:The Massive Author's Note:

Welcome to 'Naruto: Shinobi Wars' the sequel to 'Naruto: Altered History'.

This is a major epic fic, and it picks up roughly after a two/three year Time Skip, and though there is a side-project called 'Naruto: Time Skip' it is not needed to follow the plot of Shinobi Wars.

One thing I wish for you to keep in mind, is that there is no arguing with me on how a paticular character acts. There personalities are at the root the same as in 'Altered History', but they are older and they live a different life than the rest of us. Which leads us to relationships between characters can and will be complicated at times and you may, for some reason, find some to your distaste.

Ninja deal in death, they are assassains, no matter how 'honorable', they are paid to kill. As such, they have more important things to worry about than people finding some happiness before they die. So if your going to argue on this or yell about it I say: Tough!

Now, also, the fic pretty much will ignore all of Shippuden. So read this without expecting anything (well Akatsuki is around of course) plotwise showing up. I believe that's pretty much everything so, final thing:

Included below are several lists, use them any time you are lost, but note that the jutsu list is not complete. I can and will probably create more jutsu on the fly, but I'll (usually) leave a translation at the bottom of the chapter.

:A Brief Pairings List:
Haruno Sakura
Uchiha Sasuke
Hyuga Neji
Rock Lee
Aburame Shino

Uzumaki Naruto
Yamanka Ino
Hyuga Hinata
Nara Shakamaru
Amichki Choji
Inzuaka Kiba

:Armor Terms of Interest:
Men Yoroi:
literally means "face armour" a generic term for Tenzou's forehead protector.
Dô Maru: A type of cuirass, or body armor, that has no hinges and opens under the right arm that Yugito wears.
Haidate: A type of thigh protector, which in canon Sakura's split skirt could be a type of.
Hitaigane/Hitaiganemak: Basically a Men Yoroi that covers only the forehead. Basically its the typical Ninja Forehead Protector, though I believe we use the term Hitaie.
Suneate: A type of shin protector. Anko (and the ANBU style) wear what would be closely related to a Tsubo suneate.
Kote: Bascially an armoured sleeve, which could be used to refer to the forearm protectors ANBU wear.
Sômen: A full face mask that falls under the Men Yoroi catagory. So basically it would be the techinical name for ANBU, Hunter-nin, and Root (Ne) Face Masks.
Menpô: Another type of Men Yoroi which covers the neck, lower half of the face and the nose. While made of cloth, Kakashi's face mask could probably be called this.
Hotoke Dô: A chest protector in the same fashion as the chest protector ANBU wear.

-Random Amusing Thought-
Everything that we've seen ninja wearing in some form or fashion, actually comes from Samurai Armor. So basically, we have ninja running around wearing bits and pieces of Samurai armor. Talk about funny!
:Country Names:
-The Five Great Shinobi Countries-
Hi No Kuni: Fire Country
Mizu no Kuni: Water Country
Kaminari no Kuni: Lightning Country
Tsuchi no Kuni: Earth Country
Kaze no Kuni: Wind Country

-Lower Shinobi Countries-
Ame no Kuni: Rain Country
Taki no Kuni: Waterfall Country
Kusa no Kuni: Grass Country
Ta no Kuni: Rice Field Country
Yuki no Kuni: Snow Country
Kuma no Kuni: Bear Country

-Other Countries-
Nami no Kuni: Wave Country
Cha no Kuni: Tea Country
Yama no Kuni: Mountain Country
Kawa no Kuni: River Country
Takumi no Kuni: Craftsman Country
Numa no Kuni: Marsh Country
Ishi no Kuni: Stone Country
Tori no Kuni: Bird Country
Umi no Kuni: Sea Country
Uzu no Kuni: Whirlpool Country
Kiba no Kuni: Fang Country
Tsume no Kuni: Claw Country
Tsuki no Kuni: Moon Country
Tani no Kuni: Valley Country
Mori no Kuni: Forest Country

-Special Countries or Areas-
Okayama Shima: Hill Mountain Island
Yasei no Kuniguni: Wild Countries
Jakunen Riku: Desolate Land
Ikazuchi no Kuni: Thunder Country
Haiotoshi: Ash Pit

:Hidden Villages:
Kirigakure no sato (Kiri):
Hidden Mist Village
Kumogakure no sato (Kumo): Hidden Cloud Village
Iwagakure no sato (Iwa): Hidden Rock Village
Konohagakure no sato (Konoha): Hidden Leaf Village
Sunagakure no sato (Suna): Hidden Sand Village
Amegakure no sato (Ame): Hidden Rain Village
Takigakure no Sato (Taki): Hidden Waterfall Village
Kusagakure No Sato (Kusa): Hidden Grass Village
Otogakure No Sato (Oto): Hidden Sound Village
Hoshigakure no sato (Hoshi): Hidden Star Village
Yukigakure no sato (Yuki): Hidden Snow Village

:Last Note on Countries and Areas:
Yes, some are names from filler countries, but I needed countries to fill in the world map, however they are not the same as in the fillers and not many will even make an apparence. Others I created and appear only in Shinobi Wars. If you wish to see exactly where each country is located, please refer to the world map loacted on my website. It will be labled AH/SW World Map.
-Taijutsu Styles-
Juken Ryuu: Gentle Fist Style
-Amatsuyanagi Ryuu: Heavenly Willow Style
Gouken Ryuu: Strong Fist Style
Hebi Ryuu: Snake Style
Gama Ryuu: Toad Style
Namekuji Ryuu: Slug Style
Konran-do: Way of Chaos

Asshuku no Jutsu: Compressed Air Technique
Bakuretsu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu: Exploding Shadow Clones
Boufuu no Jutsu: Windstorm Technique
Chakra Jirai no Jutsu: Chakra Land Mine
Chidori: One Thousand Birds
Dai Kamaitachi no Jutsu: Great Cutting Whirlwind Technique
Furui Kujo: Aged Destruction Technique
Fūton: Rasengan: Wind Release: Spiraling Sphere
Fūton: Daitoppa: Wind Release: Great Breakthrough
Fūton: Tatsu no Ooshigoto: Dragon's Big Job
Fuuka Houin: Fire Sealing Method
Fuuja Houin: Evil Sealing Method
Gijiato no Jutsu: False Tracks Technique
Gogyou Fuuin: Five Element Seal
Gogyou Kaiin: Five Element Unseal
Harem no Jutsu: Harem Technique
Ibuki no Kazeryu: Breath of the Wind Dragon
Ichijin no Jutsu: Gust of Wind
Igai Kaze Chouyaku: An Unexpected Wind Leap
Jinrai no Jutsu: Thunderclap
Joukyuu Kage Bunshin: Advanced Level Shadow Clone
Kage Bunshin no Jutsu: Shadow Clone Technique
Kage Shuriken no Jutsu: Shadow Shuriken Technique
Kage Kunai no Jutsu: Shadow Kunai Technique
Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu: Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu: Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique
Katon: Housenka no Jutsu: Mythical Fire Phoenix Technique
Katon: Karyu Endan: Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Missile
Kamaitachi no Jutsu: Cutting Whirlwind Technique
Kamaitachi: Cut Caused By Whirlwind (Not the same as Temari's)
Kamikaze no Yabia: Blade of Divine Wind
Kanashibari no Jutsu: Paralyzing Technique
Kazegan (aka Fūton: Rasengan): Wind Sphere
Kaze Chouyaku: Wind Leap
Kaze Toku: Wind Shield
Kaze no Yaiba: Blade of Wind
Kaze no Yari: Spear of Wind
Kazeryudan no Jutsu: Wind Dragon Technique
Kawarimi no Jutsu: Body Switch
Kinobori no Waza: Act of Tree Climbing
Konpasu no Jutsu: Compass Technique
Konoha no Ikaa no Jutsu: House of Leaves Tecnique
Konpasu no Jutsu: Compass Technique
Kuchiyoise no Jutsu: Summoning Technique
Kuiton: Senpu no Koku Yoh: Grass Release: Whirlwind of Cutting Leaves
Nadare no Jutsu: Avalanche Technique
Nibai Teikiatsu Genkotsu: Double Cyclone Fist
Oodama Rasengan: Great Ball Spiraling Sphere
Rasengan: Spiraling Sphere
Rasenken: Spiraling Blades
Rasen-Shuriken: Spirailing Shuriken
Sakuran no Jutsu: Disraction Technique
Sexy no Jutsu: Sexy Technique
Sexy no Jutsu: Varation Sexy Technique: Varation
Sharingan Soufuusha Sannotachi: Sharingan Windmill Triple Blade
Shunshin no Jutsu: Body Flicker
Suimen Hokou no Waza: Act of Water Surface Walking
Suirou no Jutsu: Water Prison Technique
Teikiatsu Genkotsu: Cyclone Fist
Tsume no Amakakeru Ryuu: Claw of Heaven's Soaring Dragon
Uindoken: Wind Blade
Yukiha no Jutsu: Snow Blast Technique

Bachiatari Mugen: Cursed Dreams
Byouretsu no Jutsu: Violent Sickness Technique
Gijiato no Jutsu: False Tracks Technique
Joukyuu Sakuran no Jutsu: Advanced Distraction Technique
Jubaku Satsu: Tree Binding Death
Kankiwamaru no Jutsu: Overwhelming Emotions Technique
Kokohi no Jutsu: False Place Technique
Kokuangyo no Jutsu: Bringer of Darkness Technique
Magen: Beruseruku Chigokai: Demoic Illusion: Berserk Bloodlust
Magen: Jigoku Gouka no Jutsu: Demonic Illusion: Hell Fire Technique
Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu: Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique
Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu: Demonic Illuision: Living Hell Technique
Nehan Shouja no Jutsu: Temple of Nirvana technqiue
Magan: Uttoushiitai no Jutsu: Demonic Illuision: Depressing Reality
Ojou Yoken no Jutsu: Death Foreseeing Technique
Sakuran no Jutsu: Disraction Technique
Zaika no Jutsu: Guilt Technique

ANBU Kisoshiken: ANBU Basic Study
ANBU Senka: ANBU Specialized Course
Haireberu: ANBU High Level
Tsuki Odori: Moon Dancing
Onryou: Revengeful Ghost
Butouada: Dancing Revenge
Konoha Ryuu: Leaf Style

Kaeri Kire: Return Cut
Hayai Wake: Quick Draw
Odori no Tsuiraku Tsuki: Dance of the Crashing Moon
Odori no Shoushi Guffu: Dance of the Midnight Tornado
Odori no Haikei Tsuki: Dance of the Setting Moon
Odori no Jougen: Dance of the Crescent Moon
Yuugure Ketatamashii Kiba: Twilight Piercing Fangs
Odori no Rasen Tsuki: Dance of the Spiraling Moon
Ino no Odori no Uzumaki: Ino's Dance fo the Maelstorm
Senkouken Flash Sword
Kurohyou Kizu Panther Cut

Dentatsu Fuuin: Seikitai Gen'ei: Communication Sealing: Astral Vision
Fuuka Houin: Fire Sealing Method
Fuumi Houin: Water Sealing Method
Fuuui Houin: Wind Sealing Method
Fuuchi Houin: Earth Sealing Method
Fuuja Houin: Evil Sealing Method
Gogyou Fuuin: Five Elements Seal
Gogyou Kaiin: Five Elements Unseal
Oboe Fuin: Memory Sealing
Okugi Fuin: Kyou Chuugi oyobi Juujun: Hidden Purpose Sealing Method: Enforced Loyalty and Obediance
Taibu Fuuja Houin: Greater Evil Sealing Method
Un'yu Fuuin Houin: Transportation Sealing Method
Zoukan Fuin: Genjutsu Kai: Special Edition Sealing Method: Illusion Technique Release