The next day…

Piper is in the kitchen, in her clothes for the day, drinking coffee, when Phoebe walks in.

"Hey, Piper, have you seen my…" Phoebe tries to ask, but notices Piper's appearance and stops short.

"Have I seen you're what?" Piper inquires.

"My, my, my. What are you wearing?" questioned Phoebe.

"Oh, I didn't pick this out; my boyfriend did, before he left this morning." Piper tells her. It's not a complete lie. I mean Leo did pick this out. "He said he wanted to see me in it."

"Didn't you tell him you were spending the day with your sisters?"

"Of course, he just likes to keep an eye on me. Don't worry, he won't spoil our plans." Piper tells her.

"Okay, back to the clothes-"

Paige comes in abruptly stopping Phoebe's speech.

"Alright, I'm ready, I'm – Phoebe!" She shouts suddenly.

"What?!" shouts Phoebe.

"Piper, she's possessed!"

"I am? How come I wasn't informed of this?" Piper questions sarcastically.

"Oh my God! It is Piper! What happened?! You look like... like… well, not someone's mother." Paige says shocked.

"Thank you, but this wasn't my choice of attire." Piper tells her, placing her empty coffee cup in the sink.

"It was her boyfriend's, the one who left before either of us had the chance to get up this morning." Informs Phoebe.

"I didn't know you had a boyfriend." Paige looks at Piper.

"You also didn't know I owned this outfit." Piper smirks.

"True, but wait, was that you screaming last night? I thought that was my imagination. You know it sounded like you were calling Leo's name." Paige tells her.

"Yeah, me too."

"Oh, you must've misheard me because of course I wouldn't be screaming Leo's name during sex with… with someone… else." She tries to hide her apparent blushing, but Leo orbs in behind her, causing her to blush even more.

"Hey, we were just talking about you." Paige smiles.

"Well, actually your name, but… you know. Shall we go?" Piper offers, noticing Leo staring at her with lust and desire evident in his eyes.

"Wait, we've barley seen him all week. How you been Leo?" asks Phoebe.

"Huh? What? Oh, fine." He tears his eyes away from Piper's ass.

"Oh, you see, he's fine. Now, can we go?" Piper rushes.

"No, we have to wait for Prue." Paige points out.

"Actually, she's not coming. She doesn't want to risk anyone noticing her, so she's gonna wait, until we get home." Explains Phoebe.

"Okay, well then, I guess we can go." Paige announces then walks out of the kitchen with Phoebe to follow.

"I'll be right out." She calls to them and then turns to Leo. "I told you this outfit was going to get you in trouble."

He looks at her; she's wearing a pink strapless corset type top that clasps together in one spot, under her breasts, black leather hip hugger pants and strappy high heeled sandals and her hair is out. Put together the entire outfit complements her breasts, curves and ass.

"Oh, come on. They didn't even notice." He wraps his arms around her.

"Don't be so sure. Phoebe is an Empath, remember? Oh, and look in the book for a sound proofing spell, okay." She gives him a peck on the cheek, but he pulls her back by her waist and kisses her full on the lips. "I love you."

"I love you, too." When she is out of sight he whispers to himself, "I cannot wait until tonight."