo's soft purr.

I drove back very slowly and carefully. Though I hated traffic lights. When I stamped the accelerator to start moving at the traffic lights like I would in my truck, I was going 80 mph by the time I braked, which nearly ended in turmoil, but I just tapped it and resumed at 35 mph. I pulled gingerly into the driveway behind Charlie's Cruiser. I hopped out of the car, and locked it, using a button on the keys. I paused to think the last time I as here I was worried about my head. Maybe it was all a dream. I walked up to the front door, and walked inside. "That you Bells? I didn't hear you come" Of course, Charlie was referring to my loud truck. "Yeah it's me" I replied. "Has your truck gotten quieter or something?" he asked. Just drop it Charlie! "No, it broke down, the Cullen's lent me a car" I replied walking toward Charlie lying on the couch. "Cool, what did you get?" he asked, knowing the Cullen's wouldn't have given me an old Daewoo. "A BMW I think" He got up to the curtains, to take a peek. "Holy Cr-ayon! That's an M5!" he cried. "No, it's a car dad" I smiled. It felt weird smiling, but his enthusiasm reminded me of a little boy. "Can I have a look?" I gave him the keys. Some peace and quiet would be nice.

Once upstairs, I took a relaxing shower. The water helped me think. I went to my bedroom, and slammed the window shut in case he wanted a visit. I looked out the window, and two figures in cloaks were staring at me. They lifted they're hoods to reveal…

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