"Have I mentioned I'm going to be really pissed if I die?"

Nightwing scowled at Robin. "We're not going to die."

"We'd better not, because I'll be really pissed if we do."

Twisting the little piece of paper in his hand into something resembling a substantial mass, he attempted to light it again. "The only way you're going to die is if I kill you, which I may do if you don't shut up."

Robin pulled his cape tighter around him. "Come over my house tonight, Tim. Sleep over. We'll have fun," the Boy Wonder mocked. "We'll get captured by Mr. Freeze and DIE! That's the part you left out!" He looked around at the small hollow of ice they were imprisoned in. "I could be at HOME right now. In BED."

A Bat-type growl escaped Dick's throat. "Shut. UP." The small twist of white paper caught. With it, he lit a wad of paper of a thicker grade.

"What the hell are you-NIGHGWING!" Robin's gloved hand tried to reach out and grab the fiery ball of paper, but Nightwing anticipated his friend's reaction and grabbed his wrist. "You can't do that! That's my report card!"

"I need to thaw out the switch on the laser. Or you can die holding your report card."

"I'd like to die holding my report card please."

"Well, I don't want to die while you hold on to your report card." As Nightwing worked on getting the iced-over switch on his tiny laser device to thaw, he contemplated the situation. "I suppose I could have let you die holding your report card, then gut you and use your luke-warm innards to melt the ice."

Robin scowled, rubbing his gloved hands together. "Burn the report card, Dick."

Like Robin could stop me now, Nightwing thought. There wasn't much left of the poor thing, and the switch on the laser was starting to give. Finally he was able to jostle it enough that it gave way, and red light shot out of the tiny device. "See, Nightwing knows best. We'll get Oracle to print you a new one so your dad has something to sign. We'll even doctor the grades."

"I have straight A's," Robin said as the ice began to pour away and crack from the intense heat. "No need to doctor that."

Nightwing grinned then kicked at the ice. It snapped away and they were free, which was just as well. His laser had run out of juice. "All the more reason to doctor it, bro."

They stepped through. Looking around, Robin scowled, then smacked Nightwing. "Thanks for getting us out of that cave of ice. and into ANOTHER CAVE OF ICE!"

"Shut up, Boy Blunder! If I wouldn't have had to save your butt, we wouldn't be in this mess!"

"You had to save my butt because you took one lousy guy and left me with FOUR! Inequity. You want to see me get killed."

Nightwing folded his arms over his chest. "Well, we unfreeze your laser, and we cut our way out of this one, too. Then we're home-free."

"And how do you know that?"

"Cause that, Timmy, is sunlight," he said, pointing to a glob of white light above them.

Sighing, Robin took out his laser, and an envelope. They'd been going through Dick's mail before Mr. Freeze decided to interrupt their evening. Lighting the envelope, he held it as close to the metal switch as he could without burning himself.

"Timmy," Dick asked cautiously. "What is that you're burning?"

Robin looking up at his big brother mischievously. "Your pay check."