Pokemon the Next Generation
And So It Comes

That's insane! I can't fight your men without my pokemon Jamie declared How am I supposed to do that?

Giovanni taped his chest and Jamie got the message when she looked down to hers, the pendant!

Use it's power my dear. It's that simple Giovanni said.

Jamie panicked You're insane! Jamie yelled.

he chuckled, and with that he snapped his fingers and the rockets threw out their pokemon and attacked.

Just then Jamie felt a strange feeling take over her, rage. Pure uncontrollable rage. This, this scene... it was familiar to her, this had happened to her once. She closed her eyes, shadows of people racing towards her, threats and screams being yelled, her rage soared.

Just then her pendant turned pitch black and a blue flame glowed brightly in the middle. Jamie kept her eyes shut but not in panic but in concentration. She could feel an unnatural rage that had ignited within her. In her head she heard a lonesome howl of a dog, then she saw herself in her mind surrounded by blue flames but she was not scared nor worried. She welcomed this rage.

Giovanni watched the girl with anticipation and was to caught up to see that Jamie's poke balls were no longer resting next to him.

Jamie could feel the people around her even though they were still meters away from her but coming closer by the second. The roars of pokemon and yells of the rockets. Her eyes still closed, she remained glued to her spot as the seconds drew closer. She stood there...waiting.

Small blue embers spiraled around the girl and below her a ring of small blue flames ignited around her, then they suddenly grew intense and exploded taking out everything around Jaime within the first few feet, then the howl of a creature filled the battle floor and something black exploded from the blue flames and swept over the arena leaving a wave of scalding roar behind it.

What the bloody hell was that?! Giovanni demanded.

Every pokemon and Rocket that stood in it's way were instantly scorched into ash as it zoomed around the room, then this mysterious creature bounded back into the blue fiery ball and then a massive heat wave washed over the floor burning the rockets and pokemon. Suddenly the sphere of fire vanished and all that was left was Jaime unconscious on the floor. Jaime's pendant returned to it's normal soft blue color.

In all the smoke and confusion something scooped Jamie up and vanished up into the shadows of the rafters above. Jaime opened her eyes to see a white haired boy with a familiar face.

she asked.

He smiled That was some show you put on he remarked.

What are you talking about? Jamie questioned weakly.

You mean you don't remember what just happened? he asked a little in surprise.

Jamie shook her head No, why what happened?

I'll tell you when we get outside he said.

Jamie fussed to be put down and John wouldn't fight her. Jaime kept up a slow pace behind him, trying not to faint again and most of all not to fall off. The two escapees made it to the floor and started picking up the pace to find the exit.

John said handing Jamie her belt.

she said putting it back on as they ran.

Just then Jamie felt something wash over her. She stopped and faced back down the hall. She stared coldly then became panicked.

Jamie come on, the exit's right around this corner John yelled.

Something's happening Jamie said.

Yeah, we're going to get caught John yelled.

No! that's not it! Jamie yelled.

Suddenly something down the hall exploded and a raging fireable came towards them.

Move it! John yelled and he grabbed Jamie and pulled her with him towards the exit.

The raging heat beat down on them as they could feel the fireball getting closer. The exit was in sight and they saw the door blow open and the two jumped for it. The fire rushed right over top of them just missing them by inches as the two landed on the ground.

John opened his eyes to see Jamie lying next to him. He got up and looked to see the entire building engulfed in flames. John picked her up again and casually walked away from the building. He was no more than fifty feet away from the building when it exploded into a fiery ball letting shraps of metal and other junk fly everywhere into the inky blackness of the night. John didn't look back.


John set Jamie leaning up against a tree. He stepped back and looked at the girl who was still out. He stared long and hard with no emotion on his face nor did he feel anything inside. He felt nothing, not even pity.

We shall meet again he said and with a giant leap he disappeared into the shadows of the night.

It was no more than a few minutes later when Ann Star, a friend Jamie and her friends had met a while ago came jogging up the path and spotted her. She ran to her friend's side.

OVER HERE! SHE'S OVER HERE! Ann kept yelling.

Quickly Jamie's friends gathered to where the girl lay unconscious, and in need of medical help.

To be continued in part 2...
Part 2 will be a continuation of this!