Pokemon The Next Generation

Professor Oak sorted the last of his papers in his filing cabinet. The moonlight shone through his window as he shut down his computer and started turning everything eles off.

He walked up to a display case and looked in at its contents. Two stone pendants hung there in the display, one stone light blue, the other a dark purple. The Professor smiled then turned to a security panel next to the display. He typed in a code and the word showed up on the panel.

The professor smiled and then headed towards the door of his lab. He flicked out the lights and then something blunt hit him over the head rendering the old man unconscious.

The intruder looked around and saw the display case with the two stone pendants in it. They approached it and broke the glass to the display. They grabbed the light blue pendant stuffed it into thier pocket. Suddenly a buzzer started going off and the intruder made a hasty exit out a back window.


The next morning Gary walked into his Grandfather's lab and saw the man on the ground.

Gary yelled in shock.

The adult ran to his side and checked on him. At that point Gary heard something crunch under his runners. He looked down to see glass everywhere, then he looked up to see the display case broken into and the blue stone gone!

Gary suddenly became worried.

Oh Damn! ERIC! he yelled.