HOLY CRAP I'M ALIVE! Haha. Bet you're all wondering where I've been. Well, that's not important.

College. I blame college, it's college's fault I haven't updated.

Anyways. This story is discontinued. But, before any of you get all sad (though you probably figured that much anyways) I'm happy to announce that I'm launching a reboot of Kyuubi-chan under the name Tsumeki-chan. It might have already pinged off of your author alerts, if you have one on me. You'll find the link to the story on my profile, as usual. Please, if you liked this story, I ask you to go and read the other one (and reviews are nice, too). Now, with Tsumeki-chan, I'm going to make a few promises.

I promise that I will carry Tsumeki-chan through until it is finished.

I promise to update as regularly as possible. I can't give you a time limit, because of my erratic schedule, but I will be working.

I promise to try and maintain the highest quality of work as possible.

I promise that, when I do update, I will do my best to keep my chapters at 4,000 words or better.

I promise that any constructive criticism offered by you, the readers, in reviews will be considered. If your ideas or thoughts are implemented, I will do my best to give you a shout out in the next chapter I update.

And that's that. Go read Tsumeki-chan, please. It's much better quality than Kyuubi-chan.