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It was nearing midnight, most high school students at New Olympia High heading home from a night filled with music and intricately detailed decorations. To many of the students, this had just been another dance, to socialize, drink punch, have fun, and, well dance. But to seven teenage mortals, none older than seventeen, this would be a night that they knew they would remember for a long while to come. Tonight marked the rest of their lives - knowing profusely and without a doubt that no matter what happened, they were loved.

The lights began to dim - not in the sensual way that they do during an intense moment, but in the way that the batteries would soon be spent. The gym was almost vacant of teenagers, and even some of the Gods (otherwise known as teachers) had left to the secret part of the school, where they would retire for the evening. Odie stood tirelessly at the lightstand from which he controlled all the music and lighting. From there, he caught sight of Jay and Theresa still laughing, talking, and dancing to the song now playing. He smirked inwardly, something all of the heroes had done of recent at the mention of Theresa and Jay, who had finally worked out the proverbial "kink" in their relationship. His attention then quickly turned to the time on the clock. Eleven forty-eight, to be precise. The dance ended at midnight, the time at which Odie would finally be free. He watched again as Jay and Theresa danced their way in and out of each other's arms... and suddenly, he thought of something. He knew it was wrong from the second it popped into his head, but he couldn't resist. If a thought makes me laugh for more than ten seconds, I should automatically assume that I am not allowed to do it, he thought, however, it's only in the interest of science. I think the ODIE-CAM should have another test run tonight, he finalized. He simply couldn't argue with his logic. And if it gets outta hand, he said, I shut it down.

Meanwhile, oblivious to anything but their own happy bliss, Atlanta and Archie entered the gymnasium again, their hands intertwined romantically. To both their pleasure, and surprise, no one noticed. Either that, or no one cared enough to make a comment. They walked up to the table at which sat Herry, very glumly I might add. He took another swishing swallow of his punch, which was now strawberry-kiwi. The peach-mango had been mopped off the floor about an hour previous by the extremely over-qualified janitor, Mr. Suez. Archie noticed this.

"What happened to the punch bowl?" he asked, as he noticed also that the bowl had been much larger before, and was now a different glassy color than blue.

"Alisha dropped by," Herry said, taking a drink from his glass again, "Cambria set her straight". It seemed that was all he had to say about it, so Archie continued onto a different subject.

"Hey, so, Atlanta and I are gonna crash early, head home. You gonna catch a ride with Odie or did you wanna come watch a movie or something?" Archie asked.

"Yeah, sure, why not," Herry said optimisticaly as he downed the last of his punch. He arose with a smile on his face and left homeward with Atlanta and Archie.


The streetlights hung low over the dark street, a rushing wind blowing freely and shaking loose the unexpecting leaves that had managed to cling close to the trees this late in autumn. It was clear that winter had finally made its grand arrival to New Olympia.

After noticing that the dance had come to an almost immediate dead stop, Jay and Theresa had left the gynasium and quickly shuffled out the door. On their way to the school's front entrance, they had passed Hera, who was presumably making rounds of the halls. She said goodnight politely to them both, but it was her weary and worrying gaze that had gotten Theresa thinking.

Heaven knows what was in my head
But I guess it all came out
Can't believe that I said what I just said
Tell me what's it all about

I know why I did that, she thought to herself, It was completely wrong and insane, and I could have fixed my issues another way. I'm not going to do it again. I'll never forgive myself, and I know that I could never do that to people I love after going through it the first time. But just because I can try to forget it so easily, even if I never acually will, that doesn't neccessarily mean that the people I've hurt can forgive and forget. They might hold a grudge against me for a long time to come. I would never forgive someone else if they had done that to me. I'll be on their constant radar. They'll always be watching me, wondering when I'm going to explode. Some freedom I've won myself.


Immediately after arriving at the brownstone, Archie and Herry bolted upstairs, all but completely ignoring the fact that Neil was already home and sleeping. They appeared in the living room not five minutes later, tux-free and ready for a movie, nachos and soda in hand. Carefully selecting a horror film from the shelf, Archie turned on the television and began what was quick to become a horror-thon.

"Don't go in the closet," Herry whispered, rocking slightly back and forth in his seat, clutching his teddy-bear with an iron grip. Archie sat, knees tucked into his chest, nachos resting in his lap. He was unable to remove his eyes from the screen as the cheesy, yet classical, horror film continued. It was about halfway through the movie then, when a shadowed figure appeared in the living room archway clad in loosely fitting cloth, casting shadows in the already pitch-black darkness. Not noticing it at first, the boys continued watching the screen intently.

The figure stepped swiftly from the shadow of the hall and flicked on the lights in the living room, causing both boy heroes to scream loudly with the girlish essence of Neil. Realizing who it was, and that it was indeed human, it was clear that they had screamed for nothing.

"Hey," Atlanta laughed, "what are you guys up to?" Herry paused the movie.

"We were watching one of the most classic of all horror movies, that is, until someone interrupted it," Archie snided playfully. Atlanta knew he loved horror movies, almost as much as Neil. His irritation was sensibly predictable.

"Which one?" Atlanta questioned.

"The one with the guys and the masks-" Herry started.

"Oh! Friday the Thirteenth! I love that movie!" Atlanta exclaimed, "move over". She sprinted at sonic speed to the couch, sliding on the end beside Archie, settling into his side and stealing some nachos. Herry resumed the movie, flicking the second lightswitch in the living room to bid the overexcessive light away.

"I thought you were sleeping," Archie whispered to Atlanta, almost sarcastically.

"Naw, Odie and Neil woke me up," she laughed, eyes still transfixed to the screen as she stole a swig of Archie's soda.

"Odie and Neil?" Archie snickered quietly, "what an odd couple". Atlanta rolled her eyes.

"They were putting up some hardware in the third floor hallway," she explained, gulping down hard as she watched a semi-climatic scene and swallowed at the same time.

"They kept dropping stuff outside Theresa's room, so I left". Archie glanced at her, questioning. She shrugged.

"Don't look at me," she said indifferently, "they must have been putting up wires or something, it sounded pretty heavy duty. All I know is that, if theres gonna be some sort of mass explosion on the third floor tonight, I'd really rather not be sleeping underneath it". Archie almost choked on his drink, which he had stolen back and was hastily finishing.

"What are you talking about?" he asked, "you don't really think Jay and Theresa-"

"No!" Atlanta cut in, disgusted, "I meant in case the wires blow a fuse?" Archie scoffed.

"I don't see why they gotta go do that stuff anyways," Herry laughed quietly, "I prefer it the old fashioned way - no tapes, no cameras. Just nachos and soda, the perfect orgasm".


They slipped behind the brownstone and through the gate of the small backyard. Instead of opping for the loud and obvious route of the front door, the pair chose to sneak in through the back door to the kitchen. Neither knew exactly why they felt this was neccessary.

Jay opened the door, almost without a sound, and the two snuck in effortlessly. As they shut the door and left the kitchen, it was clear that whoever was watching "Friday The Thirteenth" in the living room had not heard anything. In the dim light and shadow of the hallway, Theresa slipped off her high-heels, clutched them in her hand, and made for the stairs. Jay soon followed after. They made it past the second floor landing and heard not the snoring of Neil, nor the muffled night noises of Archie or Atlanta stirring. When they made it to the third floor, Herry was no where to be found, his door laying wide open.

"I had a really great time tonight," Theresa said sincerly, blushing in spite of herself and tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. In the complete darkness of the hallway, no light being offered by the television of the main floor, she knew that she was safe to blush unnoticed.

"Yeah," Jay replied in a hushed tone, "so did I". He smiled at Theresa, although he knew it was too dark for her to see. They stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to say, for what seemed like long moments, but was only mere seconds. Although they had supposedly figured out what to do with each other, there was something holding them back. The awkward tension rose once more. Jay, assuming his leader role, finally spoke.

"It's late," he voiced, obvious to the time but oblivious to his own thoughts, "we should get to sleep". He once again smiled, softly though his eyes betrayed the sadness he felt of the growing hour. Theresa too felt that it was a shame to be sending the night into the land where only memories dwelt. Nontheless, she knew she was incapable to persuade her leader of anything else, regardless of the fact that it was only twelve-twenty.

"Yeah," she sighed, her tone revealing what she had attempted to disguise - a quiet and guilty aching in situational doubt, "well, I'll see you in the morning then". In the blind darkness of the hallway, she reached out her hand towards the direction in which she assumed her bedroom door rested. However, Jay had noticed the change in her tone of voice, and was quick to reach out and seize her forearm.

You know I don't mean to hurt you
And I just want to tell you
That I don't want to wait until tomorrow
Don't want to wake and find you gone

"What's wrong?" he asked her, their faces now so close that Theresa could nearly make out the shadows of concern spreading across Jay's face. But she was in no mind to be confessing her worries to him at the moment. It would change nothing. She was insecure, to say the least, about her position in the eye's of the Gods, and most of all in the eye's of those she loved. This applied especially to the boy-turned-leader-turned-lover infront of her. She was far too apprehensive and disorganized about her feelings to share them with anyone - just yet.

"It's nothing," she sighed softly at length. Stepping almost too swiftly out of his grasp, she made another move upon the threshold of her bedroom. How was it that a night that was so previously filled with joy had come to a sleepy and questionable end? Would Jay believe what she had said, or would this make further complications for them, ending the bliss they had entered only hours ago? With one simple slip of the tongue, she had smeared the entire night. I always have to mess it up, don't I? she thought to herself.

"Goodnight Jay," she whispered sweetly, and made to finally open her door to sleep. And so did Jay, as he replied with a gentle goodnight, before moving to his own room.

"Theresa?" he asked abruptly, just as the divide between their rooms and the halls were closing. She stalled her door.


"Listen," Jay began, "I know that life is a little crazy right now, but it's going to get better, soon. We can't control it, and as much as we like to think they can, neither can the Gods. We just have to defeat Cronus. The prophecy says we can, and it's only a matter of time," Jay spoke understandingly, leaning his forehead against the frame of his open door. Neither could see the other, but if they could have they would have seen each other mirroring the others apprehensive and quiet bodily linguistics. He continued.

"We know what you're going through. If you ever need anything, anything," he stressed, "tell me". Theresa smiled ever so slightly. Without Jay's notice, she glanced quickly behind her to see him leaning on the door frame, enhaling deeply, his eyes closed in concentration. Theresa smiled.

Don't want to waste a day 'cause I know
Sorry always takes too long
Baby I was wrong

"Thanks," she murmured, her voice becoming a sweetening whisper that lingered beyond the lines of simple gratitude. Somehow, even if he didn't know exactly how, Jay knew that he had said the right thing.

"Sweet dreams Theresa," he added, mimicking some words of his own from months ago. Although he knew he could say more, he thought he would let her think for a while, and then, when she was ready, they would talk about why's and how's, and maybe they could find what they were still missing. So Jay closed his door, and left Theresa leaning by her lonesome, that priceless grin parting lips that longed for someone else's.


Cue "Pink Panther" theme music. It was, to be sure, a scheme fit for your average sleuth or spy. Perhaps both.

Odie crept up the stairs from his lair in the basement, a place that reminded Neil of toxic waste, apparently. Though it was neither toxic nor wasteful, Odie's room did house a very interesting project at the moment. It was, he thought, his greatest creation yet. He called it the "ODIE-CAM". The acro-name was short, of course, for "Operating Desktop Instructed Eyepiece - Camcorder and Microphone".

He had originally developed it to find out what the strange screams were a few nights back. However, he later realized that it could be useful for viewing Cronus in his day to day activities. It was ridiculously small, portable, and could be attached to an almost microscopic robotic wheel, and moved by means of this. At first, it had needed a power cord to operate, but after a few small adjustments and a test subject (thanks Herry!) to work it out on, the ODIE-CAM was finally fully tested and wireless!

However, the fact still remained that it needed another test run, just to verify its total and complete brilliance. Tonight, Odie had decided, would be the final test. He was going to install the robotic wheel and see if it could hang from the ceiling of the third floor. Tonight he was going to test the ODIE-CAM on Theresa and Jay.

Being careful not to make a sound as he passed the noisy living room, he continued his sneaky voyage up to the third floor, sole domain of Jaresa - as only Neil would be bold as to call them. Of course, Herry slept up on the third floor as well, but his domain was clearly more deamed as the kitchen. And, seeing as he was watching a movie at present, it appeared that Odie would install the camera in secret as he had planned.

The load Odie carried, specific to the task at hand, dropped only slightly in his not so strong grasp. He neared the second floor, just about to ascend the stairway to the third, when the box containing various tools and machinery fell completely. It only caused a minor crash. Unfortunately, it was right outside Neil's room, in which the loud and frequent snoring ceased abruptly. The door flung open.

"What are you doing?" Neil asked, in his tone a mixture of sleepiness, annoyance, incredulity, and curiousity. He finally succeeded in peeling off his monogrammed nightmask and glanced down at Odie and the box of miscellanious objects.

After a short bout of prolonged silence as Odie attempted to clean up his mess in great haste, Neil finally rolled his eyes and picked up the remaining tools. He dropped them in the bin, before hoisting it with ease and walking forward to the stairs.

"How-?" Odie began.

"So what's with all the stuff?" Neil asked casually, "Doing some late night... directing?" Odie raised an eyebrow skeptically.

"Porn?" Neil laughed, dropping the box outside Theresa's room with a bang resounding. Odie cringed.

"Nope," he confirmed, shaking his head of unusually dirty thoughts, "I'm testing out my new and improved audio-visual camera and software. The first run on Herry got it from connected to wireless, but now I have to test it for flawless perfection". For once, Neil was not completely bored by Odie's speech. He began to laugh subtly.

"So that's how you did it?" Neil asked, impressed by the craft and shifty ways of his often underestimated buddy. Odie nodded yes, in reference to the ridiculous scheme he pulled on Herry and Alisha. It was quite brilliant of him. But now the ODIE-CAM was to serve another purpose.

Odie reached for some tools and began to install some necessary hardware on the rim of both Jay's and Theresa's door frames. If things got out of hand and particularly steamy, Odie would of course shut the camera off. However, on the occassion that something not completely gut-wrenching and interesting happened, he wanted a decent view. Neil, wanting to see the camera in action as soon as possible, leant a hand in setting things up.

They were just about finished Jay's door, when all of the sudden they heard two sets of footsteps quietly clammouring up the stairs. Grabbing everything in sight, and directing the ODIE-CAM up the wall and into shadows out of view, Odie and Neil raced into the third floor bathroom.

Turning the camera on, Odie and Neil got their first view of the wireless operation from inside the can, on Odie's laptop.

"I hope they pick Jay's room if anything," Odie whispered to Neil, "we only nearly finished his". Neil rolled his eyes.

"Oh please, everything works out for me, of course they will!" The two boys snickered, albeit slightly wickedly, and Jay and Theresa parted to their seperate rooms. But just as all hope fell for the ODIE-CAM's test drive (much to Odie's dismay), it came to light that Neil's arrogant statement held to be true. The two heard the door to Theresa's room creek open, before shutting closed again. They rotated the camera on the wheel to get a better view. It was then that she knocked on Jay's door, and was subsequently invited in. Odie managed to wedge the ODIE-CAM in between the door and the frame, before Jay's door shut behind it and Theresa.

"Let's go," Odie mouthed to a giggling Neil. And with that, the boys crept quickly and quietly out from the washroom, down to Odie's room to hang and watch the oh so interesting footage yet to unfold. To be sure, it was a scheme fit for your average sleuth and spy combined.


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