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Nanao Ise wore a carefree smile as she made her way slowly out onto the roof of the Division Eight Building. She laughed under her breath when she caught sight of her query. It had been the typical long search, visiting rooftop after rooftop, yet Nanao never lost her sense of content. She wasn't about to let the hassles involved with serving under a man like Shunsui Kyoraku get her down, not when there was so much looking up in her life.

It was silly sentiment really. The world was still at risk; memories of Nanao's recent encounter with the arrancar served to remind her of this constantly. Little had changed from how things were before. The only difference was in that peculiar woman, Rangiku Matsumoto, in her words, in her kisses, in it all. For some reason, that was enough to make Nanao smile.

"You seem in good spirits today, my dear Nanao," Kyoraku said from where he lie on the roof. His hat was in his face and he hadn't moved yet still apparently he could sense Nanao's mood.

"Yes, well, Captain, that doesn't change the fact that you have stacks of work to do and not long to do it. You can't simply lounge around out here all day," Nanao responded lightly, not letting any of her captain's vivivd persona get to her.

"My, my. My little Nanao has changed so much since she returned last week. I don't know what to do." Kyoraku adjusted his hat and sat up, shaking his head.

"Really, I'm completely the same," Nanao argued with a guilty blush. Kyoraku didn't know about Rangiku yet. She wasn't really sure how she should tell him.

"Where are the threats? Where is the cross stare, the angry scowl? Where is all the vivid ferocity so commonplace in my sweet Nanao's heart?" Kyoraku said over-exuberantly. Nanao sighed.

"I suppose I can kind of understand it now," Nanao said in a low voice looking out at the sky. "That's all."

"What is it my Nanao can understand?" Kyoraku shot her a curious gaze.

"Why you say the days like this must be enjoyed," Nanao clarified, her tone soft.

"It was a mistake to send my precious Nanao to such a hellish battlefield..." Kyoraku sighed.

"I don't think it was. Besides, it was my choice, not yours, Captain," Nanao argued.

"Yes, yet still it would be troublesome if my Nanao were to relent in her disciplining. Who knows how Division Eight would get any work done then," the errant Captain said with a smile. Nanao met him with a smirk.

"You needn't worry about that, Captain. I may be in a good mood at the moment, but don't think I'm going to let up on you an instant in the future," Nanao said, an intensity glimmering behind her eyes.

"This mood of yours; is it entirely a result of the relief found in surviving sure death?" Kyoraku asked suddenly. Nanao was taken aback.

"W-what makes you ask that, Captain?" Nanao asked hesitantly, blushing slightly.

"You've served under me since you were but a child, for over 100 years now, my Nanao. There have been in that time any number of tough missions. Admittedly none may have reached the danger of this last, but still none resulted in you finding something similar to this girlish energy you now posses," Kyoraku explained, seeming to detect the reluctance taking hold of the other.

"Work waits for you, Captain. We can't waste anymore time here" Nanao said in a strict voice as she turned to hide her blush and began walking.

"My, my, could my sweet Nanao have been taken by love?" Kyoraku said with energy, causing Nanao to let out a sharp gasp. Grabbing the book in her hand firmly she rushed over and smacked her Captain with it.

"Let's go, Captain!" Nanao growled angrily.

"No, I'd rather not," Kyoraku casually replied. "Unless of course my Nanao wishes to answer my previous question."

"It's none of your business!" Nanao spat.

"But shouldn't a Captain understand the relationships of his subordinates?" Kyoraku asked deviously.

"I'd rather not speak of it," Nanao grumbled out, glaring at the man.

"With how hard you try to hide it, it's perfectly apparent my Nanao has found someone," Kyoraku smirked playfully, "I don't know if I should be filled with pride or jealousy!"

"Now that is completely up to you," Nanao said in a harsh tone, causing her Captain to snicker.

"So might it be one of the twelve who fought along side you and returned?" Kyoraku continued to pry. Nanao sighed. It wasn't that she cared if her knew. It was just an embarrassing thing for her to admit.

"There were thirteen shinigami who fought at my side and made it out with their lives," Nanao corrected in a somewhat solemn voice.

"Yes, of course, but your co-commander wouldn't be included in the possibles," Kyoraku started with some certainty.

Nanao gave a soft laugh under her breath. She then sighed and turned around. "Let us go, Captain. I've said all I care to on the matter."

"But my Nanao, you haven't told me anything yet!" Kyoraku argued. A sudden realization then seemed to hit him as he mulled over his lieutenant's words. "Unless of course there is a significance in it being 13 rather than 12..."

"There just might be," Nanao admitted in a vaguely dismissive fashion.

"That my Nanao would be taken by such things is certainly a surprise!" Kyoraku exclaimed to Nanao's profound embarrassment.

"I'd rather we didn't discuss it," Nanao shyly stated, blushing vividly.

"Fine, fine," Kyoraku laughed heartily. "Now I have work to do, do I not?"

"Yeah." Nanao nodded. She was still smiling as she led her Captain back to his duty.


Rangiku Matsumoto worked busily at her desk. She had a lot her Captain wished her to accomplish that day and for once she felt like staying on task. She had real reasons to after all. As she maintained her focus, the door to her office was thrust open suddenly.

"Lieutenant Matsumoto, what are you--" Toshiro Hitsugaya started as he found his way into the room. He cut himself off when he noticed his lieutenant was actually on task.

"Oh, hey Captain. What's up?" Rangiku greeted her superior casually, with a cheery smile, ignoring the priceless surprised expression that had captured his face.

"W-what are you doing?!" Hitsugaya exclaimed, as if he had witnessed the strangest thing in the world.

"What do you mean, Captain? I'm just doing the work you told me to," Rangiku smirked but managed tot contain her laughter.

"I'm surprised to see you on task, lieutenant," Hitsugaya managed to regain his cool.

"Oh Captain, I can't be slacking off; not now anyway," Rangiku said with a teasing air.

"I'm glad to hear it, I'm just surprised," Hitsugaya muttered softly. "When we returned from our previous tough battles against the arrancar, nothing like this occurred."

"Oh, this has absolutely nothing with my near-death experience. Well, not directly anyway," Rangiku chimed.

"It's just a game to unnerve me then?" Hitsugaya frowned.

"Oh of course not. I have a very real reason I want to get all my work done right away today," Rangiku snickered.

"Oh is that so?" Hitsugaya said without enthusiasm. He then asked the obligatory question, "And what would that be?"

"I have a hot date tonight," Rangiku said with a soft smile.

"I see," Hitsugaya said disinterestedly. "Well, keep up the good work." He seemed ready to leave.

"Wait Captain! Aren't you curious who I'm going out with?!" Rangiku asked playfully. She had been curious for a while now what Hitsugaya's reaction would be when she finally told him.

"Who you date is your own business, Matsumoto," Hitsugaya responded, not looking even the slightest bit interested.

"What if I told you it was another lieutenant; then would you be more interested?" the blonde smirked deviously.

"I suppose that makes it more relevant. If you are involved with the lieutenant of another division that could prove significant information," Hitsugaya said, allowing Rangiku to catch the faint sings of curiosity he was trying to hold in.

"Okay, why don't you take a guess then," Rangiku suggested giving a soft laugh.

"Lieutenant Matsumoto..." Hitsugaya gave his subordinate his sternest glare.

"Come on, Captain don't you want to know," Rangiku giggled.

"Just tell me. I don't have time for your games," the white haired boy harshly stated.

"FIne, then I'm not telling you anything," Rangiku said in a huff. Her captain looked at her angrily then gave a sigh.

"It's Kira isn't it," Hitsugaya proposed dryly, Matsumoto gave a harder laugh. The Captain really was willing to play her game.

"Nope, try again!" Rangiku said with a smile.

"Hisagi," Hitsugaya said with certainty.

"No," Rangiku shook her head.

"Abarai?" the young captain said, less sure this time.

"You know very well that he isn't even in Soul Society at the moment," Rangiku reminded in a playful manner.

"Then Iba?" Hitsugaya said his face straining.

Rangiku simply shook her head.

"Enough games, Matsumoto. If you aren't going to tell me, then why am I guessing? I don't appreciate you trying to make me out as a fool," Hitsugaya said in a downright cold fashion.

"But I wasn't Captain. I was honestly going to tell you if you guessed right," Rangiku said in her teasing voice. Hitsugaya groaned in annoyance.

"But you've already refuted the viable possibilities. Even given your no doubt loose standards, it'd be difficult to call Omaeda a 'hot date'. And I can't see someone like Lieutenant Sasakibe having even a remote interest," Hitsugaya continued to leer.

"Oh, it's neither of them, don't worry," Rangiku said casually.

"Then there's no one. The Gotei 13 has only those six male lieutenants," Hitsugaya said in a definitive voice. His lieutenant gave a dark chuckle.

"Who ever said my date was male, Captain?" Rangiku asked, smirking deliciously at the growing look of surprise that arose on her superior's youthful face.

"Lieutenant Matsumoto, you mean to say that you..." Hitsugaya seemed unsure how to phrase his words and trailed off. Rangiku laughed.

"It should be rather obvious who my date is actually. I've been away on assignment for a while and only just got back. Aren't many lieutenants I've interacted with recently," the strawberry blonde pointed her disoriented Captain toward the answer.

"Lieutenant Ise wouldn't engage in such things," Hitsugaya said slightly embarrassed.

"Think what you want. Doesn't change the fact that me and Nanao are totally going out tonight," Rangiku giggled.

"Perhaps you are. It's obvious that the romantic pretense of this outing is a lie concocted to confuse me," Hitsugaya stammered, rediscovering his severity.

"Aww, trying so hard to denounce me and Nanao's love... You must be jealous, Captain...:" the busty lieutenant said in a high teasing voice.

"I am not jealous, and you, lieutenant, are out of line!" Hitsugaya shouted.

"I apologize, Captain," Rangiku said more solemnly though her smile remained.

"Anyway, given the rarity of you being so eager to work, I shouldn't take any more of your time," Hitsugaya said as he turned to leave for real this time.

As he was walking out the door Rangiku offered some final teasing, "Bye bye Captain. Sorry you didn't get a chance to play with this sexy body. But hey, at least you still have Momo."

"Silence!" Hitsugaya shouted as he slammed the door forcefully. Rangiku gave a heavy laugh before she went back to work.


Nanao tried to lessen her bright smile as she opened the door to her private Eight Division bedroom to greet the guest who had just arrived. She had been waiting for Rangiku; the two of them were planning to have their third date tonight. It was late now; the two of them had been busy catching up with the duties they had left behind for their mission and had been forced to work into the evening. Nanao couldn't say she wasn't eager.

"Hey, Nanao," Rangiku greeted in a light voice, following the words with a soft, quick kiss to Nanao's lips as she closed the door behind her.

"H-hey..." Nanao said in a weak voice, a blush clear on her cheeks.

"As cute as always," Rangiku said in a seductive voice as she grabbed Nanao's chin and placed another, more passionate kiss at the girl's lips

"Shouldn't we be g-going...?" Nanao stuttered, feeling entirely too vulnerable under the woman's gaze.

"No. I was thinking we'd just stay here tonight," Rangiku replied in a sensual voice that made clear her intentions. Nanao chose to ignore them.

"B-but what about the date you promised?" Nanao asked as Rangiku wrapped her arms around her waist and began to place soft kisses at her neck.

"It's all ready so late, Nanao. besides, I'm thinking we could have more fun just staying here than if we went anywhere else," Rangiku cooed between kisses. Nanao wanted so bad to just give in but her stubborn side told her she was stronger than that.

"I thought I told you I wasn't ready for this..." Nanao moaned; she felt feverish. She wanted nothing more than to wrap herself around the other.

"When will you be ready? I'm not exactly patient, you know." Rangiku whispered playfully. She placed a kiss at Nanao's ear as her hands ran across the arch of her back.

"I-I... don't know..." Nanao blushed and shook her head.

"You don't need to be afraid, Nanao. I can tell you want this just a much as me," Rangiku purred. Nanao found the words somehow convincing.

"All right... you win," Nanao said meekly. She didn't fight anymore. Her arms wrapped around Rangiku so as their embrace became mutual. Their lips met once more and this time parted deliberately for tongue.

This wasn't the first time Rangiku had kissed her like this. In fact, at the conclusion of their second date Nanao had only just barely managed to stay strong. She didn't know why Rangiku made her feel so weak, she just knew that Rangiku's tongue brushing wildly against hers, filling her mouth as their lips pushed tightly against one another was so impossibly satisfying.

Nanao held her lover tightly as she let her tongue seek out every inch of their, collective mouth. It was hard to keep her eyes open, but when she did, she found they would lock with Rangiku's gaze and somehow make it even more intense. Rangiku's head went to the back of Nanao's head as the blonde became exceptionally ravenous in her exploring of the woman's mouth. She then pulled away very suddenly leaving Nanao panting.

"Come on, let's go have some fun, Nanao," Rangiku said in a husky voice as she grabbed the somewhat dazed and unsure Nanao by the hand and led her the short distance to her bed. They began to kiss passionately once more the second they both were seated.

Nanao, with some hesitation, began to let her hands travel up and down her lover's luscious body as their tongues flicked against each other passionately. She felt as Rangiku's hand returned to the back of her head, undoing her hair where it was tied. Rangiku pulled away to stare at Nanao as her hands began to stroke down the length of her now flowing hair.

"You're so cute, Nanao..." Rangiku cooed. She then kissed the woman's cheek and then at her neck and then at her mouth once more. She grew even more forceful and pushed Nanao back onto the bed and climbed over her. Nanao moaned loudly. Her hands, which had held back until now, suddenly shot to Rangiku's bust. She wasted little time in slipping both through Rangiku's low neckline so as they could clench the soft flesh directly. Rangiku placed a particularly hot kiss at Nanao's open mouth before pulling away to present her with a seductive smile.

"You like the way they feel, my Nanao?" Rangiku asked in a teasing voice. The other momentarily ceased her groping, and gave a blush.

"Yes. Yes I do," Nanao admitted in a very rushed, embarrassed fashion. Rangiku laughed.

"I'm glad. Don't stop. Your hands feel wonderful..." Rangiku moaned.

"R-right..." Nanao said in a soft voice. She began to squeeze and rub her lover's breasts once more, this time more consciously. Rangiku arched back slightly so her chest was pressed firmly into Nanao's hands. She let out low moans constantly in rhythm with her lover's hands. Rangiku looked so beautiful.

"How about I make this a little more fun...?" Rangiku said in a particularly lewd voice. Nanao what to think; she was all ready having fun. She was disappointed when Rangiku pulled off of her, taking her hand out of her shihakusho and standing. When she realized what Rangiku planned on doing she decided to make no protest.

A hard tug at the wide sash tying it, and the voluptuous lieutenant's shinigami robes became open. In a teasing, deliberate fashion she began to move them. Then finally she was done and Nanao was free to gaze upon the fully exposed, sensual form of her lover. With a coquettish smirk Rangiku climbed back over Nanao. Her naked breasts now hung down and pressed into Nanao's chest as her face came just inches before the other's.

"What to you think, my beautiful Nanao?" Rangiku whispered softly, sensually. Nanao could feel her body shiver with excitement.

"I-incredible..." Nanao muttered softly. She couldn't find any words to describe it beyond that. Her lover's beauty was just too captivating.

"Good. Then let's have some fun..." Rangiku cooed. She kissed Nanao deeply. It lasted a long time, their tongues swirling together at a blinding pace, saliva escaping to run down Nanao's cheek in the process.

Eventually the kiss broke and Rangiku pulled back enough so as the full of her body, of her magnificent bust, was clearly in Nanao's view. Nanao's hands returned to their early work at kneading the pillowy mounds vigorously. They moved with force against the malleable flesh, which was far more than they could hold. Nanao could feel Rangiku's nipples, gradually become harder and harder until l they were perfectly erect. At this point, each brush of her palm brought a soft moan.

Rangiku gave a soft purr between moans before straddling further up Nanao's frame. She pushed forward to the point where Nanao had to remove her hands. Of course, with Rangiku's new position she could easily replace one of them with her mouth. It wasn't a hard decision to do so.

Nanao's lips went magnetically to one of the large fleshy mounds hanging over her face. She closed them about one of the hardened nipples and began to lick it feverishly. One of her hands went to Rangiku's back to hold her in place, while the other sought out the unattended breast and began to pinch its nipple gently. Rangiku continued to moan and pant.

Nanao lost herself in it all. Her mouth went wild; she licked not only the nipples but much of the softer flesh surrounding it as well. She tried to take as much flesh as possible into her mouth when she sucked at them. Eventually she began transferring her attention back and forth from breast to breast, treating either with equal passion, struggling to lick at the entirety of the woman's chest.

Rangiku gave a soft laugh as she as she brought herself back down, letting Nanao's face and tongue slip out from where they were, buried in between both her luscious breasts. She let that tongue find it's way into her mouth for a while before proceeding even lower. Rangiku kissed at Nanao's neck and then began to tug at the woman's neckline. Excited Nanao, undid the tie to her own shihakusho, allowing Rangiku to pull it open with ease.

The blonde lieutenant very gently pulled the sleeves of the robes down her lover's body, so as the top half of her body was exposed. Nanao blushed as she felt Rangiku's fingers tenderly trace across her exposed breasts. She instead moaned when she felt those same fingers squeeze the already excited pink nubs at the center of those breasts. She was surprised at how pleasant it felt having her nipples touched. She was even more surprised at how good it felt having them licked , when Rangiku suddenly brought her mouth to Nanao's chest.

Nanao let out a high moan as Rangiku's lips pressed about the hard nub, her tongue flicking rapidly across it again and again. It was almost too much. Then her pleasure escalated suddenly even further, to an incredible new height. Rangiku's hand had suddenly slipped down her body and had come to rest between her thighs. The blonde was rubbing at Nanao's crotch through the fabric of her clothes; even with that barrier, the feeling was unlike anything that Nanao had ever experienced. She began to let out sharp pleasured cries.

"My Nanao, already screaming like your gonna cum, how cute," Rangiku said in a salacious voice, with a firm chuckle. "You must not be very experienced with this."

"Yeah... so?" Nanao barely managed. In truth, despite being an adult woman, she had no real experience with sex, something she would never be able to confess. There had never been a place for romance in her rigorously regimented life, and she had never been a very trusting person in the first place. The only sexual activity she had seen was some experimental masturbation when she was younger, something she had found rather dull, unlike this.

"Nothing, just means I better hold back or I'm bound to exhaust you," Rangiku laughed as she pulled herself off of Nanao, giving the woman another chance to gaze at her beautiful naked figure.

Rangiku proceeded to then gradually remove Nanao's shihakusho and everything under it, leaving the woman unclothed. That done she found her place in between Nanao's legs and spread them slowly. The bespectacled lieutenant could manage only minimal resistance before presenting herself clearly before her lover's eyes.

"Nice..." Rangiku admired. "Now let's see how my little Nanao tastes," she purred as she drew her mouth closer and closer to the madly twitching area between Nanao's leg.

Nanao was moaning even before she felt Rangiku's tongue brush it's way across her tender slit. When that sensation did reach her it was completely arresting. It was incredible. Soon Rangiku's tongue was flying back and forth, her head bobbing up and down between the woman's legs. Nanao moaned and panted at every slight movement. She could feel it all; every little motion the woman's tongue took as it tried to fill her dripping sex. All of it was unbelievably satisfying.

Rangiku's mouth momentarily left its place at her lover's sex to place a line of kisses at one of her thighs. One of her hands drifted up to take its place. Nanao cried loudly as two fingers were thrust suddenly inside of her. Rangiku began to pulse at Nanao's insides with a rapid tempo resulting in blissful moans. Nanao's euphoria was only furthered when Rangiku's tongue returned to work, beginning to give slow, periodic licks to the top of Rangiku's sex.

The whole of it all was overwhelming. Nanao couldn't control herself. Under Rangiku's skilled tongue and fingers her body was moving on its own, her heart beat had quickened, her breathing had become heavy and sweat was beginning to pour out of her. It was only a few moments before the pleasure surged to an incredible, volcanic level. She cried out as her body seemed to shake and tremble with unspeakable pleasure. Rangiku removed her hand and gave a few more full licks to Nanao's sex before pulling herself up next to the other on the bed.

"My, Nanao, you think you could have been louder? Your captain's room isn't far from here?" Rangiku said in an amused voice, placing a short kiss at her lovers lips.

"Who cares if that fool hears?" Nanao snorted, feeling oddly refreshed and alive. She kissed her lover again; her own taste on Rangiku's lips was surprisingly enticing.

"My, that's a good sign. You must want me to stay if you don't care if her finds out," Rangiku snickered as her hands traced the girl's body gently.

"I've already told him about us," Nanao laughed in a strong voice. Of course in truth she hadn't really said it directly.

"That's surprising. How'd he take it?" Rangiku giggled. Nanao let her hands caress Rangiku's curved body, taking special notice of her beautiful breasts once more.

"He was surprised but didn't say much," Nanao replied, squeezing Rangiku's breasts somewhat forcefully.

"That's great. My Captain didn't believe me when I told him," Rangiku gave another cute giggle, smirking softly as Nanao played with her chest.

"So you already told him too?" Nanao laughed.

"Of course. Why would I want to keep a lover as hot as you a secret?" Rangiku said in an enticing voice. Nanao forced their lips together yet again. This time they didn't part until their tongues were connected by a line of saliva.

"Enough talk, Nanao. It's time you try and make me feel good," Rangiku purred, licking at Nanao's lips.

"Sounds like fun..." Nanao laughed. She climbed up over Rangiku this time. Their mouths met again before she moved down to kiss the woman's breasts some more. Rangiku moaned and purred as Nanao treated her breasts with just as much enthusiasm as before; licking them, squeezing them, pinching them, kneading them, sucking them and even just lightly biting them on occasion.

After spending due time on both of the heavy orbs, Nanao's mouth traveled further down the beautiful blonde's body. She licked Rangiku's stomach and navel as her body found its way to a place between the woman's knees. Soon she was staring straight into Rangiku's most private of areas.

Rangiku spread her legs wide, eager for Nanao to please her. She used a hand to even spread the lips of her sex so as Nanao could peer deep into the glistening pink opening. In a teasing voice she asked, "You like, my Nanao?" Nanao didn't respond she just gave a breathless laugh before bending forward and letting her tongue find it's way inside the damp crevice.

Rangiku gave a high moan as Nanao began to move her tongue steadily up and down. Rangiku's sex was very wet and warm. The taste was quite pleasing. Everything together, the taste, the aroma, the pleasant feel of Rangiku's juices collecting about her tongue along with the woman's high moans and the lewd sexual sounds hitting her ears, was completely intoxicating. Nanao couldn't stop herself, even if she tried.

She felt Rangiku's hand come to rest at the back of her head, holding her in place. Nanao's tongue stayed in motion, not ceasing for a second. She licked hard at every inch she could reach; deep into Rangiku's core, strongly at the woman's pulsing clit, and wildly at her sex's lips. It was so intense that Nanao soon felt as if her tongue was becoming numb. She pushed upward, throwing off Rangiku's hand and found her way up to the woman's bust. She kissed it lovingly as her fingers came to fill where her tongue had just left.

Nanao sucked lightly at Rangiku's breast as she let two fingers deep inside the woman. Her wrist began to move swiftly, letting the fingers fill the depths of the beautiful blonde. Inside Rangiku felt so warm; her fingers were enveloped very snugly, but they could move effortlessly due to the incredible wetness. Nanao began to make more forceful movements, making sure her palm or thumbs would press against Rangiku's clit every so often. One look at Rangiku's face revealed a woman in bliss.

As her hand continued its work, Nano found her face being lead upward from her lover's breast. Rangiku guided her slowly up until they were face to face. Nanao's hand stopped moving momentarily as she kissed her panting lover with fiery passion. She then broke just away; she stared at Rangiku's pleasure lost face with its closed eyes and open and drooling mouth as she began to move her hand with even more intensity than before. It was only a matter of moments before Rangiku began to shake and cry out in pleasure. Once she settled she pulled Nano down on top of her and began to kiss her with amazing force. Both were left panting when the kiss broke.

"For someone inexperienced, you sure know what you're doing, Nanao," Rangiku said, short of breath.

"I'm a quick learner... and I read a lot... and you'd be enough to inspire anyone..." Nanao replied blushing softly.

"Cute..." Rangiku laughed.

"It's true," Nanao said with a somewhat playful glare.

"Thanks," Rangiku said in an oddly sincere voice. She then placed a strangely romantic kiss on her lover's lips and said, "I enjoyed that Nanao."

"It was rather amazing," Nanao sighed.

"So is it safe to assume we'll be doing this a lot more in the future?" Rangiku asked with a sexy laugh.

"Definitely. I wouldn't miss it for anything," Nanao said, granting Rangiku a short kiss of her own.

"Would you like to play some more, my beautiful Nanao?" Rangiku asked in playful voice.

"Sure," Nanao laughed. Rangiku wasted little time crawling over her and initiating another long passionate kiss.

As she embraced the woman, Nanao felt nothing but satisfaction. In Rangiku she had so much, someone to love, someone to make her life more fun and light. It could still end in a second; danger like that they had only narrowly survived still lurked out there, but for now Nanao had a shining new reason to live as well as something to protect at all costs. It was strange really, this beautiful woman was so unlike her in every possible way, yet at that moment, it felt as if the only place Nanao could ever belong was wrapped in Rangiku's arms. She wanted to stay there as long as she possibly could.

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